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After seeing how Bob’s heart shattered as he read hundreds of break up letters last year, we wanted to make it up to him. This year, Bob opened his mailbox that overflowed with letters of love from our fellow Adventurers. He sat down and read each and every letter with a smile, sometimes a blush, and an occasional laugh. Together, we lifted his spirits and brought that bounce back to his step.


  • Unfortunately, Bob received roughly 500 letters across all our social media. If he reached the goal of 1000 letters, everyone would have received: 100,000 Soul Points, 100 Stamina, and 100 Gems. Regardless, Bob convinced us that the letters cheered him up so we will still distribute the rewards!

  • The 4 winners selected per category will be shared across all social media on Feb 14 by the CM Team. They will receive: 1,000 Gems, 250 Stamina, 150,000 Soul Points and 5 Legendary Awakening Stones.

  • The 10 randomly selected winners will win the following prizes per social media platform (totaling 30 winners): 500 Gems, 100 Stamina, and 50,000 Soul Points.

Winning Break Up Letters Per Category

Here are the winning letters that completely mended Bob’s heart:

Category User Number Region Patch Up Letter
FB Most Lovey Dovey Letter 23492293**** NA

Dear Bob,

Oh! To not have been able to call you Dear (as you are dear to my heart), has been such heartbreak this last year. It has felt like an eternity, lost and frozen, in the highest peaks of Mt. Shivering. I have made an irredeemable mistake by pushing you away.
Alas! How can I ever make it up to you? Will you ever be able to love me again? Will I finally be able to see you and hold you outside of Succubus Dream Therapy? For that is the only reason I have survived all this time without you my love.
Please come back to me. I miss you and your beard tremendously.


With Love,
23492293****, NA 2

TW Funniest Letter 73282796**** NA Dear Bob,

Sorry for last year's mail. I didn't know that Bomb Postwoman's mail would've exploded that way.

Hopefully this Barley Tea coupon reaches you safely this time. Mad Panda Trio's Postal Service has assured me so.

With love,
73282796****, NA
IG Best Rhyming Letter 76312297**** EU

Dear Bob,

I still remember that day as if it was yesterday.
The day I joined the guild which made me what I am today.

There was a person who happily welcomed me.
He was my senior the one who nurtured the child me.
I want to thank him and apologize for what came from the immature me.
Because of my admiration and love towards thee.

Standing all alone in battlefield.
U would fight all and never yield.
U always returned in blood
To which my tears would flood.

I couldn't bear it I couldn't leave it.
I knew that my heart would hate it.
I parted with u and left u behind.
But now I know that I wasn't in my brightest mind.

I still don't want to see u in pain.
But all I've done is hurt u again.
I wish I had more words and terminology.
To better express my deepest apology.

I want to eat with u that tasty stew.
And want our relationship to start anew.
No more sulking in the corner.
For ur place is with us our dearest brother.

To u Bob
Our precious companion

With love ChloroVoid
76312297**** EU server

FB Staff Favorite Letter 68692291**** NA

Dear Bob,

I broke your heart last year.

But now it is very clear

That I acted like a jerk.

But now I'm trying to work

To patch things up and win,

And take things for a spin.

You're so handsome and strong,

I realize that I was wrong.

How you make the invaders cower,

Lupina herself praised your power!

Your sword and your skills

They give me such chills.

Our chemistry is such,

And I love you so much.

Our hearts will reach limit break and above,

All the world's epic hammers

Couldn't break the limits of our love.


With love, 68692291****, NA2


Randomly Selected Winning Patch Up Letters on Facebook

User Number Region Patch Up Letter
61212291**** NA

Dear Bob,

you bravely fight through DARK and LIGHT
Through FIRE and WATER you show your might
Your Legend is known all over the EARTH
a BASIC truth is your Knightly Worth


With Love,
61212291****, NA

52372296**** NA

Dear Bob,

You’re the reason, for why I’m worthy of using Libera,
You’re the reason, for why I’m a Guardian,
You’re the reason, for why I have a home to come too in Heavenhold,
You’re the reason, for why I have so many guardian tales to tell.


With Love,
52372296****, NA

57522297**** NA

Dear Bob,

For all the barren times that went by
I can't help myself but to think and cry
I just realized something when I lost you
And that is back then I truly loved you
I regretted my choice to leave you behind
However, I know it's too late for you're no longer mine
You already have your beloved Linda by your side
Though now we may be apart, our memories still I'll abide
I no longer want you to feel like a mess
That's why my wish for your life is just pure happiness
I hope this time you will be truly happy
Make precious moments with the girl you decided to marry!
I want to apologize for breaking your fragile heart
And at the same time, I want us to have a brand new start
Despite what we've been through, I was hoping if we could
Continue being friends like what we always been should


With Love,
57522297****, NA2

31322798**** NA

Dear Bob,

Plitvice is red,
Bianca is blue,
Of all the 1 stars,
Id choose you.


With love,
31322798**** NA2

81382293**** EU

Dear Bob,


I'm sorry for leaving u I miss your presence that supports me, I miss your strong arms which holds me when i'm drunk, I miss your nagging which lifts my mood, I miss your iron legs that can break ten pumpkins in one shot, I miss your sharp gaze that forces guys run in fear when they flirt with me, I miss your beard that makes invaders run in fear So with that said please come back to me....


With Love, 81382293****, EU1

87372294**** EU

Dear Bob,

It has just been a year since we broke up

Last time I broke your precious heart
Over and over I have wanted to make it up
Visited the places where we once had our start
Everytime reminiscing about our past

Your ever so gentle voice and touch
Oh how I wish it had last
Under no circumstance will I ever forget

Battle after battle how you protected me
Over and over I regret
Bob I miss u so much

Btw the first letter of every sentence


87372294**** EU

76492295**** NA

Dear bob

200 more evolution stones to 5 *
Come back or i will reset u


76492295****, NA2

92282797**** OC

Dear Bob.
How does he manage to be so powerful and gallant, and yet maintain the humility and decorum of a gentleman? Always maintaining that pacifying smile, that no matter the circumstance where you are, we know when we see you that everything will be fine because you are there. His beard, leafy and well groomed, harbors among its strands the hope and good wishes of all Kanterburians to return to their homeland, and that their small and defenseless planet manages to survive the alien invasion. I also admire that he started from the bottom, being a soldier from whom nobody expected anything, to be a benchmark of what it means to be a guardian. I hope they never give him a 3-star version, because as you are, you are already perfect.


With Love,
92282797****, OC 

61722794**** LA

Dear Bob,


Without you, I'm like the Princess without her kingdom, I'm Marianne without stardom, without you, I'm a body without a soul, a desert elf without self-control, without you I'm an apprentice without a master, a gnome who's lost your shelter, without you, i am an adventurer without adventure, a world in chaos with no future, you are not just the guardian that does your part, you are the guardian that fills my heart.

With Love
61722794****, LA

39792292**** LA

Dear Bob,

I wanted to tell you that thanks to you I was able to get the garam weapon that I was waiting for so long, when I have no more luck I turn to you and everything bad goes away, thank you very much for sharing part of you with me and I hope to see you here again Let's see what other things we can do, maybe go with the little princess for a walk or to see the city


With Love,
39792292****, LA1

Randomly Selected Winning Patch Up Letters on Instagram

User Number Region Patch Up Letter
74582294**** NA Dear Bob,

Although many say you are normal and basic
I know you have a heart that is gallant and true.
So I beseech the Devs for Guardian Tales
To make a Super Costume just for you.

With love,

74582294****, NA2
87392298**** NA

Dear Bob,

It's been so long, it seems.
Do you remember the days... when we were a team?
The battles? The foes? It was all so extreme.
Yet we'd conquered it all and celebrate with Eugene's favorite ice cream.
Oh, how I wish you would greet me again with that joyous beam.
That smile that brightens up my day and the game's gloomy theme.
It's been a whole year since CM Avalace's scheme.
Yet you still trespass through my every dream.
So please, give me a chance to redeem.
I'd give anything for one last Stream.


With Love,
87392298****, NA

25472295**** NA Dear Bob,

My daily 144 coffee’s not the same without you, my Heavenhold’s grim in the absence of your hue.
I long for the days where a glimpse of your smile brightens my day, till then I hope you know I’m just a summon controller away

With love,
25472295****, NA2
53272291**** NA

Dear Bob,

I have never felt more regret in my entire life
Breaking up with you was a mistake
You make me want to improve
And max limit break

With love,
53272291**** NA

53282796**** EU

Dear Bob

I feel inside my chest
An unrelenting, painful throb
That makes me want to sob.
I so regret what has been said
I don't expect you to forgive
But please do not forget.
Experiences we've had:
The heroes we have met
We laughed and smiled,
We were so glad.
Let us go back to that.
We'll run through sunshine and embrace
My darling hero, you're my ace.
We'll stand together as we fight
Be friends forever, day or night.
Arena, colo and Guild Raid
We'll beat it all - I cannot wait!
We'll be so happy all the time
For I am yours, and you are mine.

With love
53282796****, EU

91212298**** EU

Dear Bob,

I wrote u name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away,
I wrote u name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away,
I wrote u name in my heart,
and forever it will stay,


With love,
91212298****, EU

77692295**** EU

Dear Bob,

I do love nothing in the world so well as you-is not that strange?
Why thy appearence so marvelous. Prithee never change.
For me an unsolvable riddle, I have no clue,
More courage than the princess, more fire than Vishu.


With love,

77692295****, EU

26212297**** EU

Dear Bob,

"If I could count my sorries in a day
Is it enough? What more words can I say?
If time rewinds, I'd take back words you read
'I was wrong', ignore what the letter said"
Could this be what you hoped to hear from me?
Eh, cheer up please, I really am sorry
Time won't rewind, but moves till tomorrow
Shall we move on, let go of the sorrow?
Words written and read is as good as done
Keeping hurt feelings benefits no one
If it makes you happy, down on my knees
"Will you forgive me--um, take me back please?"


With Love,
26212297****, EU

23182798**** LA

Dear Bob,

Since we broke up
I've asked the Succubus to show me you
But I knew that's not true
I would defeat all the Demon World
Just to show you my love
You are the strongest person I've ever seen
Come back to my coop team
Even dear Prometheia knew
That I always loved you
Loving you is my job
My Heavenhold's not the same without Bob


With love,
23182798****, LA

8193279**** OC

Dear Bob,

I realised too late,
I know, call me a snob.

I walk aimlessly through mindless mobs
searching for you, Bob, my heart you have robbed.

Bob, without you, all I do is sob. So much, that I can barely do my job...

Bob if you're listening, please return to this sad glob.

With Love

81932797****, OC

Randomly Selected Winning Patch Up Letters on Twitter

User Number Region Patch Up Letter
91772299**** NA

Dear Bob,

How are you?
It has been a few months after allies succumb to the might of Kamazone 7F Stage 6. Our allies fought hard but not as much as you. Ur heroic back faced me as you moved forward against the opponent team made me doubt the last year event's break up as reality. No, denying that reality will offend the players who said those statements. Everyone is entitled to their own reality. I burned that heroic image of yours as our allies lay on their beds, fainted as they brought out their best damage. I know that I may be sending you to ur demise.But I know that the reality I faced at that time is the only thing that is real. Sure, you might think I am denying the reality of those breakup statements. Then, I say yes I am. I don't want to burn the image of Bob crying in my memories nor to see his sad state. I only want you to know that I believe in me that believes in you. Leave your faith in me that believes in the strength of you. Our team may not be the best with equipment, lack of lvls and ex weapons(in some of the heroes equipment slot), it may even be my fault that we failed that stage. Fellow players, you have my permission to laugh at my struggles, you could even meme about it. In fact, this letter has been going on and on. And this message turned from being in love to having faith. This may be a love letter but I am not a girl. I am a boy, a guardian who makes references from pop culture like Scott pilgrim vs the world lol. Y'know that event where he chose faith on his second life...y'know that Who am I kidding. That was a few years back. I doubt if anyone remembers that event. But the important thing I need to say is I believe in the connections we made with our allies and mostly you, who stood with Linda to take care of the knights of kanterbury, who in spite of being entrapped by teatan, never leave Linda alone. She might even care for you more than me. And I just want you to know that you are not alone, you have me, Linda, Captain Eva and the rest of our allies. And if I name them here one by one I might be taking space up for the guardians to reply to. Minimum of 4 lines, right?
By the way, do you know who Promotheia is?


With Love,
91772299****, NA

16572294**** NA

Dear Bob,


I am so sorry I called you a slob. When you were just fulfilling your job. I have realized that you fill our hearts with glee. I thank you for giving the party 5% HP. I know that Kanterbury is yours to defend. And thanks for making beards great again


16572294****, NA

44232299**** NA

Dear Bob,

Our journey together, despite it still new,
has been magical & it's all thanks to you.
Your gentle smile keeps all foes at bay,
& yet it's so powerful, I can't stay away.
So please, ignore last year's rough start,
& be w/me always in my heart


With love,
44232299****, NA

98692294**** NA Dear Bob,

It has been a long time,
And my thoughts are much clearer.
The truth is that,
I wish you were nearer.

I’ve realized without you,
My life’s off its track.
I hold my heart open,
Please, Bobby…come back.

With love,
98692294****, NA
39182792**** NA

Dear Bob,

Best bros we can be this Valentines.
Save the world and princess in the nick of time.
Or just chill, relax and draw up some doodles.
Also, your hair looks like ramen noodles!


With love,
39182792****, NA2

69512297**** NA

Dear Bob,

Last year, we committed a crime without passion.
So this time we will shower you with our affection.
Showing our love to you through this poetry,
Hoping that you will accept our sincerity.

With love,
69512297****, NA

93722797**** NA Dear Bob,

What I did was whack
Cut me some slack
Bob, you're a snack
Please take me back

With Love,
93722797****, NA2
87982292**** EU

Dear Bob,

Your spiky brown hair,
Makes my soul fade away,
With the beard in your face,
You make players choose safe.

You’re the one in our team,
I will never replace,
With your courage I dream,
With your sword I feel safe

With Love,
87982292****, EU

87312292**** EU Dear Bob,

Last year was sad for me and you,
I was naive to think I could live without you.
I now know I was so-SO-so mistaken,
But the red head might kill me as she says you're taken.Linda o' Linda, why don't you accept?
Bob is mine and only MINE to take!
You say you will make the whole guildroom break,
Linda o' Linda, why don't you accept?

With love,
87312292****, EU
59992298**** LA Dear Bob,

I thought I could live well without you
But ever since we parted, my days are so blue
Please forgive me, I miss your tight embrace
Come back to me, I'll treat you like I'm a gnome
And you're my lord smiley face

With Love,
59992298****, LA


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Thank you for all the love!
The Guardian Tales Team