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1. New Equipment

■ Developer's Note:
With this update, we are aiming to introduce a second Exclusive Weapon for the first time.

The second exclusive weapon will be added to the game to experiment with each Hero's different play styles, 
so that you can enjoy the Heroes you've put so much time and effort into in new and exciting ways. 

The first second Exclusive Weapon to be released is Future Knight's "Atomic Destroyer".
As this is a hero who can use a variety of weapons, we considered it best to give Future Knight 
a new play style first by releasing Atomic Destroyer - a Melee-oriented weapon.

Equipping the new Exclusive Weapon changes the Hero's abilities to suit the concept of the Hero and their weapon. 
This will allow you to keep enjoying your Heroes while experimenting and finding out what style suits you best.

In addition, new Exclusive Weapons will be released with the aim of using them on other content.

  • Future Knight's exclusive weapon 'Atomic Destroyer ★★★★★' is added.
    • Item collection of Atomic Destroyer, Future Knight's exclusive weapon is added.
    • Party effect changes: When awakening to 5 stars, [Party] DEF + 45%

2. Summon and Pick up Event

  • Hero Pick up Event
    • Event time: February 8  ~ February 22
    • Pick up Hero 1: ★★★ Future Knight
    • Pick up Hero 2: ★★★ Sohee
    • Pick up Hero 3: ★★★ Kanna
    • Pick up Hero 4: ★★★ Rue
  • Equipment Pick up Event
    • Event time: February 8  ~ February 22
    • Pick up Equipment 1: ★★★★★ Atomic Destroyer
    • Pick up Equipment 2: ★★★★★ Cosmic Destroyer
    • Pick up Equipment 3: ★★★★★ Nereid
    • Pick up Equipment 4: ★★★★★ Mind Snap
    • Pick up Equipment 5: ★★★★★ Terminator

3. Live event return

  • Live event: Rue the Red return
    • Event time: February 8  ~ February 22
    • Challenge stage open: February 15
    • Reward receivable period: March 1
    • Event mission end period: February 22
    • Bonus Character: <+50%> Future Knight, <+20%> Santa's Little Helper Rue, Aoba, Craig, Loraine, Female Knight/ Male Knight
    • 6 Story Stages, 4 Challenge Stages, 6 Event Rift Stages
    • Event Mission, provide accumulated Point Rewards
    • Event Mission Details
  • Accumulated stamina consumption mission
  • Daily stamina consumption mission
  • Event Rift clear count mission

※ Note

  • You can play the stages and earn all the rewards once again.
  • However, if you have already acquired cards and costumes, you will not be able to acquire duplicates.

4. Log-in event

  • Log-in event: Lunar New Year
    • Event time: February 8  ~ March 22
    • Rewards are receiveable for 20 days after the event ends.
    • Rewards
  1. Day 1: Option Chage stone x3
  2. Day 2: Gold x200,000
  3. Day 3: Lv.40 Strengthening Hammer x1
  4. Day 4: Awakening Dungeon Box (LV 70) x5
  5. Day 5: EXP x300,000
  6. Day 6: Hero Crystal x10
  7. Day 7: Winter Festival Veronica (Costume)
  8. Day 8: Option Chage stone x3
  9. Day 9: Gold x400,000
  10. Day 10: Lv50 Strengthening Hammer x1
  11. Day 11: Awakening Dungeon Box (LV 70) x5
  12. Day 12: EXP x600,000
  13. Day 13: Hero Cyrstal x10
  14. Day 14: Winter Snowflake Mayreel (Costume)

5. Friendly match

  • Friendly Match will be added in the Arena entry stage.
    • You can enter the Friendly Match by pressing the Friendly Match button.
    • Anyone can start a Friendly Match and can join via the generated code.
    • A 3:3 battle will begin with the same rules as the regular Arena.

6. CO-OP

  • CO-OP mode has been changed.
  • CO-OP (Defense) new season has been changed.

■ CO-OP (every mode) improvement

  • In CO-OP / CO-OP (Defense), the issue that cannot start the match in a certain situation has been fixed.

■ CO-OP (Defense) improvement

  • Loot Selection screen will be changed so that it does not cover the entire screen.
  • When the game is over while the loot selection is ongoing, the issue where the loot selection screen is covered by the game over screen is fixed.
  • Improved to let the player check the loot and buff from the loot selected while playing.
  • When defeating the enemy, the scene that is continuously shown will be fixed.
  • The timing of the cut scene of the half-destroyed Stronghold will be fixed.
  • Boss monster added.

7. Guild Meteor Excavation

  • Guild Meteor Excavation
  • New season of Guild Meteor Excavation has started.
  • Season time: February 17 ~ February 23

8. Heavenhold Tower

  • Heavenhold Tower extends to the 78th floor.

9. Knowledge

  • A new collection is added.
    • The Great Communicator

10. Shop - Costume

  • Hero costume
    • Raptor Doll Parvati
    • Armored Clara
    • Charismatic Boss Beth
    • Battle Maid Arabelle
    • Elegant Lady Lavi
    • Little Witch
    • Mechanic Hekate
    • Mecha Karina
    • Mechanic Elvira
  • Equipment costume
    • Arm Cannon
    • Dinosaur Gloves
    • Angel Cannon
    • Mecha Lightning Rapier
    • Mecha Fire Blade
    • Drill Claw
    • Classic Magnifying Glass
    • Triple Scoop Ice Cream

11. Shop - Super costume

  • Super costume "High Templar Noxia" is added.

12. Shop - Package

  • Limited Time Package
  • Sale period: February 8  ~ February 22
  • Limited Time Summon Package
    • 1,500 Paid gem and 15 Summon controller
  • Limited Time custom package
    • Receive upon purchase: 1,500 Paid gem
  • Slot 1
    • Flat Blueprint x150
    • Round Blueprint x150
    • Thick Blueprint x150
    • Implantable Blueprint x150
    • Small Blueprint x150
    • Thin Blueprint x150
    • Cylindrical Blueprint x150
    • Holed Blueprint x150
    • Crafting accelerator x25
  • Slot 2
    • Clay x375
    • Circuit Board x375
    • Dye x375
    • Crafting Accelerator x25
  • Special Discount Package
    • Option Change Stone x30
    • Option Lock Stone x50
  • Lunar Year Package #1
    • 800 Stamina
  • Lunar Year Package #2
    • 5,000 Paid gem and 5 Princess' Edict
  • Lunar Year Package #3
    • 10,000 Paid gem, 20 Legendary Awakening Stones and 50 Awakening Dungeon Box

13. Guardian Pass

  • 2022. Season.2 Guardian Pass
    • Season time: February 8  ~ March 7
    • Main reward: Amy’s exclusive weapon 'Geminus ★★★★'

14. World difficulty adjust

■ Developer's Note
In this update, we have also adjusted the difficulty of some levels in Story Mode.

The Harvester, who appears in the first stage of World 10 (World 10-1), was introduced with a high level of difficulty to convey the overall atmosphere of World 10. 
The excessively high difficulty seems to be getting in the way of enjoying the gameplay, so we have slightly lowered their ATK and DEF to a level in which Guardians who have cleared World 9 will be able to defeat the Harvester.

In addition, while in the process of changing the Boss-types for the past Guild Raid, we confirmed that the Harvester's type was set incorrectly, which has now been corrected after February 8th's update.

The passage stage in World 11 was also released with a rather high level of difficulty to properly represent the atmosphere of the stage, and the world in general. However, we understand that the enemies that can heal their HP might make the experience less enjoyable, so we have decreased the amount of self-healing they can do. 

■ Changes

  • Slightly decrease the difficulty of Harvester in World 10-1 stage, and corrected the issue where the Harvester would show the incorrect element.
    • From Water element to Dark element
  • The recovery amount of HP monsters can recover in the passage stage of World 11 has been limited to self-healing and has been reduced by half. 

15. Hero/Equipment balance and bug fixed

■ Developer's Note

  • Lilith

Lilith's weapon skill, Phantom Slash, was difficult to match at the time it was initially planned, 
so it was set so that all opponents in the Arena could inflict status ailments with 2 skills. 
However, in the battle against Erina, 3 hits are needed to activate the weapon skill, 
which makes it impossible to have an advantage, even though it is the opposite element. 
To compensate for this, we slightly increased the ailments of the Phantom Slash so that 
it does not affect other heroes and so that it can have advantages against Erina.

  • Other heroes

The balance patch included in this update has improved Arena heroes and Guild heroes evenly. 
In order to increase the usability of Ogma, Nari, Scintilla, and Bianca - which have slightly lower pick rates among other heroes used in Arena - we have improved their abilities and functions.
In order to improve their usage in Guild Raid, we have increased the ATK stat of Life Guard Yuze, Veronica, and Future Knight.
Through user data analysis, we will periodically check hero usage and continue to improve the balance of non-mainstream heroes.

■ Hero/Equipment improvement
Future Knight - Basic ATK: 125(+3) /Basic DEF: 22(+1)
Oghma - Basic ATK: 111(+6)
Nari - Basic HP: 930(+37)
Beth - Basic DEF: 35(+5)
Veronica - Basic ATK: 116(+6)

  • Bianca - Noble Authority (Special Ability) has been improved.
    • As is: When hit by enemies, Atk increases by 30% for 3 seconds and the enemy's Atk decreases by 30% 6 seconds cool time.
    • To be: When hit by enemies, Atk increases by 30% for 4 seconds and the enemy's Atk decreases by 30% 6 seconds cool time.
  • Future Knight: Magiton Grenade (Chain skill) damage 370% > 400%
  • Scintilla: Fire Blitz (Normal attack) Step 1 normal attack damage increase around 14%, Step 3 damage decrease around 12%, overall attack stat is the same
  • Yuze (Life guard): CPR(Chain skill) damage 350% > 375%
  • Nari: While using Fox Bead(Normal attack), movement speed increase 40%

■ Equipment improvement
Eckesachs: If Ogma uses Pressure Field, the damage will increase 150% > 170%
Sage Bead: If Nari uses Fox Fire Bomb, the damage will increase 200% > 215%
Queen's Grace: Phantom Slash (weapon skill) ailments will be increased.

  • Knight's exclusive weapon 'Libera' option's typo will be revised.
    • [As is] For each enemy hit, summons a lightning bolt with a high chance that inflicts additional {0} per second
    • [To be] For each enemy hit, summons a lightning bolt with a high chance that inflicts additional {0} of DPS damage.
  • Orca normal attack's description, will be changed to match some character settings
    • [As is] Annihilation
    • [To be] Search and Destroy

16. Bug revision and function improvement

  • The amount of experience consumed when leveling up to the maximum level achievable is displayed.
  • The illustration style change button effect will appear once.
  • Improved to show the cooldown time for re-entering the guild after leaving the guild.
  • Improved so that you can check the damage each hero has applied on the guild result screen.
  • A function to check whether guild members participate in the guild raid will be added.
  • The conditions that match artificial intelligence opponents in Arena low-tier are eased.
  • When entering the Awakening Dungeon from the evolution screen of the normal hero, the tutorial is corrected.
  • In Kama-ZONE, when you have 8 artifacts and run two artifact replacements with a special event effect, the wrong information on the selected artifact is corrected.
  • In knowledge, the second exclusive weapon checkable UI will be improved.
  • World 5-2: when finishing Lana's quest, the issue where the animation for the star pieces is not showing will be fixed.
  • World 7: The text of the sub-quest is corrected.
    • [Existing] Find the Demon's kiss, the drink of the rumor.
    • [Fixed] Find Demon’s Kiss, the tea that’s been rumored about.
  • World 9-1: Fixed an error where players could use blocks to pass through blocked NPC during the main quest.
  • World 9-2: When equipping certain heroes and costumes, the issue of different sound speeds from the pickax animation is corrected.
  • World 10-1: In the battle against the Harvester, Re-entering the stage after death is improved to skip the opening (taking pictures/ recalling scenes) during the quest.
  • World 10-2: The disappearance of a particular NPC in a certain situation is corrected.
  • World 10-2: the issue that a particular sound is played while changing the screen is fixed.
  • World 10-2: after opening Princess's Tent treasure box, when re-entering the stage, unnecessary interaction icons are exposed to the treasure box is fixed.
  • World 10 Source of Transmission - the issue of infinite loading is corrected when discovered by the NPC in a specific situation
  • Nightmare world 4-6: If you throw a brazier at the bomb located in the battle against the boss after the boss is killed, the issue of shaking the screen during the scene will be corrected.
  • Nightmare world7-1: During the merchant quest, the issue of ending the game will be corrected when using Team Combination Skill.
  • Nightmare world7-2: Fire minigame(star piece event), Even if you are damaged by fire at a specific location, the issue that the game can still proceed is corrected.
  • 4th District 29th Street: In certain situations, the issue in which the NPC's facial expressions overlap is corrected.
  • 4th District 29th Street: In certain situations, the issue of Hansen & Hans Stock Secretary's shadow being invisible is corrected.
  • Succubus Cafe stage 4: The inability to push the ice statue is corrected.

17. Illustration style

  • Changeable illustration style will be added.
    • Lynn and Future Princess

18. Voice addition and improvement

  • World 1: Improve to play the Japanese voice on some of Loraine lines
  • World 1: Improve Japanese voice on Lana lines
  • World 10 main stage: Add Japanese voice on some lines in Disappearing People and Mysterious Vending Machine sub-stage
  • Coco battle - MVP text's changed.
  • Model Employee Parvati's English voice is added.

※Will apply only when voices are set in JP