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Greetings Guardians!

We wanted to bring you an exciting announcement regarding the first ever collaboration for Guardian Tales.

Guardian Tales x Slayers NEXT!

Main heroes from the globally popular animation series Slayers NEXT will fill the world of Kanterbury with thrilling stories and fantastic events. Take a sneak peek at what's ahead in this collaborative masterpiece below!

  • Global Collaboration Period: February 22 (Tues.) after maintenance—March 22 (Tues.) before maintenance.


2 Short Stories will be prepared for this collaboration where Lina Inverse and her companions find themselves landed on the world of Kanterbury after an unexpected trip through a dimensional rift. The party will then go through fun adventures and episodes together with Eva who has freshly joined the guardians of Kanterbury.

In this process, the unique events in the story of the Slayers characters will unfold, and you will also be able to dig into the past of some of Guardian Tales' exclusive heroes! 


The Robbers' Killer Lina Inverse, the Master Swordsman Gourry Gabriev, the Priest Xellos will be available as new playable heroes from the collaboration. Among these heroes, Gourry Garbiev and his exclusive weapon will be offered free through an in-game event! That's not all, you will also meet many other characters from Slayers NEXT as you go through the Short Stories!

Collaboration heroes and exclusive equipment do not give any statistical bonus via Collection or Knowledge and rest assured, their stats will not be overly powerful as to overwhelm pre-existing heroes.


A live event is prepared to celebrate the first ever collaboration!

You will be able to obtain various items that will help with your hero growth as you go through this event.

  • Main rewards obtainable in the live event will be the unique hero Gourry Gabriev and also his exclusive weapon.

  • You will gain enough growth material to evolve Gourry Gabriev into a ★5 hero, and also enhance his exclusive weapon to the max level if you complete the entire live event.

  • First half of the live event will start with the February 22nd update, and the second part will arrive with the March 8th update.

  • Even if you start the live event from the March 8th update, you will be able to claim all of the previous part's rewards as well.


  • Collaboration heroes and their exclusive equipment will be obtainable only during the collaboration period.

  • Collaboration heroes will be obtainable through the pick-up Summons (except for Gourry who is available via the live event).

    • Both free and paid gems, and Summon Controllers can be used to summon collaboration heroes.

  • You can perform Limit Break using Epic Limit Breaking Hammer on the exclusive equipment of the collaboration heroes.

  • Collaboration heroes and exclusive equipment can be exchanged for special Collaboration Mileage Tickets. 

    • You will need 200 Collaboration Mileage Tickets to exchange.

    • Collaboration Mileage Tickets can be obtained through the collaboration pick-up summon menu.

    • Collaboration Mileage Tickets will be exchanged into the equal amount of regular mileage tickets after the event period ends.

More details on this exciting collaboration will be revealed in the near future.

We hope you stay tuned as we will continue to fine tune this event to bring you a memorable collaboration!

Thank you

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