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Greetings Guardians,

The year is only just starting, and we already have a wonderful event for you!

For 9 days, log-in daily to get amazing rewards including Mystic Threads for you to choose a Super Costume of your choice! 

Make sure to log-in daily as there's only a 24-hour timeframe to get those attendance rewards. If you miss your chance, you will not be able to get the previous days' rewards even if you log in the day after.

You will find your rewards directly in your mailbox upon logging in!

Event Period: January 22—January 30

*The 24-hours timeframe starts from:

1/22 Sat. 00:00 CET
1/21 Fri. 15:00 PST
1/21 Fri. 18:00 EST
1/21 Fri. 20:00 BRT
1/22 Sat. 10:00 AEDT

Days to log-in

Reward Given

1/22 Saturday

Mystic Thread x100

1/23 Sunday

Stamina x50

1/24 Monday

Gold x100,000

1/25 Tuesday

Awakening Dungeon Box (Lv.70) x3

1/26 Wednesday

Mystic Thread x100

1/27 Thursday

EXP x200,000

1/28 Friday

Crafting Accelerator x3

1/29 Saturday

Princess's Edict x1

1/30 Sunday

Mystic Thread x100

Thank you and have fun!

Guardian Tales Team