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Patch Notes Maintenance 25th of January 2022

1. New Hero and Equipment

  • New Hero 'Model Employee Parvati' is added.
    • Model Employee Parvati's voice is added.
  •  'Office Supply ★★★★★' exclusive weapon for Model Employee Parvati is added.
    • Parvati's Weapon skill regen speed reduction effect does not overlap with Future Knight's.
    • The Item collection of Office Supply, exclusive weapon for Model Employee Parvati is added.

2. Summon and Pick up Event

  • Hero Pickup event
  • Event time : 2022-01-25 after maintenance ~ 2022-02-08 before maintenance
    • Pickup Hero 1: ★★★ Model Employee Parvati
    • Pickup Hero 2: ★★★ Oghma
    • Pickup Hero 3: ★★★ Tinia
    • Pickup Hero 4: ★★★ Miya
  • Equipment Pickup event
  • Event time : 2022-01-25 after maintenance ~ 2022-02-08 before maintenance
    • Pickup Equipment 1: ★★★★★ Office Supply
    • Pickup Equipment 2: ★★★★★ Eckesachs
    • Pickup Equipment 3: ★★★★★ Sarnga
    • Pickup Equipment 4: ★★★★★ Shangri La

3. Guarantee Summon Paid Gem Event

[Main Menu] - [Summon] You can use the Paid gem summon during the event.

  • Event time: 2022-01-25 (Tue) after maintenance ~ 2022-02-08 (Tue) before maintenance
  • Event caution:
    • You can select and use the desired summon between the Unique Hero Guarantee summons and the Epic Exclusive Equipment Guarantee summons.
    • Unique Hero Guarantee summons and Epic Exclusive Equipment Guarantee summons are available once for each.
    • When 10x Summon using Paid gems, a unique hero or Epic Exclusive Equipment will be provided as a guarantee.
    • The probabilities of unique heroes and epic weapons are all the same.

4. Short story

  • New short story added.
    • '4th District 29th Street' short story.
    • Open after clear World 3.

5. Roadmap event

  • Roadmap event "Unofficial Model Employee"
    • Scedule: 2022-01-25 after maintenance ~ 2022-02-08 before maintenance
    • Reward receivable period: 2022-02-15 

6. Kama-Zone

  • Kama-ZONE new season
    • Season time: 2021-01-25 after maintenance ~ 2022-02-22
    • New Year's themed artifacts and special events will be added.
    • Existing artifacts are rebalanced and reinstated.

*Server time:
Asia: 2022-02-22 13:10 UTC+8
North America: 2022-02-21 21:10 PST
Europe: 2022-02-22 05:10 UTC
Latin America: 2022-02-22 02:10 BRT
Oceania: 2022-02-22 16:10 AEST

  • New difficulty is added.
    • Conqueror 2 difficulty is added.
    • At the conqueror 2 difficulty level, higher levels of monsters appear, and higher rewards can be obtained.

7. Guild Raid

  • [32 season] Guild Raid "West Witch's Vengeance"
    • New banner and image are added.
    • Schedule: 2022-02-03  ~ 2022-02-16 
    • Main Boss: Viper Clan Leader (Light), Minister Duncan (Dark), Lava Slime (Fire), Marina (Water)

8. Guild Meteor Excavation

  • Meteor Excavation
    • New season has been started.
    • New season: 2022-01-27 ~ 2022-02-02 

9. CO-OP

  • CO-OP mode has been changed.

10. Heavenhold Tower

  • Heavenhold Tower extends to the 76th floor.

11. Knowledge

  • A new collection is added.
    • New collection of exclusive weapon for Model Employee Parvati.

12. Event gem shop

  • An event shop where you can purchase the special items will be opened.
  • Event shop can only be purchased during the event period, and there is a limit on the number of purchases for each item.
  • Event time: 2022-01-25 (Tue) after MA ~ 2022-02-08 (Tue) (14 days, UTC+8)
  • Products purchased at the event store will be paid immediately.
  • You can use the event shop at [Main Menu] - [Shop] - [Event Shop]
  • Product List:
    • Lucky Pouch
    • Coffee Machine
    • Legendary Awakening Stone
    • Epic Limit Breaking Hammer Package
    • Hero Crystal Box
    • Magic Metal Box
    • Option Change Stone
    • Option Lock Stone
    • Princess' Edict
    • Lv.70 Awakening Dungeon box
    • Lv.50 Strengthening Hammer
    • Gold

13. Shop - costume

  • Hero Costume
    •  Moon Rabbit Carol
    • Firecracker Vishuvac
    • Yellow Jacket Erina
    • Winter Girl Hana
    • Cherryblossom Hunter Akayuki
    •  Oriental Queen Aisha
    • Geomancy Mei
    • Empress Mei
  • Equipment costume
    • G1 Rifle
    • Tempered Glass Shield
    • Blue Umbrella
    • Water Droplet Shield
    • Wired Microphone
    • Stubby Snake Spear
    • Suit Hanger
    •  Heirloom Staff

14. Shop - Package


1. Limited time package

Sale period : 2022-01-25 after maintenance ~ 2022-02-08 before maintenance

  • 7 days Limit Break Package
    • Receive upon purchase: 3,000 Paid gem, 2,000,000 Gold and 2,000,000 EXP
    • 100 Hero crystals x7 days (700 Hero crystals in total)
  • Limited time Gem Package
    • 8,100 Paid gem, 800,000 Gold and 1,200,000 EXP
  • Limited time Summon Package
    •  2,700 Paid gem and 35 Summon controller
  • All in One 7 days Package
    • Receive upon purchase: Legendary Awakening Stone x5 and 1,000 Paid gem
    • 50 Stamina, 10 Summon controller, 3 Awakening Dungeon Box x7 days (350 Stamina, 70 Summon controller and 21 Awakening Dungeon Box in total)
  • Limited Time Stamina Package
    • 500 Stamina

2. Unique Hero Growth Package (Model Employee Parvati)

  • Parvati evolution stone 400, Legendary Awakening Ston 20
    • The Unique Hero Growth Package appear after a hero is summoned.
    • The Unique Hero Growth Package is available to purchase for 7 days from the time of initial display and will not be displayed to the store again after 7 days without purchase.

15. Illustration style change function

  • Illustration style change function has been added.
  • You can change Illustration style at the Hero's info menu
    • if you press the button for the first time, you need to download resources related to illustration changes.
  • The changeable illustration style will continue to be added.
    • Settings → Normal setting → If you press the 'Get all download' button of the additional download file, You can download resources related to illustration changes at once.

16. Colosseum improvement

  • It will be improved so that it will no longer match the same opponent on the day of the battle.

[Dev's comment]
Many Guardians have suggested blind matching and additional systems at the Colosseum.
We think the Colosseum worked differently than intended, resulting in a number of negative experiences,
which reduced the fun or caused complaints and made such suggestions.

Currently, the Colosseum displays a lot of information such as the opponent's name, guild name, ability, placement, and hero composition of the ranking board. Based on this, Guardians can freely choose and have fun attacking opponents.
However, if we introduce the blind matching system you suggested, we have to give up a lot of the information we mentioned.
In this case, the opponent's information that can be obtained from the attacking position will be almost gone, making it difficult to organize a strategic party by looking at the opponent's defense party composition and placement.

As a result, we believe that the experience that Guardians can feel may be damaged, so we think blind matching is not to be developed.

However, as Guardians said, it is clear that the negative experience should not be greater than the fun of the Colosseum we intended.
Therefore, the system was improved so that it would not be matched again with the same opponent on a day.
Even after the improvement, we will continue to monitor the issue so that further improvement can be carried out if necessary.

17. Hero/ Equipment balance revision

  • When Hanna and Carol are AI, the abnormal movement speed issue has been fixed.
  • The issue of Mk.99 and Mk.2 failing to attack properly in automatic combat after wearing certain equipment is fixed.
  • When Clara is equipped with equipment and equipment costumes other than the exclusive weapon, the issue is that the equipment shown only on one hand is fixed.
  • During the Meteor Excavation with Clara as a Hero, the issue in which there is no pickaxe motion is fixed.

18. Bug revision and function improvement

  • If a Hero doesn't have any weapons equipped in Arena, a red dot will be displayed.
  • If a Hero doesn't have any weapons equipped in CO-OP / CO-OP (Defense) a red dot will be displayed.
  • In CO-OP / CO-OP (defense), the exit text has been modified to 'Leave the room'.
  • Emotes button can now be operated simultaneously with other buttons in CO-OP/CO-OP (Defense).
  • Hero voices will now start playing when using an emote in CO-OP /CO-OP (Defense).
  • It is now possible to release registered equipment from the party preset.
  • It is now possible to identify the heroes placed in the training room at the party preset.
  • If there is no change in the preset, the revert button and save button will now be disabled.
  • If there are no heroes and equipment registered in the preset, the trash button, revert button, and save button will now be disabled.
  • The preset button is modified to be disabled when the party preset is not released.
  • World 5-1: The issue that force close when talking with the NPC that is blocking the way while proceeding with the main quest is fixed.
  • World 5-2: After the cave event, the issue of a shadow and level of the character is not exposed is fixed.
  • World 6-3: When boarding a ladybug, the issue of irregular exposure to the wrong shadow position is corrected.
  • World 7-5: if you resurrect after the death of the demon and the party leader occur at the same time, abnormal scene display will be corrected.
  • World 9-1: During the main quest, the issue of exposing the attack button in a specific situation in the box boundary scene is corrected.
  • World 9: Gun Ringing Streets stage - When recruiting Hekate, the issue that the voice is not printed will be corrected.
  • World 9-5: During the Lana quest, when defeated in a certain step, the issue of irregular scene display will be corrected.
  • World 9-5: After clearing Lana's quest, when getting on the train, certain weapon effects still display issues will be corrected.
  • World 10-2: Specific voice effects that replay in other area issues will be corrected.
  • World 10-2: After clearing the special star piece event, the equipment costume that is not shown issue will be corrected.
  • Nightmare World 7-1: During the merchant star piece event, If you hold the fire pot, the issue that the merchant does not be tracked will be corrected.
  • Nightmare World 7-6: The exposure of speech bubbles at lock blocks without interaction in front of the boss room is corrected.
  • Lynn's Bento Shop short story: A little Lynn's name is not displayed issue will be corrected.
  • After using Hookshot, After a certain period of time, the issue of character animation hardening is corrected

19. Voice addition and improvement

  • Some heroes' Japanese voices are added. ※Only applies to voices set to JP.
    • Lynn