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Greetings Guardians! 

We wanted to share the newest upcoming collaboration this coming March!

We are thrilled to announce "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" as the third collaboration to be offered with Guardian Tales.

This collaboration will feature the compelling cast of characters of the animation as playable heroes, a collaborative Short Story update, and bountiful events to celebrate the collaboration.


※ Please note the update date is subject to change during development progres


Collaboration Period (for Global)
March 19, 2024 after maintenance—April 16, 2024 before maintenance


Collaboration Short Story
In this collaboration, you will be able to meet various animation characters of the series other than Rimuru Tempest. Please look forward to the adventures with the animation characters in the distinctive style of Guardian Tales.


Collaboration Playable Heroes



In this collaboration, Rimuru Tempest, Milim Nava, Shuna will appear as playable heroes.

Among them, Shuna and her exclusive equipment will be claimable as a collaborative event reward.

※ Collaboration heroes and equipment do not give a Collection bonus or other stat bonuses.


Collaboration Event

A LIVE EVENT along with other events will be prepared to celebrate this collaboration.

  • The main reward you can get from the event will be the Unique Hero Shuna and her exclusive equipment.
  • If you complete the entire event, you will gain enough growth material to evolve Shuna to a ★5 hero, and also enhance her exclusive weapon to max level of Limit Break.

※ Event details and more will be announced with a future announcement and patch notes. 


Collaboration System

  • Collaboration heroes and their exclusive equipment will be obtainable only during the collaboration period
  • Collaboration heroes and equipment will be obtainable through the Pick-up Summons (except for Shuna who is available via the in-game live event)
  • Both free and paid gems, and also Summon Controllers can be used to summon collaboration heroes
  • You can perform Limit Break using Epic Limit Breaking Hammer on the exclusive equipment of the collaboration heroes.
  • Collaboration heroes and exclusive equipment can be exchanged for 200 of special Collaboration Mileage Tickets.
  • Collaboration Mileage Tickets can be obtained through the collaboration Pick-up Summons menu.
  • Collaboration Mileage Tickets will be exchanged into the equal amount of regular mileage tickets after the event period ends.


More details on this thrilling collaboration update will be shared in future announcements.

We hope you look forward to the great adventures to unfold in this collaboration, as we will be doing our best to make this collaboration as enjoyable as possible.

Thank you!