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► Patch-notes Maintenance 15th of November 2022

1. Hero and Equipment

■ New Hero and Equipment 

  • New hero Destroyer Pymon is added.
    •   Destroyer Pymon's voice is added. 
    •   Party effect: [Party] Def +45%
  • Hero Destroyer Pymon's exclusive weapon 'Planet Buster ★★★★★' is added.

■ Voice Addition and Improvement

  • Japanese voice added for the following Heroes:
    •   Noxia
      ※Only when setting the voice in Japanese.
  • English voice added for the following Heroes: 
    •   Sumire
      ※Only when setting the voice in English.

■ Illustration Style 

  • Changeable illustration is added.
    •   Noxia

2. Summon and Pick-up Event

  • Hero Pick-up Event
    •   Event time : November 15 ~ November 29 (14 days, UTC+8)
    •   Pick-up Hero 1: ★★★ Destroyer Pymon
    •   Pick-up Hero 2: ★★★ The Bound Child Clara
    •   Pick-up Hero 3: ★★★ Drunken Swordmaster Lynn
    •   Pick-up Hero 4: ★★★ Dragon Avatar Vishuvac
  • Equipment Pick-up Event
    •   Event time : November 15 ~ November 29 (14 days, UTC+8)
    •   Pick-up Equipment 1: ★★★★★ Planet Buster
    •   Pick-up Equipment 2: ★★★★★ Paimon's Fragment Ⅲ
    •   Pick-up Equipment 3: ★★★★★ Red Lotus
    •   Pick-up Equipment 4: ★★★★★ Volcanic Core
    •   Pick-up Equipment 5: ★★★★★ Volcanic Horn

3. Roadmap Event

  • Roadmap event "The Ultimate Partner"
    •   Event time: November 15 ~ November 29 (14 days, UTC+8)
    •   Reward Receivable Period: December 6 (UTC+8)

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-12-06 12:59:59 UTC+8
North America: 2022-12-05 20:59:59 PST
Europe: 2022-12-06 04:59:59 UTC
Latin America: 2022-12-06 01:59:59 BRT
Oceania: 2022-12-06 14:59:59 AET

4. Boost Event

  • With 'Boost Event' you can obtain twice the rewards in certain game modes while the event is ongoing.
  •  In this update, Boost Event will be applied to Mirror Dungeon and Expedition content.
  •  Event time: November 15 ~ November 29 (UTC+8)

5. CO-OP Mode

  • The CO-OP mode has been changed.
  • The new season of CO-OP(Def) mode has started.

■ Loot

  • 22 previous Loots have been rollbacked.
  • 3 current Loots have been removed.
    •   [Mid] Green's Helmet
    •   [High] Green Helmet(Autographed)
    •   [High] Magiton Booster

6. Guild Raid

  • [Season 43] Guild Raid "Huge Desk"
    •   New banner and background image are added.
    •   Schedule: November 24 ~ December 7
    •   Boss: Invader Commander(Basic), Elphaba(Dark), Marina(Water), Altered Mad Panda MK-3(Earth)

7. Guild Meteor Excavation

Guild Meteor Excavation

  • A new season of Guild Meteor Excavation will start
  • Season time: November 17 ~ November 23

8. Season Achievement

  • Additional Season Achievement missions will be opened after the November 15 update. 
    •   A total of 14 missions will be opened as season 1's last mission.

9. Expedition

Expedition Area 2 Addition

  • Expedition Area 2 is added.
  • Expedition Area 2 will be opened once you passed Rank 5 Chosen One Candidate.

■ 2nd Archives Addition

  • It can be obtained from Expedition Area 2.
  • You can watch Expedition Chosen One Visual Novel episode 2 through Archives.

■ Relic

  • Legend rarity Relic is added.
    •   You can obtain Legend rarity Relic by evolving Unique rarity Relic at the Forge.
    •   Legend rarity Relic can endow 3 Basic Options.

■ Forge 

  • Evolution, Basic Option Change feature are added to the Forge. 
    •   Forge's added features will be unlocked once you reached Expedition Area 2.

1. Evolution

  • You can raise the rarity of a Unique relic to Legend rarity by using the Superior Arcane Stone.
  • When evolving, the relic's Basic Option type will not change.
  • The Basic Option granted to the evolved relic will either stay the same or be reconsidered to a higher stat. The evolved relic will inherit the Sub Option.
  • The newly added Basic Option via Relic Evolution will be chosen at random.

2. Basic Option Change

  • You can use 3 Glistening Powders to change a Relic's endowed Basic Option.
  • You may begin to change Basic Options of relics that have a rarity of Legend or higher. 

3. Break Down 

  • Superior Arcane Stone is added to Expected Arcane Stones sign.
  • You can obtain Superior Arcane Stones by breaking down Relics of Legend rarity.
  • Superior Arcane Stone Shop is added.
    •   You can purchase them by using Arcane Stone or Golden Petal.

■ Stage Ranking Board

  • Once you establish a record on the Expedition Stage Ranking Board, the used party information checking feature will be added.

※ Records that were registered on the Ranking Board before the update will not show party information.

10. Farm

■ Farm Villager

  • In Farm, you can now open a party and invite the villagers.
  • You can open a party by using the object 'BBQ Party Set'. 
  • Villagers who attended the party have a low probability chance to settle in your farm.
  • Some villagers can settle in your farm by building a certain object.
    •   Once you made the object ‘Season Achievements Trophy: S1’, ‘Little Future Princess’ will settle in the farm. 
  • Settled Villagers can be placed around the Farm through [House] - Manage Villagers.
  • You can interact with Settled Villagers and they will walk around the Farm freely.

Farm Object

  • 'BBQ Party Set' and ‘Season Achievement Trophy: Season 1' object are added to Farm. 
    •   ‘Season Achievement Trophy : Season 1' can be crafted when you obtain ‘Season Achievement Trophy : Season 1 Blueprint' from Season Achievement Content. 

■ Error Revision

  • The isssue where the object could be stacked intermittently on a farm will be fixed. 
  • The issue where fishing and plant seeds could not be used with a controller will be fixed.
  • The issue where the home button functionality would not work properly when in bait selection mode will be fixed. 
  • The issue where the hero would run automatically when the Seed Selection Pop-up was close after interacting with the Crop Tile while connected to a controller will be fixed. 
  • The issue where 'New' is not displayed in the Description Pop-up for the first new fish catch will be fixed. 
  • The issue where the fish in the Fish Storage would not being darkened under certain situations when selling or releasing fish will be fixed. 
  • The issue where the layout order of registered fish would be changed when the Aquarium management window closed and reopened after placing fish in the Aquarium management window will be fixed. 
  • The issue where the place button in the Aquarium management window would not be disabled in certain situations will be fixed. 
  • The issue where UI is not displayed when touching Encylopedia and pressing back button at the same time in the Aquarium will be fixed. 

■ Improvement

  • Some of the Game Controller button in the farm are fixed.
    •   [Aquarium Pop-up] - move: B button → Y button
  • Improved to purchase multiple blueprints at once in the Farm Caravan Shop. 
  • Reduces the probability of catching non-fish in fishing.
  • Improved that If you can obtain a Fish Encylopedia when selecting a bait, the red dot will be displayed on the Fish Storage button.
  • Improved to display red dot on the fish that can obtain a Encylopedia reward in the Fish Storage and Aquarium management window.
  • Improved to display red dot on the knowledge button in the Fish information window only for the selected fish that can obtain a Encylopedia reward.

11. Knowledge

  • One new equipment collection is added.
    •   A weak physique strains the brain

12. Shop - Costume

  • ※ In this update, 2 costumes that were planned to be made from the 2022 Global Costume Contest will be launched.
  •   [view costume content works]
  • ※ Costumes that were not made this time will be made sequentially on later update.
  • ※ Those 2 costumes will be sold at 300 gem each and will be to the costumes rotation just like other costumes.
  • ※ With gratitude, for your participation and support in the Costume Contest, all Guardians will receive 600 gems by the time of this update.
  • ※ 600 gems will be sent to your Mail, accessible until November 20 (Sun).

Hero Costume

  •   Garam the Beauty
  •   Steam Punk AA72
  •   Evil Spirit Akayuki
  •   Specter Future Knight
  •   Magical Strawberry Gabriel
  •   Dark Mage Future Princess
  •   Superstar Lupina
  •   Lucy the First
  •   Charismatic Boss Beth
  •   Battle Maid Arabelle
  •   Elegant Lady Lavi
  •   Little Witch
  •   Mayreel Plushie Bari
  •   T Rex Plushie Aoba
  •   Polar Bear Ranpang
  •   Triple Red Oghma
  •   Pilot Marina
  •   Futuristic Rider Eugene
  •   Raptor Doll Parvati

Weapon Costume

  •   Cherry Blossom Bow
  •   Toy Block Alpaca
  •   G1 Rifle
  •   Twin Scythe Staff
  •   Chocolate Box Shield
  •   Chocolate Blade
  •   Tuna Two-handed Sword
  •   Dinosaur Toy

13. Shop - Package

1. Time Limited Package

  • Sale period: November 15 ~ November 29 (UTC+8)

1) Time Limited Gem Pacakge

  • 4 times per account
  • Paid gem x9,000 , Soul Point x1,000,000 

2) Time Limited Summon Package

  • 4 times per account
  • Paid gem x2,700 , Summon Controller x35 , Soul Point x1,000,000 

3) Time Limited Stamina Package

  • 4 times per account
  • Stamina x1,000 , Soul Point x500,000

4) Daily Package

  • 2 times per day
  • Paid gem x500 , Summon Controller x5 , Awakening Dungeon Box x2 , Soul Point x200,000

5) Kama-ZONE Special Package

  • Once per account
  • Summon Controller x100 , Epic Limit Breaking Hammer x1 , Option Change Stone x60 , Option Lock Stone x100

2. Hero Growth Package 

1) Unique Hero Growth Package (Destroyer Pymon)

  • 2 times per account
  •  Evolution stone x400 , Legendary Awakening Stone x20 , Hero Crystal x100 , Option Change Stone x10 , Option Lock Stone x20

14. Guardian Pass

  • 2022. Season. 12 Guardian Pass
    •   Season period: November 15 ~ December 12
    •   Main Reward: Elvira's exclusive weapon Trouble Maker ★★★★

15. Other Error Corrections and Improvements

  • 'Conditions for detecting insincere play' that applied to Base Mode Team Death Match Beta is improved.
    • Some detecting conditions that can affect good players are improved.