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Greetings Guardians!


As we are jumping into the latter half of the new year, the Developers of Guardian Tales have prepared the second half year roadmap for 2022!

Please note that these are development plans that run up to the end of this year and contents can be rescheduled or updated with future announcements. 

Without further ado, let’s check out the upcoming content!


✶ Keep in mind that the following content are rough drafts; content names, details, and images can be changed in the actual update. Also, the dates (months) mentioned are for the Korean server and global release dates may differ. Be sure to check out official announcements and patch notes for details later on!




STEP 1 Team Death Match - beta

STEP 2 Farm Content Update - Crops

STEP 3 Guild Raid Update


STEP 4 Season Achievements

STEP 5 World 15 Open


STEP 6 Expedition Update - 2 new regions

STEP 7 Farm Content Update (Fishing)


STEP 8 Rare Hero Advancement

STEP 9 Guild Conquest - New theme


STEP 10 Friends


Farm Content Additions, Multi-Raids


  • New arena content with a 3 player vs. 3 player battle.

  • After a period of beta-testing, the official version will launch after further improvements are made.

  • Death Match will be available at all times during the beta testing period.

  • During the testing period,  rewards will be the same for all players.

  • Statistics and rules may change depending on seasons  


  • A Caravan Shop will be added.

  • Shop list will be refreshed periodically with new products..

  • New crop products where coffee and other resources can be claimed will be added.

  • As additional crops are added and Expedition will be updated, the level entry of Farm will be lowered.


  • Guild Raid sheet will be added.

    • During the guild raid season, you will be able to check the participation of your guild members in detail.

      • Details you can check include daily attack records of your guild members, damage inflicted per boss, total participation count of your guild members, and more.

  • Guild Raid roll-over will be improved.

    • Party rolled over to the next season will be available in the future.



  • Season Achievements, which can be obtained while trying out the various content of Guardian Tales per dedicated 'seasons', will be added.

  • As season challenges will be difficult to reach and require the extra effort, special rewards that can be obtained exclusively via season achievements will be offered as final rewards.


  • World 15 will open 

    • Currently we are developing World 15.

    • We are doing our best to introduce quality content full of fun factors so please stay tuned!


  • The second region of Expedition, City of Shen, will be added. new regions will be added to Expedition

    • 3 new Districts will be added.

    • New bosses and monsters will be added.

    • Records and stories following the Expedition of the first region will be added.


  • Fishing content will be added to the Farm.

    • Various types of fish will be added which can be enlisted onto Item Knowledge for rewards. 

      • You can catch fish to earn tokens and use these tokens to purchase higher-level fishing rods or buy props to decorate your farm.

  • Fish Tank will be added to the farm.

  • You can place in a fish tank the fish you stored and observe them as you wish.


  • You will be able to advance your Rare heroes into Unique heroes.

  • Rare heroes available for advancement will be updated sequentially.


  • A new theme, "Necromancer's Mansion," will be added.

  • New themed boss and monsters will be added.


  • You will be able to invite your friends that are listed in the Co-op and friendly match rooms.

  • You will be able to check the profile, connection status, and last log-in records of your friends.

  • A lot of research and development is currently underway regarding new features that will utilize friend functions.


Though these are unconfirmed content, we wanted to keep to our promise of communicating more actively regarding our development plans and show we are listening to  your voices  as we explore our directions of development in many ways, thus we have decided to disclose these under the R&D category. 

Contents under development may be updated faster than expected, or may take longer if more technical and planning attention are needed that will change the entire course of the contents.

As there still are too many undetermined factors regarding these, please understand that we cannot promise on any dates at this time.


  • Decorative features addition

    • New object additions other than in Farm are being prepared.

    • Other than buildings and objects, we are exploring the possibility of adding NPCs into the Farm.

  • Visiting

    • Feature of visiting other Guardian's Farm is being explored.

  • Activity Additions

    • Starting with Fishing, we are planning to add various activities.

    • Activities are to simply provide more fun to the Farm content and not intended to force your participation.



  • This will be a content you can play with other Guardians.

  • Powerful bosses you faced in Guild Conquest and Expedition will reappear but this time with new attack patterns.

  • 2 or more Guardians will need to cooperate together and master the bosses' attack patterns to beat and clear the content.

  • Unlike the previous Co-op, players will enter in Parties to play the Multi-raid content.

This concludes the content plan and direction of our development for Guardian Tales slated for  the latter half of this year.

We want to thank you for always being with us.

We will do our best to become the Guardian Tales that matches your continuous support and interest.


Thank you!