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► Patch-notes Maintenance 12th of July, 2022

1. Hero and Equipment

■ Developer Note for 2nd Exclusive Weapon

In this update, we are introducing Oghma's 2nd Exclusive Weapon 'Eckesachs Mode. R'.
Now Oghma will be able to use a rifle, which fits with his character concept of a robot with a shield.

Equipped with "Eckesachs Mode. R", Oghma can battle as a Ranged Dealer with a drone. He can also transform into a fighter jet.
With this, we are expecting users to have a more enjoyable experience with this new Oghma, which is different from the previous defense-based Oghma.

■ New Equipment

  • Hero Oghma's exclusive weapon 'Eckesachs Mode. R' ★★★★★ is added.
    • Oghma's exclusive weapon item collection is added.
    • Changed party effect: after 5 stars Max Awakening [Party] Skill Damage +90%

2. Summon and Pick-up event

  • Hero Pick-up Event
    • Event time: July 12 ~ July 26 
    • Pick-up Hero 1: ★★★ Oghma
    • Pick-up Hero 2: ★★★ Arabelle
    • Pick-up Hero 3: ★★★ Claude
    • Pick-up Hero 4: ★★★ Mk.2
  • Equipment Pick-up Event
    • Event time: July 12 ~ July 26 
    • Pick-up Equipment 1: ★★★★★ Eckesachs Mode. R
    • Pick-up Equipment 2: ★★★★★ Eckesachs
    • Pick-up Equipment 3: ★★★★★ Genocide
    • Pick-up Equipment 4: ★★★★★ Twilight
    • Pick-up Equipment 5: ★★★★★ Rebellion

3. Giant Capsule Machine Event

  • "Giant Capsule Machine" Event
    • Event time: July 12 ~ July 25 
    • Reward receipt period: 2022-08-02 04:59:59 UTC*
  • Use Voucher Coins to earn various prizes on the Giant Capsule Machine.
  • During the event period you can use the coin collected from completing missions to get prizes from the Giant Capsule Machine.
  • There are 3 Giant Capsule Machines and each has a different grand prize.
  • Collect Voucher Coins to aim for the grand prize.
  • For each roll, you get one Empty Capsule.
  • Collect Empty Capsules to exchange for various winnings.
  • The Giant Capsule Machine and Empty Capsule can only be used during the event period.

■ Developer Note

In our previous Giant Capsule Machine events, there was a probability gap for each acquirable main prize. And there was a gap between those players who acquired the grand prize, including the Epic Limit Breaking Hammer, and those who weren't able to.
In order to improve this, the expected value of the main prizes has been slightly increased and the difference has been decreased to reduce the gap.
Now, we come back with an improved Giant Capsule Machine event.

However, it is difficult to adjust the gap for the Epic Limit Breaking Hammer in the 3rd machine, so we adjusted this by increasing the chance of getting the Option Change Stone and increasing the amount of acquirable Magic Metals instead.

In the future, we will proceed with an event where each player can acquire a prize that is over a certain level equally.

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-08-02 12:59:59 UTC+8
North America: 2022-08-01 20:59:59 PST
Europe: 2022-08-02 04:59:59 UTC
Latin America: 2022-08-02 01:59:59 BRT
Oceania: 2022-08-02 14:59:59 AET

4. Expedition

  • New PVE Content "Expedition" is added.
    • Content details: LINK

5. Farm

  • New content "Farm" is added.
    • Content details: LINK

6. Evolution Stone Boost

  • Evolution Stone Boost function is added.
  • Evolution Stone Boost can be used 10 times per day, 3 times the amount of Evolution Stones will be acquired when Boost is used.
    • The number of Boosts will not be applied for each stage.

7. CO-OP

  • The Co-op mode has been changed.

8. Guild Raid

  • [Season 38] Guild Raid 'Rooftop Before Class Dismissed'
    • A new banner and background image are added.
    • Event time: July 21 ~ August 3 UTC*
    • Boss list: Returned Harvester (Basic), Shadow Beast (Dark), Snowman General (Water), Furious Desert Bull Worm (Earth)

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-08-03 22:59:59 UTC+8
North America: 2022-08-03-13 06:59:59 PST
Europe: 2022-08-03 14:59:59 UTC
Latin America: 2022-08-03 11:59:59 BRT
Oceania: 2022-08-04 00:59:59 AET

9. Guild Meteor Excavation

  • New season of Guild Meteor Excavation starts.
  • Season time: July 14 ~ July 20 UTC*

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-07-20 22:59:59 UTC+8
North America: 2022-07-20 06:59:59 PST
Europe: 2022-07-20 14:59:59 UTC
Latin America: 2022-07-20 11:59:59 BRT
Oceania: 2022-07-21 00:59:59 AET

10. Kama-ZONE

  • A new season of Kama-ZONE
    • Season period: July 12 ~ August 9 UTC*
    • Artifacts and special events of 'Dragon Hunter' theme will be reapplied.

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-08-09 13:10:00 UTC+8
North America: 2022-08-08 21:10:00 PST
Europe: 2022-08-09 05:10:00 UTC
Latin America: 2022-08-09 02:10:00 BRT
Oceania: 2022-08-09 02:10:00 AET

11. Beginner Mission

  • New beginner mission is added.
    • Beginner mission about Expedition mode and Farm mode is added.

12. Knowledge

  • A new equipment collection is added.
    • Legs are just for show

13. Shop - Costume

  • Hero Costume
    • Fruit Picking Hana
    • Farmer Future Knight
    • Charismatic Boss Beth
    • Battle Maid Arabelle
    • Elegant Lady Lavi
    • Little Witch
    • Raptor Doll Parvati
    • Dragon Queen Lilith
    • Fierce Commander Erina
    • Rockstar Claude
    • Toy Block Bari
    • Racer Marianne
    • Toy-gun Hekate
    • Doll White Beast
    • Thousand Hand Aisha
    • Dirt Bike Racer Mk.2
  • Equipment Costume
    • Corn Gun
    • Harvest Staff
    • Cardboard Assault Rifle
    • Studded Half Gloves
    • Magiton Greatsword
    • Beam Claw
    • Toy Block Alpaca
    • Dinosaur Gloves

14. Shop - Package

1. Limited Time Package

  • Sale period: July 12 ~ July 26

1) Expedition Release Celebration Package #1

  • Purchasable 4 times/ account
  • Paid Gem x9,000, Stamina x100

2) Expedition Release Celebration Package #2

  • Purchasable 4 times/ account
  • Paid Gem x2,700, Summon Controller x35, Stamina x100

3) Expedition Release Celebration Package #3

  • Purchasable 4 times/ account
  • Stamina x550

4) Expedition Release Celebration Package #4

  • Purchasable 2 times/ account
  • Paid Gem x500, Summon Controller x5, Stamina x300, Lv.70 Awakening Dungeon Box x5

5) Special Discount Package

  • Purchasable once/ account
  • Option Change Stone x30, Option Lock Stone x50

15. Hero and Equipment improvement

■ Hero and Equipment Improvement

  • Oghma: Multiple Rocket (Chain Skill)'s damage increases from 240% → 300%

■ Damage Reduction Awakening Node Change

  • Some heros' awakening nodes have been changed. (When all awakening nodes have been activated)
    • Oghma: [Before] Awakening Node: Damage reduction 22 → [After] Attack 10.00%, HP 4.00%

■ Error Revision and Change

  • The issue where Android MK.99 would not attack normally when used as a party leader in Colosseum has been fixed.
  • An issue where a "processing data error" would be displayed when canceling Demoshire’s Count Claude's 'Corrupted Field' (Chain Skill) has been fixed.
  • The issue where Sword of Werebeasts Rey would present an abnormal arm position after using team combination skill has been fixed.
  • The issue where Beach Innkeeper Loraine would not use 'March of Gnomes' (Weapon Skill) towards the target when in AI mode has been fixed.
  • When Beach Innkeeper Loraine and Android Mk.99 are in the same party, Mk.99 has been changed not to show up during 'Deployment Orders' (Basic Attack) and 'Devastation Beam' (Chain Skill).
  • Swordsman Akayuki's abnormal facial expression while using basic attack after wearing the 'Cherryblossom Hunter Akayuki' costume is modified.
  • The map issue when wearing the 'Heart Candy' equipment costume has been fixed.
  • Eugene and Parvati's New Awakening Special Ability text in Awakening UI is unified.
  • In the awakening UI, the improved awakening nodes are marked as 'awakening special ability'.
    • Detailed abilities can be checked in the pop-up that is displayed when the awakening node is selected.

16. Other corrections and improvements

  • Name of the Exploration Forge has been changed.
    • [Before] Exploration Forge → [After] World Exploration Ship
  • The issue where a player that did not participate in Guild Raid during the previous season would constantly see a pop-up about practice mode every time they accessed the Raid screen during the compensation period has been corrected. 
  • In CO-OP, using laser pattern when the Ancient Demon Monster looks at the screen has been modified.
  • The issue where the game would freeze when starting a CO-OP battle after entering Guild Raid through the Heavenhold banner has been fixed.
  • World 12-2, the issue with the oil has been corrected.
  • Side Story - 'Rue the Red' Stage 1, dialogue's typo is corrected.
    • [Before] Kama-ZONE AMG-GT → [After] Kama-ZONE AGM-GT
  • Short Story - 'When You Wish Upon a Star' the story's open condition has been changed to after clearing World 2.
  • Short Story - 'When You Wish Upon a Star' the ice cream falling to an odd location is fixed.

17. Illustration Style

  • A new changeable hero illustration is added.
    • Lucy

18. Voice addition and improvement

  • One Hero's Japanese voice is added.
  • ※It will only be reflected when setting the audio in Japanese.
    • Lucy
  • One Hero's English voice is added.
  • ※It will only be reflected when setting the audio in English.
    • Summer Innkeeper Loraine