News Post


1. Hero and Equipment

  • New hero 'Party Crasher Mad Panda Trio' is added.
    • Party Crasher Mad Panda Trio's voice is added.
    • Cursed Kamael's voice is added. 
    • Party effect: [Party] Melee Atk +50%
  • Hero Mad Panda Trio's exclusive weapon 'Prestige' ★★★★★ is added.

Voice Addition and Improvement

  • Japanese voices are added for some heros.
    • Lifeguard Yuze
    • Scientist on the Beach Sohee
    • it will reflect only when Japanese is selected for the voice settings.
  • Archives - English voice is added to Old Diary.
    • it will reflect only when English is selected for the voice settings.

Illustration Style 

  • A new changeable hero illustration is added.
    • Lifeguard Yuze
    • Scientist on the Beach Sohee

2. Summon and Pick-up event

  • Hero Pick-up Event
    • Event time: July 26 ~ August 9 before maintenance
    • Pick-up Hero 1: ★★★ Party Crasher Mad Panda Trio
    • Pick-up Hero 2: ★★★ Kamael
    • Pick-up Hero 3: ★★★ Erina
    • Pick-up Hero 4: ★★★ Kanna
    • Pick-up Hero 5: ★★★ Lilith
    • Pick-up Hero 6: ★★★ Future Princess
    • Pick-up Hero 7: ★★★ Priscilla
    • Pick-up Hero 8: ★★★ Rue
    • Pick-up Hero 9: ★★★ Mayreel
  • Equipment Pick-up Event
    • Event time: July 26 ~ August 9 before maintenance
    • Pick-up Equipment 1: ★★★★★ Prestige
    • Pick-up Equipment 2: ★★★★★ Equinox
    • Pick-up Equipment 3: ★★★★★ Balmung
    • Pick-up Equipment 4: ★★★★★ Mind Snap
    • Pick-up Equipment 5: ★★★★★ Queen's Grace
    • Pick-up Equipment 6: ★★★★★ Liberator
    • Pick-up Equipment 7: ★★★★★ Eclipse
    • Pick-up Equipment 8: ★★★★★ Terminator
    • Pick-up Equipment 9: ★★★★★ Solaris

3. 2-year anniversary 120x Free Summon event

  • [Main menu] - [Summon] You can use free summon 1 time, 10 times a day. (during event time, free summon up to 120 times for 13 days starting from the day of first login) 
  • Event time: July 26 After Maintenance ~ August 8
  • Event Participation Precautions
    • You can pick and use the summon that you want among Pick up Hero Summon, Common Hero Summon, Pick up Equipment Summon, and Common Equipment Summon.

4. 2-year anniversary Log-in Event

  • Event time: July 26 After Maintenance ~ August 23 Before Maintenance
  • Target: All users log in during the event time
  • After the event ends, you can check log-in rewards for 30 days.
  • The attendance event lasts 28 days and consists of rewards such as 400 Hero crystals, 40 Legendary awakening stones, and 80 Awakening dungeon boxes.

5. Roadmap Event

  • Roadmap event '2-year Anniversary Festival'
    • Event time: July 26 After Maintenance ~ August 23 Before Maintenance
    • Reward Receivable Period: August 30
    • 'Cursed Kamael' Super Costume can be obtained from main reward.

6. Team Death Match Beta

  • 'Team Death Match Beta', a 3 vs 3 team battle is added.
  • ※ There will be a consistent improvement during Beta period so when the official version is lauched, some features and rewards might be changed.
  • You can enter Team Death Match Beta in 'Multiplayer'
  • You can enter at the same time with Arena and use Team Death Match Exclusive Ticket to enter.
  • Ranking system is identical to Arena.
  • ※ It will be proceeded weekly during Beta period.
  • ※ Same rewards will be acquired regardless of ranking during Beta period.


  • 6 players will battle simultaneously for 120 seconds.
    • Party Effects of heroes within the party and additional effects apply.
    • However, additional effects that occur during battle will also apply to team members.
  • You can score 1 point by killing enemy's hero and score will show on the top of team screen.


  • You can score 2 points by earning a box.


  • A bounty is placed on users who consecutively defeat the opponent’s heroes without dying.
  • Additional points are rewarded to the team that defeats a user with a bounty.

Fever Time

  • Fever Time is activated when 20 seconds are left. 
  • Once Fever Time is activated, you earn double points. 
  • This applies to points earned through bounty.
  • Points earned through boxes will not apply.


  • After a hero died for 7 seconds, it will revive at the first spawn spot and at this moment, you can choose which hero you want to rivive.


  • The team that reaches the target score first by either defeating heroes or earning boxes wins.
  • ※ You will obtain 1 Battle Medal regardlass of win or lose during Beta period.

7. CO-OP

  • The CO-OP mode has been changed. 
  • CO-OP (Defense) new season has started.
  • 1 new Loot is added.
    • [Top] Green's Helmet(Autographed)
  • 24 previous Loots have been rollbacked.
  • 2 current Loots have been removed.
    • [Mid] Red's Helmet
    • [Top] Bandage Given as a Gift

8. Guild Meteor Excavation

  • New season of Guild Meteor Excavation
  • Season time: 2022-08-04 00:00:00 ~ 2022-08-10 22:59:59 (UTC+8)

9. Guild Castle Arcade


  • 1 new game is added to Guild Castle's Arcade.
    • Faster than Lightning! Fiery Hot Pizza Delivery

10. Heavenhold Special Comic

  • Heavenhold Special Comic 'Party People Mad Panda Trio' is added.

11. Challenge Mission

  • New challenge mission about Expedition is added.

12. World Difficulty improvements


  • World Difficulty improvements 
  • World 10 "Unrecorded World Pt.1"
    • Atk and Def reduction for Monsters that appear in Passage.
    • Some Elite Monsters that appear in Passage are changed into Normal Monsters.
  • World 11 "Unrecorded World Pt.2"
    • Atk reduction for Invader Wizard that appears in Passage.
    • Some Elite Monsters that appear in Passage are changed into Normal Monsters.
    • In Heavenhold's 4th Floor Stage Boss inside Regeneration Room, monsters' Atk and Def are reduced.
    • In Heavenhold's Top Floor Stage, final bosses' Atk and Def are reduced.
  • World 12 "Demon World"
    • Atk and Def reduction for Monsters that appear in Passage. 
    • Some Elite Monsters that appear in Passage are changed into Normal Monsters.

13. Expedition improvement

  • Equipment's Relic Slot is adjusted to not be seen before unlocking Expedition content.
  • You can see the information of the most grown seed from Expedition's Move to Farm Icon.
  • The expedition Stage is adjusted to be enterable even when the amount of owned Map Pieces that are materials for entering the Hidden Wonder is full.
  • The difficulty of Expedition 1, 2 Trial Area is slightly decreased and the Rewards Score standard is reduced.
  • Relic Equipment Filter feature is added.
  • Option Value text's color that appeared when the same option came up after endowing at Forge is changed to white.
  • Relic's Skill Damage Option is modified to show a sum-up number on UI.
  • "DPS" is added to be able to know the exact applying condition of Melee, Range AoE Atk among Relic Option.

14. Farm improvement


  • A Portal Object used to move immediately from Farm to Expedition is added.
    • You can craft a Portal in Farm's Crafting Station.
  • In Farm, Home Button, Setting Button, Chat Button are improved to be pressable during Seeds Planting Mode and Object Placing Mode.
  • When planting seeds, constructing buildings, upgrading buildings, SFX is revised to be played. 
  • Controller UI irregularly disappeared in Farm is corrected.
  • In Farm, Object Placing Button's irregular display is corrected.
  • In Forge, Controller UI was intermittently exposed when changing a main hero is corrected.
  • Both sides of the screen were cut off when using Forge at a specific resolution is modified.
  • When using gamepads in Farm, a character runs automatically when placing an object is modified.
  • A sign irregularly left on tree and stone when using a specific character in Farm is modified.

15. Knowledge


  • 2 new equipment collections are added.
    • One for all, All for one.
    • I'll show the power of the great hero!

16. Super Costume

  • Hammock Napping Nari's Super Costume is added to Merch Forge and Shop.

17. Event gem shop

  • An event shop where you can purchase special item will be opened.
  • Event shop can only be purchased during the event period, and there is a limit on the number of purchases for each item.
  • Event time
    •  July 26 After Maintenance ~ August 9
  • Products purchased at the event store will be paid immediately.
  • You can use the event shop at [Main Menu] - [Shop] - [Event Shop] 
  • Product List
    • Lucky Pouch
    • Coffee Machine
    • Legendary Awakening Stone
    • Epic Limit Breaking Hammer Package 
    • Hero Crystal Box
    • Magic Metal Box
    • Option Change Stone
    • Option Lock Stone 
    • Princess' Edict
    • Lv. 70 Awakening Dungeon box
    • Lv.50 Strengthening Hammer
    • Gold 

18. Shop - Costume

※ 2-year Anniversary Hero/ Equipment Costume Grand Reinstatement

  • Hero Costume
    • Returned Mad Panda Trio
    • Chinchilla Pajamas Scintilla
    • Adventurer Erina
    • Unrecorded World Future Knight
    • Magical Strawberry Gabriel
    • Sakura Nari
    • Celestial Queen Bianca
    • Dark Mage Future Princess
    • Evening Emperor Garam
    • Battle Angel Orca
    • Death Angel Arabelle
    • Armored Clara
    • Mayreel Plushie Bari
    • T-Rex Doll Tinia
    • Tree Plushie Aoba
    • Polar Bear Ranpang
    • Pretty Woman Nari
    • Pretty Boy Garam
    • Mayreel as Maid
    • Lynn as DUI Patrol
    • Light and Darkness Eleanor
    • Dark Knight Captain Eva
    • Blade Queen Yuze
    • Golden Knight Rachel
    • Ballerina Lilith
    • Ballerina Noxia
    • Ballerina Lahn
    • Office Worker Priscilla
    • Yellow Jacket Erina
    • Winter Girl Hana
    • Postman
    • Young Girgas
    • Cherry Blossom Hunter Akayuki
    • Shaman Akayuki
    • Geomancer Mei
    • Empress Mei
    • Oriental Queen Aisha
    • Aojai Catherine
    • Royal Knight
    • Rose Knight
    • Mechanic Hekate
    • Mecha Karina
    • Mechanic Elvira
    • Volleyball Player
    • Ice hockey Fan Catherine
  • Equipment Costume
    •  Random Box
    •  Epic Hammer
    •  Heavenly Bow
    •  Frozen Memories
    •  Plasma Globe
    •  Police Shield of Aegis
    •  Police Club of Justice
    •  Angel Cannon
    •  Rifle Shaped Pillow
    •  Arm Cannon
    •  Tombstone Shield
    •  Puppy Bag Basket
    •  Heirloom Staff
    •  Pet Bat
    •  Heavy Armor Glove
    •  Dragon Fury Gauntlet

19. Shop - Package


  • 1. Limited Time Package 
    •  Sale period: July 26 After Maintenance ~ August 9
  • 1) 2-year Anniversary Package #1 (once per account)
    •  Summon Controller x10, Select 1 between Unique Hero or Exclusive Weapon
  • 2) 2-year Anniversary Package #2 (3 times per account)
    • Stamina x1,000, Awakening Dungeon Box x5
  • 3) 2-year Anniversary Package #3 (4 times per account)
    • Paid Gem x5,000, Legendary Awakening Stone x3
  • 4) 2-year Anniversary Package #4 (once per account)
    • Paid Gem x5,000, Summon Controller x50, Hero Reset Stone x1
  • 5) 2-year Anniversary Package #5 (during event time, 2 times per account daily) 
    • Paid Gem x200, Summon Controller x2, Stamina x50, Legendary Awakening Stone x2
  • 6) 2-year Anniversary Package #6 (once per account)
    • Epic Limit Breaking Hammer x1, Summon Controller x100
    • Daily Paid Gem x1,000 for 10 days (Total x10,000 Paid Gem)
  • 7) Epic Limit Breaking Hammer Package (5,000 Gem) (once per account) 
    • Epic Limit Breaking Hammer x1 
  • 8) Legendary Limit Breaking Hammer Package (2,000 Gem) (2 times per account) 
    • Legendary Limit Breaking Hammer x1
  • 9) Unique Hero Growth Package (Party Crahser Mad Panda Trio) (2 times per account)
    • Evolution stone x400, Legendary Awakening Stone x20, Hero Crystal x100, Option Change Stone x10, Option Lock Stone x20
  • ※ Summer Innkeeper Loraine is added for Jumping Package.
  • 2. Returning Guardian's Package
    • Sale period: July 26 After Maintenance ~ November 1
    • *Returning Guardian's offline judgment condition is reduced from 20 days to 14 days
    • 1) Returning Guardian's Jumping Package (once per account) 
      • Select 1 between Unique Hero or Exclusive Weapon, Awakening Dungeon Box x10, Summon Controller x60
    • 2) Returning Guardian's Premium Package (once per account) 
      • Stamina x500, Summon Controller x40, Awakening Dungeon Box x30, Gold 1,200,000, EXP 2,400,000, Hero Crystal x60
    • 3) Returning Guardian's Support Package [Free] (once per account) 
      • Day 1: Summon Controller x10 
      • Day 2: EXP 400,000 
      • Day 3: Gold 200,000 
      • Day 4: Awakening Dungeon Box x5 
      • Day 5: Hero Crystal x10 
      • Day 6: EXP 400,000 
      • Day 7: Gold 200,000 
      • Day 8: Awakening Dungeon Box x5
      • Day 9: Hero Crystal x10 
      • Day 10: EXP 400,000 
      • Day 11: Gold 200,000 
      • Day 12: Awakening Dungeon Box x5 
      • Day 13: Hero Crystal x10 
      • Day 14: Summon Controller x10

20. World Clear Pass


  • Sale period 
    • July 26 After Maintenance ~ Permanent sale
  • Details 
  • 'World Clear Pass' that can acquire various prizes after clearing each World is added.
    • You can check World Clear Pass banner on the upper left side of Heavenhold Lobby.
    • If there is an acquirable prize, the red dot will be marked on the banner.
  • More prizes can be obtained when World Clear Pass is upgraded.
  • World Clear Pass consists of multiple Parts.
    • One Part is divided into 5 Worlds.
  • Part 1,2 are added in this update. Later parts will be added successively when World is added.

21. Guardian Pass


  • 2022. Season.8 Guardian Pass
    • Season time: July 26 After Maintenance ~ August 22
    • Main reward: Girgas's Exclusive Weapon 'Wrath of Dragon' ★★★★

22. Log-in Event


  • Log-in event: New Guardian Attendance Event
    • Event time: July 26 After Maintenance ~ November 1
    • Target: New Guardian
    • Rewards are receiveable for 10 days after the event ends.
    • Reward
      • Day 1: Gem 1,000
      • Day 2: EXP 100,000
      • Day 3: Gold 100,000
      • Day 4: Awakening Dungeon Box 10
      • Day 5: EXP 200,000
      • Day 6: Gold 200,000
      • Day 7: Summon Controller 10
  • Log-in event: Returning Guardian Attendance Event
    • Event time: July 26 After Maintenance ~ November 1
    • Target: Old Guardian with no log-in history in the last 14 days.
    • You can still check attendance reward for 10 days after the event ends.
    • Reward
      • Day 1: Stamina 200
      • Day 2: EXP 600,000
      • Day 3: Gold 600,000
      • Day 4: Hero Crystal 30
      • Day 5: EXP 600,000
      • Day 6: Awakening Dungeon Box 15
      • Day 7: Summon Controllor 10
  • ※  Attendance events for new / return Guardian will be updated every certain period of time.

23. Returning Heroes Special Training


  • Returning Hero Event - "Eva's Returning Heroes Special Training" is ongoing. 
    • You can obtain various rewards through Attendance, Mission, and Shop during The Returning Hero Event.
  • Only users that have cleared World 1 and didn't log in to the game in the last 14 days can participate in the Returning Hero Event.
  • Event time: July 26 After Maintenance~ November 1
    • Users can participate in this event during the event period, and the event will last 14 days from the connecting day.
    • Reward Receivable Period: Users can receive the rewards within 16 days from the Event Mission End Date (when it is over 14 days).
  •   You can keep participating in the event for the rest of the days and receive the rewards even after the event period. 
    • [Example] User who returns at 2022-08-01 12:00, can participate in the event until 2022-08-15 12:00, and receives the rewards until 2022-08-31 12:00
  •   ※ Every user is allowed to participate in Returning Hero Event once a season.
  •   ※ When a user, who didn't log in to the game in the last 14 days, is participating in the previous season of "Eva's Returning Heroes Special Training" event, all records about the previous season, like progression time, event point and event progress will be reset.
    • [Example] If you participate in the previous season for 5 days and the new season begins, event progress will be reset, and can participate for 14 days.
  • Attendance
  • You can receive various attendance rewards in the "SPECIAL LOGIN EVENT for Returning Guardians" for 7 days.


  • Clear the Returning Hero Event Mission and receive rewards.
  • Receive event points in Returning Hero Event Mission.
  • Special Shop for Returning Hero
    • You can use event points in Special Shop for Returning Hero to purchase various goods.
    •  ※ For stamina products, the number of purchases increases by 1 for every 1 more offline day based on 14 days, up to a maximum of 28.
  •   ※ Event points may remain even if all products are purchased, and the amount of remaining event points is depending on the duration of the offline days.
  •   ※ Event points will not be transferred to the next season.  

24. Other Error Corrections and Improvements

  • Shop - A typo in a pop-up banner for Random Relic Box that can be purchased from Relic is corrected.
    • [Before] Basic ~ Unique Relic Box
    •        Basic ~ Unique Random Relic
    • [After] Normal ~ Unique Relic Box
    •        Normal ~ Unique Random Relic
  • Some Help texts from Live Event, World Open Event, and Bingo Event are revised and added.
  • Network improvement to reduce an error in syncing between accounts.
    • The position looks different for each account is improved.
  • Some heroes' voices did not come out when using Chain Skill is corrected.
  • Mk.99's AI Mode abnormally used 'Hyper Energy' Cannon from afar is corrected.
  • The issue of the game intermittently crashed when Orca use 'Mine Toss' against the enemy that standing at a different height is corrected.
  • The issue when HP of Tentacles summoned by Ara are identical and only the last summoned Tentacle was re-summoned is corrected.
  • The UI effect came out when UI got pressed in a situation where 'AA72' unable to use 'Water Rocket' is modified.
  • In Preset Equip, Equipment Equip, The situation that Oghma can equip Eckesachs Mode.R in Sub-weapon Slot is corrected.
  • The Rider Mode transformation form of Mecha Warrior Oghma is added for each costume.
  • Oghma intermittently became transparent when equipped Eckesachs Mode.R is corrected.
  • Oghma's normal form was temporarily exposed when canceled the motion in Rider Mode while equipping Eckesachs Mode.R is corrected.
  • When evolution Erina Body Pillow, The heal was exposed in abnormal number in Evolution UI is corrected.
  • In Expedition Party / Map UI, heroes abnormally got exposed is corrected.
  • Ara's Tentacles did not attack enemies in the expected attacking area is corrected.
  • When Stage ended, dead Summoner's Summon Cancel effect was exposed is corrected.

25. App Icon

  • The App icon has been changed to a new image.