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  • 1. What are Twitch Drops?
    Twitch Drops grant rewards for watching the content and channels you enjoy. You need to connect your Twitch Account and Guardian Tales Account in order to participate in the Guardian Tales Drops campaign and receive in-game rewards.
  • 2. Which live channels should I watch in order to receive Drops rewards?
    After you have connected your accounts to enable Twitch Drops, go to Categories > Guardian Tales, search for streams with "Drops Enabled" tags attached, and watch the streams for a designated amount of time to receive rewards. The "Drops Enabled" tag will be displayed on the top of the chat.
  • 3. How can I claim the Drops rewards?
    Once you unlock the Drops reward by watching the required amount of time of the participating channel, you will receive a claim notification at the bottom of chat. Even if you are unable to claim the Drop in time, you will be able to claim it from the Inventory page until the Drops campaign ends.
  • 4. How to Earn the Drop
    All Guardians with a legitimate Twitch Account and Guardian Tales account within North America, Europe, Latin America, Oceania, and Asia servers can participate in the event.
  • 5. Progress & Redemption
    To participate, you need to link your Twitch Account and Guardian Tales Account together to enable the Twitch Drops campaign. After successfully connecting accounts, you can go to participating live channels, watch the live streams for the required amount of hours and claim Drops rewards.
  • Twitch Drops allows you to claim in-game rewards for watching Twitch livestreams. After connecting your Twitch Account and Guardian Tales Account, you can participate in the Drops campaign.
  • For Guardians who have not connected theirs accounts on Twitch, you will need to finish connecting within 2 weeks after the Drops campaign ends. If you pass this period, you cannot claim your Drops rewards.
  • After having Twitch Drops enabled, you can watch Guardian Tales live streams to participate in the event.
  • From the Drops Inventory page under Twitch, you can track and follow all Twitch Drops campaigns you have participated in. Additionally, you can also see which Drops campaigns are running live, so that you can decide which one to join and watch.
  • The event rewards will normally be sent within 24 hours to the in-game mailbox of the Guardian Tales account you have connected. Please note in-game rewards must be claimed within 7 days from your mailbox or they will disappear.