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กิจกรรม เม.ย. 1. 2021 STATUE OF LIBOBTY WINNERS

You have taken it onto yourselves to create the most worthy statue for Bob! Thank you all for your participation. We have picked out the best ones and will move on to construction very soon *cough*


  • Rewards will be distributed on April 1 to your in-game inbox

  • The 4 winners selected per category will be shared across all social media on April 1 by the CM Team. They will receive 2,000 Gems, 250 Stamina, 150,000 Gold, and 5 Legendary Awakening Stones.

  • 50 randomly selected winners will win the following prizes: 1000 Gems, 50 Stamina, and 50,000 Gold.

Winners Per Category

Here are the top winning concepts!

Asia winners announced here: [Facebook]

Staff Favorite

Statue Buffs and Features: 1% HP recovery on enemy kill and 25% resist to all status damage or shake it til it Randomly Gives stamina/equipment/exp.

Statue of Liboberty, A Tall Bob statue to reflect how big Bob feels on the inside! Rumor has it that it bellows out, "Remember me!" while spewing flames out of the statues eyes! ( Which would be weird since we built this out of paper mache, old cardboard boxes, and all of the aquarium gravel we could find.) This statue is approximately 160 Kilometers! (525,500 feet).

- 82272294****, NA

Best Blueprint

Gem-giving Libobty Statue by 11612299****, EU

Best Concept

To commemorate the great contribution of Bob, a statue was built for him.
The BUFF can be either ATTACK or DEFENSE. SWORD will be held by the statue if ATTACK is chosen, while it will be a SHIELD if it is DEFENSE. Like in Guardian Base Camp, this BUFF is PROGRESSIVE. The maximum 15% to either ATTACK or DEFENSE can be achieved in one week. The BUFF can be reset by the players. But resetting it will change the current progress back to zero percent.
The players can also select a SPECIFIC ELEMENT to be paired on the SELECTED BUFF. The player can choose between, NORMAL, LIGHT, DARK, EARTH, FIRE, and WATER. The FLAME from the TORCH will change depending on the SELECTED ELEMENT.
There will also be a MONTHLY REWARD from this statue. It can summon a RANDOM CARD to be added on player's INVENTORY and BOOK. For DUPLICATE CARDS it will be automatically converted into TEN (10x) MAGIC METAL.

- 87882298****, NA

Funniest Concept

If the placement is going to be next to the egg, then Bob holding a warning sign like Pak E Derm would be amusingly appropriate. Because if people drop off from the blimp around that point or earlier, they'll miss Heavenhold!
As for a buff, how about a modest 0.2% exp increase for each material used in equipment enhancement? It's a unique buff, so it will give players another incentive to work on Heavenhold.

- 26512292****, NA

50 Randomly Selected Guardians

Region User Number
NA 98372294****
EU 84122295****
LA 64352294****
EU 63692299****
NA 33392296****
EU 76472291****
NA 26312295****
NA 49312293****
NA 26612297****
OC 29582292****
NA 61692294****
LA 63472294****
NA 16892295****
EU 87272299****
LA 68352295****
NA 81272291****
EU 92672293****
NA 22222291****
NA 81742293****
LA 79192299****
EU 87372296****
NA 83492295****
NA 32592298****
NA 13372298****
LA 84592297****
NA 39672294****
EU 96612292****
NA 99492292****
NA 25612299****
NA 82392297****
OC 39572299****
NA 31772292****
EU 27412291****
LA 18492294****
LA 56272298****
EU 83922292****
NA 99572295****
NA 77982293****
NA 62572292****
EU 79572291****
EU 57892293****
EU 21512298****
NA 13472295****
NA 18592294****
LA 34212297****
NA 57222298****
OC 92792299****
LA 13272296****
NA 96372291****
LA 71772295****

Happy April Fools'!

The Guardian Tales Team