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Reorder the Map Stages Event Answers

Together, we reached over 8000 correct responses tallied up across all Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts by Global and Asia regions. Wow what a turnout! Since we reached over 6000 correct responses, everyone will get 300 Gems!

Rewards are distributed to all Guardians in the Global region on Dec 9 and in the Asia region on Dec 10. 

Event Duration: Nov 30 to Dec 6 (1 week)
Correct Answer Announcement: Dec 8
Global Rewards Distributed: Dec 9
Global Expiry Date to Claim Rewards: Dec 16
Asia Rewards Distributed: Dec 10

We had a great response from the community for this event! 

The Answer is: 2-4-3-1-5


Thank you for participating!!

The Guardian Tales Team


Reorder the Map Stages Event

We saw you work together during Rachel’s Treasure Hunt event. Let us see you work together again with this event! By now, most of you faced the heart wrenching story of World 10. It is time to change up the mood and see if you can recognize the correct order of the stages!

Event Dates


Event Duration: Nov 30 to Dec 6 (1 week)
Correct Answer Announcement: Dec 8 at 9am PST
Rewards Distributed: Dec 9


Event Duration: Dec 01 to Dec 08 (1 week) UTC +8
Correct Answer Announcement: Dec 9 at 9:30 am UTC +8
Rewards Distributed: Dec 10

How To Participate

The stages below are randomly mixed! Comment the correct order of these stages!
Please use the answer format: 1-2-3-4-5


We will tally all comments from the Global region (NA/EU/OC/LA) and the Asia region across the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts to determine the rewards.

Event Rewards (All)*

  • 5000 Correct Responses: 100 Gems
  • 6000 Correct Responses: 300 Gems

*Event gifts are given to all players according to the tier achieved based on the number of correct responses.

Event Rules

  • One comment per user is eligible

  • Comments posted after Dec 6 will not be eligible 

  • Event details are subject to change


Get started by checking your adventure map!

The Guardian Tales Team