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► Patch-notes Maintenance 28th of June, 2022

1. New Hero and Equipment

  • New Hero 'Summer Innkeeper Loraine' is added.
    • Summer Innkeeper Loraine's voice is added.
    • Party Effect: after 5 star Max Awakening [Party] Range Damage +50%
  • The exclusive weapon of Summer Innkeeper Loraine, 'Ocean Call' ★★★★★ is added.

2. Summon and Pick-up event

  • Hero Pick-up Event
    • Event time: June 28 ~ July 12 before maintenance
    • Pick-up Hero 1: ★★★ Summer Innkeeper Loraine
    • Pick-up Hero 2: ★★★ Sohee
    • Pick-up Hero 3: ★★★ Idol Eva
    • Pick-up Hero 4: ★★★ Lifeguard Yuze
  • Equipment Pick-up Event
  • Event time : June 28 ~ July 12 before maintenance
    • Pick-up Equipment 1: ★★★★★ Ocean Call
    • Pick-up Equipment 2: ★★★★★ Nereid
    • Pick-up Equipment 3: ★★★★★ Angel Voice
    • Pick-up Equipment 4: ★★★★★ Ocean Keeper

3. Story Replay

  • The Story Replay function of Side Story is added.
    • 'Once Upon a Time in Burywood' is opened.
  • Story Replay will be available for 100% clear story only.
  • Story Replay will not consume stamina.
  • All currency acquired from Story Replay (Purple Coin, Star Piece, Gold, etc) Artifact, or items is not acquirable.
  • The current party will be selected to proceed with the Story Replay.
  • Story Replay is available through the button added to the right of the entry button in the Stage Entry UI.
    • You can enter by selecting the progress of each quest in the Story Replay UI.

4. Bingo Event

  • "Let's go, Bingo Machine" Event
    • Event Time: June 28 ~ July 12
    • Reward Obtainable Period: 2022-07-19 04:59:59 (UTC*)
  • You can use Event Points to draw Bingo Balls
  • Event Points can be obtained through clearing Story Stages, Tower, Rift, Awakening Dungeons, and playing in Colosseum.
  • You can earn the rewards on the board square that matches the number on the drawn Bingo Ball.
  • If there’s a completed line on the board, you can earn Line Rewards.
  • All numbers from Bingo Balls have an equal drawing probability, and an already drawn number will not appear again.
  • If Fixed Draw is used, you can draw a set number instead of a random one.
  • Fixed Draw consumes more Event Points than a normal draw.
  • If you obtain every reward on the board squares, you’ll move to the next Round
  • Once you move to the next round, you can’t return to the previous Round.
  • The final Round can be cleared repeatedly.
  • Round skip allows you to move on to the next round without opening all the slots.
  • Event point details
    • 150 by clearing Main Stage for the first time.
    • 150 by clearing Short Story Stage for the first time.
    • 100 by clearing Substage for the first time.
    • 150 by clearing Side Story Stage for the first time.
    • 100 by clearing Side Story Challenge for the first time.
    • 100 by clearing Rift.
    • 100 by clearing Tower.
    • 60 by playing in Colosseum
    • Awakening Dungeon clear - at max. 180

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-07-19 12:59:59 UTC+8
North America: 2022-07-18 20:59:59 PST
Europe: 2022-07-19 04:59:59 UTC
Latin America: 2022-07-19 01:59:59 BRT
Oceania: 2022-07-19 14:59:59 AET

5. CO-OP

  • The Co-op mode has been changed.
  • Co-op (Defense) new season has started.
  • 25 previous Loots have been rollback.
  • 3 current Loots have been removed.
  • [Mid] Villain's Glass Cup
  • [High] Red's Helmet (Signed)
  • [Top] Magiton Booster

6. Guild Raid

  • [Season 37] Guild Raid "Risque Pool Party"
    • A new banner and background image are added.
    • Event time: June 30 ~ July 13 (UTC*)
    • Boss list: Fairy (Light), Goblin Chief (Fire), Marina (Water), Minister Duncan (Basic)

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-07-13 22:59:59 UTC+8
North America: 2022-07-13 06:59:59 PST
Europe: 2022-07-13 14:59:59 UTC
Latin America: 2022-07-13 11:59:59 BRT
Oceania: 2022-07-14 00:59:59 AET

7. Guild Raid Improvement

■ Guild Raid - Carry Over Mode

  • In Guild Raid, if a boss is defeated within 60 seconds, Carry Over Mode will activate and you will obtain Carry Over Time.
  • ※ Carry Over Mode is activated only once per entry.

※ Carry Over Time cannot exceed over 60 seconds.

  • You can enter the Guild Raid stage once, without consuming an entry.
  • Carry Over Mode will be disabled after entering the Guild Raid stage once.
  • Once Carry Over Mode activates, the party will be locked to the settings used to defeat the boss.
    • The party settings are fixed, but the equipment changes for the party hero and the stats (level-up, awakening, etc.) are reflected.
  • After the Carry Over Mode is activated, entering the Guild Raid will use the Carry Over time.
  • After the Carry Over Mode is activated, even if the boss is defeated within the Carry Over Time, you will not enter Carry Over Mode again.
  • After the Carry Over Mode is activated, the reward will not be available for the stage.

■ Guild Raid's result practice mode

  • The function to practice the previous season's boss during the compensation period after the end of the season is added.
  • Improvements are made to enable practice mode during the results presentation period.
  • During the results presentation period, the practice mode will feature boss monsters with the highest level and physical strength regardless of the rounds.

※ We will continue to introduce and improve functions related to Guild Raids.

8. Knowledge

  • A new equipment collection is added.
    • Calming Sounds of Waves
  • A new costume collection is added.
    • Speed is the Essence

9. Shop - Costume

  • Hero Costume
    • Kindergartener AA72
    • Beach Doctor Loraine
    • Kindergartener Nari
    • Speedy Delivery Sohee
    • Druid Favi
    • Pilot Marina
    • Dragon Handler Lupina
    • Futuristic Rider Eugene
    • Triple Red Oghma
    • Space Owner Noxia
    • Future Knight Owner Little Princess
    • Spirit Owner Lahn
    • Courier Mk.99
    • Express Delivery Mk.2
    • Mech Rider Alef
    • Manager Gabriel
  • Equipment Costume
    • Road Sign
    • Kitchen Gloves
    • Ferocious Cat's Paw
    • Humongous Rifle
    • Twin Scythe Staff
    • Shooting Star Bow
    • Beast's Staff
    • High Caliber Combat Rifle

10. Shop - Package

  1. 1. Limited time package
  • Sale period: June 28 ~ July 12

1) Limited time Gem package

  • Purchasable 4 times/ account
  • Paid Gem x8,100, Awakening Dungeon Box x30, Legendary Awakening Stone x5

2) Limited time summon package

  • Purchasable 6 times/ account
  • Paid Gem x2,700, Summon Controller x35

3) Limited time stamina package

  • Purchasable 5 times/ account
  • Stamina x500

4) Limited Time Awakening Package

  • Purchasable 5 times/ account
  • Legendary Awakening Stone x7
  • High-grade Dream Stone x12, Mid-grade Dream Stone x20, Low-grade Dream Stone x37
  • High-grade Atk/ Def/ HP Stone x60
  • Mid-grade Atk/ Def/ HP Stone x100
  • Low-grade Atk/ Def/ HP Stone x150

5) Epic Limit Breaking Hammer Package (5,000 Gem)

  • Purchasable once per account
  • Epic Limit Breaking Hammer x1

6) Unique Hero Growth Package 'Summer Innkeeper Loraine'

  • Purchasable once per account
  • Summer Innkeeper Loraine's Awakening stone x400, Legendary Awakening Stone x20

2. Returning Guardian's Package

  • Sale period: June 28 ~ July 26 before maintenance
    • ※ This package applies to users who have not been log-in for more than 14 days.

■ Returning Guardian's Jumping Package

  • Custom package 1 selectable slot
  • Unique Hero or Hero exclusive weapon
  • Receive upon purchase
    • Summon controller x60
    • Awakening Dungeon Box x10

■ Returning Guardian's Premium Package

  • Stamina x500
  • Summon controller x40
  • Awakening Dungeon Box x30
  • Gold x1,200,000
  • EXP x2,400,000
  • Hero Crystals x60
  • ※ Returning Guardian's Premium Package is available for 7 days after first appearance and will at appear again after a period of time.

* Returning Guardian's Support Package

  • Summon Controller x20
  • Awakening Dungeon Box x15
  • Gold x600,000
  • EXP x1,200,000
  • Hero Crystal x30
  • ※ Free subscription packages will be deleted 28 days after the end of the sale, even if you are subscribing.

11. Guardian Pass

  • 2022. Season.6 Guardian Pass
    • New season: June 28 ~ July 25 (UTC*)
    • Main reward: Marianne's exclusive weapon 'Merciless' ★★★★

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-07-25 22:59:59 UTC+8
North America: 2022-07-25 06:59:59 PST
Europe: 2022-07-25 14:59:59 UTC
Latin America: 2022-07-25 11:59:59 BRT
Oceania: 2022-07-26 00:59:59 AET

12. Returning Heroes Special Training

  • Returning Hero Event - "Eva's Returning Heroes Special Training" is ongoing.
    • You can obtain various rewards through Attendance, Mission, and Shop during The Returning Hero Event.
  • Only users that have cleared World 1 and didn't log in to the game in the last 14 days can participate in the Returning Hero Event.
  • Event Period: June 28 ~ July 26
    • Users can participate in this event during the event period, and the event will last 14 days from the connecting day.
    • Reward Receivable Period: Users can receive the rewards within 16 days from the Event Mission End Date (when it's over 14 days).

※ You can keep participating in the event for the rest of the days and receive the rewards even after the event period.

  • [Example] User who returns at 2022-07-01 12:00, can participate in the event until 2022-07-15 12:00 , and receives the rewards until 2022-07-31 12:00

※ Every user is allowed to participate in Returning Hero Event once a season.
※ When a user, who didn't log in to the game in the last 14 days, is participating in the previous season of "Eva's Returning Heroes Special Training" event, all records about the previous season, like progression time, event points and event progress will be reset.

  • [Example] If you participate in the previous season for 5 days and the new season begins, the event progress will be reset, and you can participate for 14 days.


  • You can receive various attendance rewards in the "SPECIAL LOGIN EVENT for Returning Guardians" for 7 days.


  • Clear the Returning Hero Event Mission and receive rewards.
  • Receive event points in Returning Hero Event Mission.

Special Shop for Returning Hero

  • You can use event points in Special Shop for Returning Hero to purchase various goods.

※ For stamina products, the number of purchases increases by 1 for every offline day based on 14 days, up to a maximum of 28.
※ Event points may remain even if all products are purchased, and the amount of remaining event points is depending on the duration of the offline days.
※ Event points will not be transferred to the next season.

13. Log-in Event

  • Log-in event: New Guardian Attendance Event
    • Event time: June 28 ~ July 26 (UTC*)
    • Target: New Guardian
    • Rewards are receiveable for 10 days after the event ends.
    • Reward
      • Day 1: Free Gem x1,000
      • Day 2: EXP x100,000
      • Day 3: Gold x100,000
      • Day 4: Awakening Dungeon Box x10
      • Day 5: EXP x200,000
      • Day 6: Gold x200,000
      • Day 7: Summon controllor x10
  • Log-in event: Returning Guardian Attendance Event
    • Event time: June 28 ~ July 26 (UTC*)
    • Target: Users with no log-in history in the last 14 days.
    • You can still check the attendance rewards for 10 days after the event ends.
    • Reward
      • Day 1: Stamina x200
      • Day 2: EXP x600,000
      • Day 3: Gold x600,000
      • Day 4: Hero Crystal x30
      • Day 5: EXP x600,000
      • Day 6: Awakening Dungeon Box x15
      • Day 7: Summon controller x10

※ Attendance events for new / returning Guardian will be updated every certain period of time.

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-07-26 12:59:59 UTC+8
North America: 2022-07-25 20:59:59 PST
Europe: 2022-07-26 04:59:59 UTC
Latin America: 2022-07-26 01:59:59 BRT
Oceania: 2022-07-26 14:59:59 AET

14. Hero/ Equipment balance revision

■ Developer note for Hero Improvement
In this update, we reorganized the damage reduction options of the Hero Awakening nodes and proceeded with balance patches for some heroes.

Hero Awakening node 1st reorganization
Through this update, we have reorganized the damage reduction options, as promised.

We changed the Damage Reduction option to Attack, Defense, Health Point, Technical Damage, and Recovery options, and for some heroes, we added a Special Ability to the changed Awakening node. These special abilities are designed for individual heroes.

Considering the overall balance impact, we will reorganize the damage reduction options subsequently.

Eugene's party effect consists of increasing melee damage. However, Braveheart's exclusive option and the weapon itself cause ranged damage, which presents a problem typical of hybrid heroes.
To compensate for this without harming the concept of Eugene as a whole, we added an option where she can inflict melee damage in proportion to the ranged damage inflicted on the enemy.

Parvati was designed to be played mainly in Colosseum, based on the concept of a hero who could effectively deal with the support class, but it seems like this did not work as we would have expected.
To compensate for this, we added options to increase damage dealt with support heroes through the Awakening Node reorganization and improved her capability and general attacks so that they can be utilized in a variety of content besides the Colosseum.

Other Heroes
To increase the utilization of each hero, we have slightly increased the capabilities of Future Knight, Scientist on the Beach Sohee, and Lifeguard Yuze.

We will periodically check the utilization of heroes through user data analysis and continuously improve them.

■ Hero and Equipment Improvement

  • Some Heroes' Basic Stats have increased slightly. (Based on Knowledge 5 stars, Lv.1)
    • Parvati - basic Atk: 110 (+6)
    • Scientist on the Beach Sohee - basic Atk: 116 (+4)

■ Hero Improvement

  • Parvati - Speedy Precision (basic attack)'s damage has been adjusted. The total damage is the same as before.
    • Step 1: Increase 42.9% approximately
    • Step 2, 3: Decrease 12.5% approximately
    • Step 4: Decrease 7.7% approximately
    • Step 1 attack of Speedy Precision preparation time decrease by 1.5 seconds.
  • Customer Service (basic Atk) attack area is increased by approximately 26% and the preparation time is reduced by 0.1 seconds.

■ Equipment Improvement

  • Ocean Keeper - Exclusive weapon option has been changed.
    • As is: Increases the range of Aqua Whirl by 30% Increase Atk of all allies within the safe zone by 30% for 5 seconds.
    • To be: Increases the range of Aqua Whirl by 30% Increase Atk of all allies within the safe zone by 30% for 5 seconds and heal their HP by 10%.
  • Nereid - Water Dolphin (weapon skill) skill damage when Scientist on the Beach Sohee equip 215% -> 225%
  • Cosmic Destroyer - Magiton Overheat (weapon skill) skill damage when Future Knight equip 200% -> 210%

■ Damage reduction awakening node change

  • Some heroes' nodes have been changed. (All awakening nodes have been activated.)

■ Error revision and change

  • Blue Spear's Exclusive Weapon effect when targeting the first enemy has been modified.
  • The issue where Office Supply's Exclusive Weapon option would not activate under certain circumstances has been modified.
  • In Arena, even if AA72 is defeated, the issue in which the first target effect remains has been corrected.
  • When using Blue Spear's Water Bomb Festival, the error that occurs irregularly during data processing is modified.

15. Other error corrections and improvements

  • Co-op (Defense): The issue where the boss death scene would not play after defeating the boss has been corrected.
  • Co-op (Defense): The warning sound due to the loss of Stronghold HP will be corrected from the result screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of the curse 'Greedy Mimic' did not overlap in Kama-ZONE.
  • World 12-2, 12-4: The issue where an error pop-up would appear after evolving Erina to 5 stars will be fixed.
  • Short story - When You Wish Upon a Star: In the main quest scene, the issue where Lahn and Lupina's script shows incorrectly has been fixed.

16. Illustration Style

  • A new hero illustration is added.
  • Lilith

17. Voice addition and improvement

  • Japanese voice is added.
  • ※It will only be reflected when setting the audio in Japanese.
    • Lilith


  • English voice is added.
  • ※It will only be reflected when setting the audio in English.
    • Little Andoird AA72