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Patch Notes Maintenance June 1st

1. New World

  • World 12. Demon World
    • 4 Main stages added

2. New Hero and Equipment

  • New 3★ Hero: Trickster Lucy
  • New Exclusive Weapon: [Lucy] Fantasia 
  • New Exclusive Weapon: [Amy] Geminus

3. Events

Pick Up Event

  • Event Period: June 1 After Maintenance ~ June 15
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Trickster Lucy
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Drunken Swordmaster Lynn
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Exorcist Miya
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Dragon Avatar Vishuvac
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Lucy] Fantasia
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Lynn] Red Lotus
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Miya] Shangri La
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Vishuvac] Volcanic Horn

Roadmap Event: Misdirection

  • Event Period: June 1 After Maintenance ~June 15 Before Maintenance
  • Reward Receivable Period: June 22

Winners Announced: 2021 Global Costume Design Contest

  • Check out the Top 10 winners: [HERE]

4. Shop

Hero Costumes


  • Cool Headed Detective Lucy
  • Fiery Police Woman Vishuvac
  • Lynn MK-Agile
  • Plitvice MK-Athena
  • Beth MK-Satan
  • Oghma MK-White
  • Winter Sweetheart Miya
  • Kindergartener Nari
  • Wedding Dress
  • Fastfood Shop Eva
  • Dark Flame Dragon Vishuvac
  • Rockstar Idol Eva
  • NEET Aoba
  • Otaku Gremory
  • Strange Doctor Lavi
  • Ghost Busters Sohee

Equipment Costumes

  • Classic Magnifying Glass
  • Beam Claw
  • Mecha Lightning Rapier
  • Mecha Fire Blade

New Packages

  • Fixed Package
    • Sale Period: June 1 After Maintenance
  • Unique Hero Growth Package(Trickster Lucy)
    • ※ The Unique Hero Growth Package appears after a hero is summoned.
    • ※ The Unique Hero Growth Package is available to purchase for 7 days from the time of initial display and will not be displayed to the store again after 7 days without purchase
  • Normal Package
    • Sale Period: June 1 After Maintenance ~ June 15
  • Limited Time Summon Package
    • Paid Gem 1500
    • Summon Controller 15
  • Limited Time Stamina Package
    • Stamina 500
  • Limited Time Gem Package
    • Paid Gem 9000
  • One step forward to GOODS Custom Package
    • Paid Gem 300
    • Slot 1
      • Clay: 375
      • Circuit Board: 375
      • Dye: 375
      • Crafting Accelerator: 25
    • Slot 2
      • Flat Blueprint: 150
      • Round Blueprint: 150
      • Thick Blueprint: 150
      • Implantable Blueprint: 150
      • Small Blueprint: 150
      • Thin Blueprint: 150
      • Cylindrical Blueprint: 150
      • Holed Blueprint: 150
      • Crafting Accelerator: 25
  • ※ In order to ensure consistency between the app store and the google play store, some prices of in-app purchases have been adjusted in the following countries:
    • Brazil
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Mexico
    • Russia
    • Sweden

5. Heavenhold Special Comic

  • Heavenhold Special Comic will be opened on June 8
    • Heavenhold Special Comic is permanently added

6. Knowledge

  • 2 New Collections
    • Catch me if you can
    • A maid outfit… It’s okay… No, I hate it!

7. Guardian Pass 2021 Season.6

  • Season: June 1 After Maintenance ~ June 28 23:59:59 (Server time)
  • Main reward: Dual-personality Maid Amy's Exclusive Weapon 'Geminus ★★★★'

8. CO-OP

  • CO-OP map has changed.

9. Bug revision and Function improvement

  • It is improved so that you can purchase several products at Heavenhold shop.
  • Hero filter function is improved.
    • 'Select All' filter is added.
    • Improve filter not to be initialized when returning from stat to party setting.
  • Guild info UI is fixed.
    • Improve the function to check other guild member situations.
    • Improve the function to check guild battle history
  • Guild raid: Guild Ranking and Total Accumulative Damage for the previous season
  • Scarecrow: Guild Scarecrow battle history
  • Improve the selection function for the last stage you entered from Rift stage list.
  • Hero Initial description: Add a description of the hero progression in Knowledge to the initial

10. Tower of Horizon

  • Tower of Dark will be ongoing for 4 weeks (10 new floors)
    • Season Period: June 1 After Maintenance ~ June 29 Before Maintenance
    • Only DARK element Hero can enter Tower of Dark
    • New 10 stages of Tower of Dark are added.
  • Tower of Water will be ongoing for 4 weeks (Current)
    • Season Period: June 1 After Maintenance ~ June 29 Before Maintenance
    • Only WATER element Hero can enter Tower of Water.
    • Tower of Water will be ongoing with 40 stages

11. Heavenhold SP

  • New object is added.
    • Heavenhold's Vending Machine which allows you to earn rewards by consuming SP is added.
    • Heavenhold's Vending Machine appears only for Guardian who destroyed the "Mysterious Vending Machine"
    • It takes 750,000 SP to destroy the Vending Machine
    • Heavenhold's Vending Machine will be refresh by a certain time.
    • Heavenhold's Vending Machine reward
  • Mystery Equipment grade 5: Acquisition rate (2%)
  • Mystery Equipment grade 4: Acquisition rate(8%)
  • Mystery Equipment grade 3: Acquisition rate(40%)
  • Mystery Equipment grade 2: Acquisition rate(50%)
  • Improved the ease of obtaining floating goods
    • To make it easier for Guardian to acquire Heavenhold goods, the maximum storage of gold in the inn's hero SP and facility will be expanded.
  • Increases the maximum amount of time each currency can be stored from 6 hours to 12 hours.
    • The SNS follower visit period is adjusted from 6 hours to 14 hours.
  • When the Hero Statue Square reaches level 10, followers visit it every 12 hours.
  • The follower SP acquisition correction value increases as the visit cycle increases.
  • Modify SP production method
    • Only heroes in Heavenhold are modified to produce SP.
  • Previously, heroes who did not appear in Heavenhold also produced SP, so to get more SP, they had to replace heroes who appeared in Heavenhold through content movement.
    • In line with the changed SP production method, Heavenhold's SP production will be higher than before.
  • Inn basic production increases from 20 to 30.
  • Increase the maximum number of Heavenhold heroes at the inn level.
    • Inn Lv.1 : 9 -> 9
    • Inn Lv.2 : 17 -> 18
    • Inn Lv.3 : 17 -> 18
    • Inn Lv.4 : 26 -> 28
    • Inn Lv.5 : 26 -> 28
    • Inn Lv.6 : 36 -> 40
    • Inn Lv.7 : 36 -> 40
    • Inn Lv.8 : 55 -> 60
    • Inn Lv.9 : 55 -> 60
    • Inn Lv.10 : 55 -> 60

12. Kama-ZONE

  • Unlocking the Benefit "Top Chef" gets easier.
    • After update, Once you select the "Give him the dish" option in "Dark Cooking", you'll be able to have a linked event "Cuisine or Bizarre Food" at any time of the season.
    • A curse "Pie from the Edge of Hell" is added to the Benefit "Curse Support" effect target.
    • In the event "Hello's Kitchen", the material of the artifact "Special Meat Pie" is changed to only one artifact "Flesh Piece".
  • The incorrect output of the event "Chef from Dungeon Kingdom" is corrected.
  • Artifacts "Waybread", "Flesh Piece", "Blessing of Cooking God", and "Dragon's Blood" are modified to be sold in Agatha's stores.

13. Bug revision

  • If you clear the Lazy Fairy Quest without acquiring Aoba, the issue that UI show as already acquired will be corrected.
  • The abnormal display of the debuff UI on the Demon world stage will be corrected.
  • The issue that the demon world dollar can be negative will be corrected.
  • In Missing People quest; the issue that is not progressing on the white screen after beating Plague Monster will be corrected.
  • In Master Arena Beta, the issue where no boxes were created after the first box was created will be corrected.
  • The issue where the party member's movement speed buff UI is displayed abnormally in the paused state will be corrected.
  • In guild scarecrow ranking, the issue of not being able to check guild ranking and individual ranking will be corrected.

14. Hero / Equipment Improvement

Hero improvement

  • Idol Captain Eva’s Sound Wave’s final attack has been improved to have similar damage to when all three projectiles hit the target even if only of them hits the target.
  • Tinia's wind arrow changes from a single target strike to a minor range strike.
  • Lahn's aura fist changes from a single target strike to a minor range strike.
    • When charging Thunderfist, the weapon skill charging time is changed from 0.2 seconds to 0.5 seconds, and the speed and range of the skill are increased by 50%.
  • Rue's charge time decreases from 8 seconds to 7 seconds.
    • Reduce damage to awakening stat +2 changed to weapon skill charging speed +4% capability.
  • Vishuvac's special ability increases the HP of fire element of party members by an additional 15%.
    • [As is] Damage increases by 25% when attacking non-fire element enemies.
    • [To be] Damage increases by 25% when attacking non-fire element enemies. Increase HP of fire element party member by 15%
    • ※ The new effect buffs the party HP increase by adding 15% more to the HP increase calculation

Exclusive weapon improvement

  • Prominence; Damage at the moment Flame of Prominence is activated increases by 12.5%. The total damage is the same.
  • The recovery of HP increases from 1% to 2%.
  • Volcanic Horn; Reduces preparation time by 0.05 seconds when starting the Flame of Destruction
  • Messiah; When used by Veronica, the charging time of Divine Stigma will be reduced from 8.5 seconds to 8.3 seconds