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Content Schedule Update

Greetings Guardians,

We wanted to share with you information about the upcoming content that will arrive within the following weeks on the global servers:

[Contents coming May]

  • 3 new Legendary Tier Accessories
  • Improvements to Merch that are at the moment not used as much 
  • Heavenhold Special Comic: Scintilla edition
  • Improvements to fire-type hero parties, including new fire-type hero Sword of Werebeasts Rey release

[Contents coming June—July*Updated 

  • Kama-ZONE round frequency change 
  • Summer beach themed Short Story
  • Boost to Rifts
  • Expedition Content
  • Heavenhold Farm

We wanted to let you know that content delivery for Expedition and Heavenhold Farm have been postponed compared to the original plan, as we are putting more effort into delivering content at its fullest. 

However these contents should come in June and we ask for you patience and to please enjoy the following gift we prepared to make the wait worthwhile:


  • Gems x3,000

The in-game reward will be claimable for a week so please hurry in-game to claim it from your mailbox.*

*Reward claimable period:

  • 05/24 01:00KST~05/31 01:00KST
  • 05/23 18:00 CEST~05/30 18:00 CEST
  • 05/23 16:00 UTC~05/30 16:00 UTC
  • 05/23 09:00 PDT~05/30 09:00 PDT

Thank you,

Guardian Tales Team