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更新 五月 3. 2022 SEA WITCH ARA UPDATE

► Patch-notes Maintenance 3rd of May 2022

1. New Hero and Equipment

  • New Hero 'Sea Witch Ara' is added.
    • Sea Witch Ara's voice is added.
    • Party effect after 5 star Max Awakening: [Party] Def+45%
  • Sea Witch Ara-s Exclusive Weapon, Bringer of Tranquility ★★★★★, is added.
  • Tentacle's ATK 60% of Ara, toughness is 80% of Ara
    • At the start of the battle, the Summoner's ability will be determined, including the party effects applied to Ara
  • Unique basket 'Octopus Basket ★★★' is added.

2. Summon and Pick-up event

  • Hero Pick-up Event
    • Event time: May 3 ~ May 17
    • Pickup Hero 1: ★★★ Sea Witch Ara
    • Pickup Hero 2: ★★★ Garam
    • Pickup Hero 3: ★★★ Nari
    • Pickup Hero 4: ★★★ Yuze
  • Equipment Pick-up Event
    • Event time: May 3 ~ May 17
    • Pickup Equipment 1: ★★★★★ Bringer of Tranquility
    • Pickup Equipment 2: ★★★★★ Thousand Thunder
    • Pickup Equipment 3: ★★★★★ Sage Bead
    • Pickup Equipment 4: ★★★★★ Ocean Keeper

3. Roadmap Event

  • New roadmap event is added "What's your wish?"
    • Event time: May 3 ~ May 17
    • Reward receivable period: May 24

4. Arena - Friendly Match

  • Friendly Match function is added.
    • When entering the Friendly Match, you can create an open or private room by touching [Create a new room] button.
    • You can easily match and battle other users with [Public Room Random Matching]

5. CO-OP

  • CO-OP Mode has been changed.
  • CO-OP (defense) new season has started.
  • The current Loot 25 types have been rollback.
  • The current Loot 2 types have been excluded.
    • [Mid] Green's Helmet
    • [High] Jed-I Rapier
  • The current Loot 2 types effect has been changed.
    • [special] Captivating Button
    • (As is) Annihilates enemies around the Stronghold.
    • (To be) ATK +50%, Annihilates enemies around the Stronghold.
    • [special] Magiton Booster
    • (As is) Skill Damage +50%, Charges an inactive turret to activate it.
    • (To be) Skill Damage +120%, Charges an inactive turret to activate it.
  • 2 new loots are added.
    • [New] Blue's Helmet (signed)
    • water element ATK +180%
    • [High] Magiton Booster
    • Skill Damage +50%, Charges an inactive turret to activate it.
  • The condition of entry for the co-op is adjusted to the hero maximum level expansion.
    • Diamond: Required hero level on entry changed from Lv.75 > Lv.77
    • Master: Required hero level on entry changed from Lv.78 > Lv.80
    • Challenger: Required hero level on entry changed from Lv.80 > Lv.83
  • The condition of entry for the co-op is adjusted to the equipment's maximum level expansion.
    • Diamond: Required equipment level on entry changed from Lv.75 > Lv.77
    • Master: Required equipment level on entry changed from Lv.78 > Lv.80
    • Challenger: Required equipment level on entry changed from Lv.80 > Lv.81

6. Guild Meteor Excavation

  • Guild Meteor Excavation
  • New season of Guild Meteor Excavation starts.
  • Season time: May 12 ~ May 18 server time*

*Server time (24-hour format):

  • Asia: 2022-05-18 22:59:59 UTC+8
  • North America: 2022-05-18 06:59:59 PST
  • Europe: 2022-05-18 14:59:59 UTC
  • Latin America: 2022-05-18 11:59:59 BRT
  • Oceania: 2022-05-19 00:59:59 AET

7. Guardian Base Camp

  • Event Rift Sweep open level improved.
    • The event rift sweep function that was opened when the Guardian level 127 was achieved will be lowered to Guardian level 31.

8. Exploration Forge improvement

  • Exploration Forge will now be unlocked once World 5 is cleared.

9. Rift Dungeon Reward Improvement

  • Rift Reward Improvement
  • For the new and novice guardian, the acquisition of item dungeon rewards for low-level sections among existing rift dungeons will be slightly increased.
    • The probability of acquiring items with a unique grade or higher in the item dungeon below level 82 will be slightly increased.
    • The probability of acquiring items with a legendary grade or higher in the item dungeon below level 84 will be slightly increased.
    • The probability of acquiring items with an Epic grade or higher in the item dungeon below level 84 will be slightly increased.

10. Beginner Mission & Improved content delivery

  • A new Beginner Mission will be added.
    • The Multiplayer Participation Beginner Mission is added.
    • Participate in the Guild content
    • Participate in the Colosseum
    • Participate in the Kama-ZONE Battle Stage

※ The number of participation in Master Arena, Co-op, and Co-op (defense) excluding Arena is counted after maintenance.
※ The number of Guild content (Guild Raid, Guild Conquest, and Guild Meteor Excavation) participation is counted after maintenance.
※ Kama-ZONE Battle Stage participation is counted after maintenance.
※ We will continue to supplement support and game guides for new guardians.

  • New daily mission is added.
    • Acquire guardian Base Camp point daily mission
  • In Heavenhold, if there is content that has notifications out of the screen, it is marked to make it easier to understand.

11. Heavenhold Special Comic

  • Heavenhold Special Comic 'Sea Witch' is added.
    • Heavenhold Special Comic will be added regularly

12. Knowledge

  • New costume collection is added.

    • What’s your wish?

13. Shop - Mileage

  • The price of Legendary weapons available for mileage in stores will be reduced to 100 Mileage.

14. Shop - Costume

  • Hero costume
    • Rockstar Claude
    • Unicorn Angel Eugene
    • Archangel Bari
    • Fallen Angel Gremory
    • Angel Aoba
    • Winter Shaman Karina
    • Ice Golem Noxia
    • Frost Witch Bianca
    • Coffee Head Knight
  • Equipment costume
    • Studded Half Gloves
    • Pet Bat
    • Stygian Crescent Blade
    • Abyss Blackhole
    • Puppy Bag Basket
    • Plasma Globe
    • Toy Block Alpaca
    • Heirloom Staff
  • Battle Medal shop costume
    • Bread Bag Priscilla

15. Shop - Package

1. Limited Time Package
Sale period: May 3 ~ May 17

1) Limited Time Gem Package

  • Purchasable 3 times per account
  • 8,100 Paid Gem, 5 Option change stone and 10 Option lock stone

2) Limited Time Summon Package

  • Purchasable 4 times per account
  • 1,500 Paid Gem and 15 Summon controller

3) Limited Custom Package

  • Purchasable 6 times per account
  • Receive upon purchase: 1,500 Paid Gem
  • Slot 1
    • Flat Blueprint - 150
    • Round Blueprint - 150
    • Thick Blueprint - 150
    • Implantable Blueprint - 150
    • Small Blueprint - 150
    • Thin Blueprint - 150
    • Cylindrical Blueprint - 150
    • Holed Blueprint - 150
    • Crafting accelerator - 25
  • Slot 2
    • Clay - 375
    • Circuit Board - 375
    • Dye - 375
    • Crafting Accelerator - 25

4) Limited Stamina Package

  • Purchasable 3 times per account
  • 1,000 Stamina

5) Unique Hero Growth Package 'Sea Witch Ara'

  • Purchasable once per account
  • 400 Sea Witch Ara’s evolution Evolution Stone, 20 Legendary Awakening Stone

16. Guardian Pass

  • 2022. Season.5 Guardian Pass
    • Season time: May 3 ~ May 30 server time*
    • Main reward: Coco's exclusive weapon 'Witch Heart' ★★★★

*Server time (24-hour format):

  • Asia: 2022-05-30 22:59:59 UTC+8
  • North America: 2022-05-30 06:59:59 PST
  • Europe: 2022-05-30 14:59:59 UTC
  • Latin America: 2022-05-30 11:59:59 BRT
  • Oceania: 2022-05-31 00:59:59 AET

17. Returning Heroes Special Training

  • Special event for Returning Players 'Eva's Returning Heroes Special Training' will be ongoing.
    • You can obtain various rewards through Attendance, Missions and The Shop during The Returning Hero event.
  • Only world 1 or higher cleared Guardians that are not logged in to the game for 14 days can join the event.
  • Event time: May 3 ~ June 14
    • You can participate in the event when you access within the progress period, and you can run the event for 14 days based on the access date.
    • Event reward receivable period: 16 days after the end of the event (14 days after the first event join date)

※ Once The Returning Hero event season is over, a Reward Checkout Period will be given so The user can spend unspent event points at The shop.
[For example ] For guardians who return at 2022-06-13 12:00, the event can be held until 2022-06-27 12:00, and rewards can be obtained by 2022-07-13 12:00.
※ For the Returning Hero event, you can participate only once a season.


  • During the Returning Hero event, you can obtain various attendance rewards for 7 days.


  • You can obtain rewards by clearing missions in Returning Hero Event Missions.
  • You can obtain event points from Returning Hero Event missions.
  • Daily mission
    • Use stamina
    • Clear Awakening Dungeon
    • Clear the evolution dungeon
    • Colosseum play
    • Guild Attendance Check

※ If you exhaust all the number of Awakening Dungeon runs before the update, or if you proceed with the guild attendance check, you may not be able to clear some daily missions on the first day of the return guardian.
※ The duration of the event is 14 days, but all event points are set so that all of the store rewards can be exchanged if all missions are cleared in 13 days.

The Returning Hero event shop

  • You can spend event points at the Returning Hero event shop to purchase various items.

※ Stamina products increase by 1 and up to 28 for each 14 days of not log in date.
※ Event points may remain even if all products are purchased, and the amount of remaining event points may vary depending on the period of the not login date.
※ Event points will not be carried over to the next season.

18. Hero/ Equipment balance and bug revision

■ Developer's note:
In this update, we have improved the "Heal" ability and revised the stats of some Heroes to improve balance.

Each time the maximum level is expanded, the increase in Heal is lower than the HP increase, so the efficiency of the ability itself is reduced.
As a result, the older the hero, the lower the ability to recover, contrary to the initial plan.
To address this problem, following the recent update where Heal and physical strength were the same, the healing ability has been improved to a level suitable for each hero.

Other heroes
Garam and Orca's exclusive weapon skill has been improved to hit the target from a distance.
Improved the size of Parvati's weapons skill projectiles to reduce missed situations.
Increased Kanna's physical strength to increase her viability in the Arena.

Through user data analysis, we will periodically check the utilization of heroes and continuously improve them.

■ Skill damage party effect improvement

  • The basic stat of some heroes increases. (Based on Knowledge 5 stars, Lv.1)
    • Miya - Basic Heal: 1,230 (+332)
    • Garam - Basic Heal: 1,120 (+392)
    • Gabriel - Basic Heal: 1,415 (+283)
    • Eleanor - Basic Heal: 1,550 (+108)
    • Loraine - Basic Heal: 1,182 (+296)
    • Favi - Basic Heal: 1,100 (+275)
    • Aoba - Basic Heal: 1,045 (+261)
    • Kanna - Basic HP: 980 (+98)

■ Developer's Note

Mirror Accessories
Many Guardians continued to convey their opinion that mirror accessories' options are difficult to match compared to other accessories.
We decided that there was a need to mitigate the excessively high consumption of mirror accessories compared to the number of Option Change Stones consumed by other accessories.
As a result, we have adjusted the minimum number of defense options and raised the minimum number of sub-options.

Elphaba's Smile Shield
Elphaba's Smile Shield is designed to be used strategically based on high weapon skill charging speed and high skill damage, instead of lower defense.
However, unlike our initial planning, the strength level is too low compared to other shields, so it is rarely used now. Furthermore, there seems to be a tendency whereby tank heroes only use specific shields.
Therefore, we have improved the strength of Elphaba's Shield so that it can keep being useful in certain situations without being too disadvantageous to other shields.

Martyr Mirror Necklace

  • Sub-option's lowest number increases.
    • Atk Decrease / Def Decrease / Injury Damage / Doom Damage Negated: 40% > 60%
  • Mirror Necklace of Riches
  • Ruby Mirror Ring
  • Mirror Earring of Worship
  • Mirror Earring of Patience
  • Mirror Earring of Nobility
  • Mirror Earring of Faith
  • Basic Def Increase
    • Maximum 26 > 27
      ※ For example, if it was the previous maximum defense value, it will be the changed maximum defense value even after the update.
  • Basic Atk minimum option has changed.
    • Minimum 16 > 22
  • Sub-option minimum has changed.
    • HP: 3% > 6%
    • Def: 3% > 5%
    • Damage Reduction: 10 > 20
    • Skill damage: 3% > 10%
    • Weapon Skill Regen Speed: 2% > 6%
    • HP recovery on enemy kill: 0.5% > 1.0%
    • Shield generation on battle start: 1% > 2.5%
    • Heal: 5% > 10%
      ※ Sub-options for existing accessories are retained, and options no longer appear below the minimum number when changed.
  • Elphaba's Smile Shield
  • Basic def Increase
    • Minimum 30 > 32
    • Maximum 34 > 37
  • Thousand Thunder - Thunderbird's (weapon skill) target area increases by 1.
  • Nemesis - Cryogenic Grenade's (weapon skill) speed increases by 12.5% (The range is the same as before.)
  • Office Supply - Risk Elimination's (weapon skill) projectile size increased by 50%

19. Bug revision and function improvement

  • The issue where the DPS of accessories was not being displayed properly on the preset screen issue is fixed.
  • The issue where the DPS of accessories was not being displayed properly on the equipment screen issue is fixed.
  • The number of party presets will be expanded from 12 to 20.
  • Improves the Preset UI so that you can see more presets at a glance.
    • If there are less than 5 registered presets: Use the existing UI
    • If there are more than 6 registered presets: Use expanded UI
  • Fixed an issue where continuous touch QTEs were incorrectly displayed when setting the language to Arabic.
  • The incorrect display of the eyes on the 'Dusk Queen Plitvice' Super Costume has been corrected in all device environments.
  • An issue where Future Knight would not switch illustrations after equipping the Atomic Destroyer has been fixed.
  • An issue where the Knight would not switch illustrations after equipping 'Libera Type. B' has been fixed.
  • Count of Demonshire Claude’s English voice is added.