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กิจกรรม พ.ค. 4. 2021 2021 GLOBAL COSTUME DESIGN CONTEST

Greetings Guardians!

The very first Global Costume Design Contest where you can show off your creative style is about to begin! All you need to do is create your own, unique design for a Hero Costume or Equipment Costume for a chance to win big and gain global recognition!

This global costume design contest is held in all serviced regions of Guardian Tales and divided largely into 4 divisions: Korea, Southeast Asia, North America/Oceania, and Europe/Latin America.

At least 1 Hero Costume or Equipment Costume from each division among the winning entry will be created in-game at a later date!

Event Schedule

  • Submission Period: May 4—May 17 (13 days)

  • Vote for Top 10: May 20—May 23  (4 days)

  • Winners Announcement: May 27 Thursday

How to Participate

  • Submit the Hero Costume or Equipment Costume design that you created. (You can choose either a hero costume or an equipment costume. Numerous submissions are allowed but only one of your submissions can compete to be in the Top 10).

  • There are no restrictions on extension or size. 

    • It could be an illustration of your original sketch or pixel art.

    • Submitting front, side, and back views of the costume design will help us judge better!

    • Please make sure the Hero Costume design samples are displayed 'on the hero' as in the hero should be wearing it. Please be explicit for which hero it is for.

    • Check out our fankit for a library on our existing sprites and illustrations to inspire your design: [HERE]

  • Please describe your design concept in detail and title it. 

    • What is it called? 

    • Where should your hero wear this outfit to? 

    • What is the vibe you want your hero to give off when wearing this costume?

  • Internal screening will narrow down the selections to Top 10 submissions which will then be followed by voting via social media channels to decide on the winners.

Where to Submit

  • Please submit your entree in the google form <<HERE>>.

    • Include your User Number and Region (NA, EU, OC, or LA). 

      • You can find your region by looking at the top right corner before you tap to start the game.

      • You can find your User Number in the game under Options (gear icon at the top right corner) > Account Settings. 

    • Make sure you give a title to your Hero Costume or Equipment Costume. Also, please share with us your Artist Name if you have one so that we know the wonderful designer behind this submission.

    • Make sure you detail the concept and characteristics of your costume design in English only.

Template Example

  • Hero Costume

1. Title: Shark Pajama Marina
    Designer: (Artist's Name)
2. Costume
- Marina is wearing shark-themed pajamas. There’s a shark face on the hood part of the pajamas, and you can see the shark’s fin and tail on the costume.
3. Face
- Marina’s face should be revealed in full without an eyepatch. She shows her signature look on her face.
4. Decoration on the back
- Fishes circle around on the back of the costume in constant whirlpool motion representing waves of the sea.

  • Equipment Costume

1. Title: Shark Shaped Pillow
    Designer: (Artist's Name)
2. Concept
- A soft pillow shaped like a shark
3. Wearable Equipment: One-handed Sword
- Design shows a view from the top of a shark with its mouth open, showing its ferocious teeth.
4. Handle
- The part where the body and tail meets will be the handle that the hero will hold.

Event Rewards (Total 10) - North America & Oceania

  • Grand Prize (1 Guardian)
    • 20,000 Gems + 1,000 Stamina
  • Grand Prize (1 Guardian)
    • 15,000 Gems + 750 Stamina
  • Silver Prize (3 Guardian)
    • 10,000 Gems  + 500 Stamina
  • Bronze Prize (5 Guardian)
    • 5,000 Gems  + 250 Stamina

Event Rewards (Total 10) - Europe & Latin America

  • Grand Prize (1 Guardian)
    • 20,000 Gems + 1,000 Stamina
  • Grand Prize (1 Guardian)
    • 15,000 Gems + 750 Stamina
  • Silver Prize (3 Guardian)
    • 10,000 Gems  + 500 Stamina
  • Bronze Prize (5 Guardian)
    • 5,000 Gems  + 250 Stamina

* Guardian Tales serviced by Kakao Games EU B.V. and Kakao Games USA Inc. operates in North America, Oceania, Europe, and Latin America and we have divided the contest into two divisions for fairness and to provide more opportunity from each region to show their creative talents. 

* These rewards are chosen from the submissions of both the Hero Costume and Equipment Costume to a grand total of 10 winners. They are not separately given for each costume so you do not have to create both costume designs.

* Once again these are the event rewards for the Global region only. Korea and Southeast Asia's costume design contest submissions need to be made in their separate respective channels.

Event Notice

  • Top 10 winners will be selected during internal screening by the Community Manager Team here at Kakao Games EU B.V and Kakao Games USA Inc. Please note the Top 10 winners are chosen from collected submission of Hero Costumes and Equipment Costumes.

  • At least 1 Hero Costume or Equipment Costume from each division among the winning entry will be created in-game at a later date. Please note this does not mean the Grand Prize winner's costume will be created but any of the Top 10 winning entry is eligible to become an in-game costume!

  • Eligible submissions must include all of the aforementioned requirements in the [How to Participate] and [Where to Submit] sections in English.

  • You may turn in multiple submissions, but only one of your submissions may be eligible to receive rewards.

  • Designs with inappropriate, trolling, abusive, inflammatory or violent content against our terms and policies and/or breached online conduct will be rejected.

  • Plagiarism is not allowed! Your submission will be disqualified if they are copied (any elements of others' creations cannot be used), so please submit your original work.

  • If your account was deleted or banned for violating the game policies during the event/reward period, you will be disqualified from the event. You will not be able to receive any rewards even under a new account.

  • Reward distribution method will be announced in the winner announcement post.

  • Rules and event specs. are subject to change with a future announcement.

  • "Global Costume Design Contest" is available for players of Guardian Tales who reside and launch the game in regions of North America, Europe, Oceania, and Latin America where Guardian Tales is serviced. Please note as this is a Global contest, there is a separate version of the contest occurring in South Korea and Southeast Asia. If you have the version of the Guardian Tales game in those regions, you must make your submissions to those respective social media channels/countries.

  • The winners’ submission designs may partially be created and implemented in-game depending on the decisions of the developers of the game in future sense. The design may be polished while implemented as a costume or equipment in-game.

  • If the winning submission contains both Hero and Equipment Costumes in the design, only one of either Hero or Equipment Costume may be selected to be created in-game.

  • By submitting your Hero Costume or Equipment Costume design or artwork ("Entry"), you are agreeing to give the Intellectual Property and Publicity Rights of your unique work to Guardian Tales. In detail, by submitting an Entry, you hereby grant to Kakao Games Europe B.V. and Kong Studios, and each of its affiliated companies, a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free license to use your name, e-mail address, city and state of residence, or other information supplied by you (“Personal Information”) to identify your Entry in the Uses, without any obligation of attribution or compensation to you. As used herein, “Uses” shall mean the uploading and posting of your Entry (or derivative works thereof) on the Guardian Tales Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord pages, Guardian Tales official website, and otherwise the exploitation of your Entry (or derivative works thereof) in any format or medium now or later developed, including, but not limited to, merchandising (in-game Hero Costume or Equipment Costume), events, and other promotional activities. You understand that the Uses licensed to Kakao Games Europe B.V. and Kong Studios may include: public display of your Entry on Guardian Tales and unrelated websites; creation of Entry collection including your Entry and the photos, video, and text of other Entrants for commercial sale; and incorporation of your Entry into Guardian Tales mobile game products.


We are looking forward to seeing your creative style!

The Guardian Tales Team