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Patchnotes - May 4th Update

1. New Hero and Equipment

  • New 3★ Hero: Android Mk.99
  • New Exclusive Weapon: [Android Mk.99] Omega Blaster

2. Events

Pick up Event

  • Event Time: May 4 After Maintenance ~ May 18 Before Maintenance
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Android Mk.99
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Future Princess
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Archangel Gabriel
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Eight-tailed Fox Nari
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Android Mk.99] Omega Blaster
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Future Princess] Liberator
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Gabriel] Magnificat
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Nari] Sage Bead

Live Event: Folktale

  • You can play the stages and earn all the rewards once again.
    • However, cards and costumes will not be received.
  • Event Time: May 4 After Maintenance ~ May 18 Before Maintenance
  • Challenge Stage Open Time: May 11 00:00:00
  • Reward Receivable Period: May 25
  • Bonus Point Heroes: <+50%> Eight-tailed Fox Nari' <+20%> Garam, Mk.99, Ranpang, Sohee, Loraine, Male Knight/Female Knight
  • 6 Story Stages, 4 Challenge Stages, 6 Event Rift Stages
  • Event Mission, Accumulative Point Rewards
  • Event Mission Details
    •  Accumulated Stamina Mission
    •  Daily Stamina Mission
    •  Event Rift Clear Mission

Free Merch Crafting Materials

  • Event Time: May 5 ~ May 9
  • Receive Merch Crafting materials through your daily Kamazon deliver mails!
  • Note: If Merch Forge is not unlocked yet, rewards can still be received but will not become visible until Merch Forge is unlocked

Special Login Event

  • Special Log-in Event for New Guardians.
    • Event Time: May 4 After Maintenance ~ July 13 Before Maintenance
    • Target: New Guardian (New User)
    • Rewards
      • Day 1: Gem 100
      • Day 2: Exp 50000
      • Day 3: Gold 50000
      • Day 4: Awakening Dungeon Box 5
      • Day 5: Exp 100000
      • Day 6: Gold 100000
      • Day 7: Summon Controller
  • Special Log-in Event for Returning Guardians.
    • Event Time: May 4 After Maintenance ~ July 13 Before Maintenance
    • Target: Guardians who have not logged in for 20 days
    • Rewards
      • Day 1: Guardian Point Ticket 24h 10
      • Day 2: EXP 600000
      • Day 3: Gold 600000
      • Day 4: Hero Crystal 30
      • Day 5: EXP 600000
      • Day 6: Awakening Dungeon Box 15
      • Day 7: Summon Controller
  • ※ Log-in events for new/returning guardians will be updated every certain period of time
  • 2021 Global Costume Design Contest
    • Create your own unique design for a Hero Costume or Equipment Costume for a chance to win big and gain global recognition!
      • Submission Period: May 4—May 17 (13 days)
      • Vote for Top 10: May 20—May 23  (4 days)
      • Winners Announcement: May 27 Thursday
      • Head [HERE] for more info

3. Shop


  • Spacewalking Mk.99
  • Surfing Rue
  • Sporting Gabriel
  • Hotspring Bathing Miya
  • Cat Coco
  • Wild Girl Coco
  • Druid Favi
  • Chinese Female Warrior Mei
  • Chinese Female Swordsman Mei
  • Godlike Fei
  • Wandering Chinese Swordsman
  • Fairy Plitvice
  • Yeti and Alef
  • Forest Golem Craig
  • Flower Fairy Aoba
  • Cute Berserker Amy

Equipment Costumes

  • Futuristic Toy Gun
  • Ring of Brilliance

New Packages

  • Monthly Package
    • Summon Everyday! Package (30 Days) has been improved
    • The current Summon Everyday! Package Sales end
    • Improvements: Pay 1500 Gem On Purchase
  • Unique Hero Growth Package (Android Mk.99)
    • The Unique Hero Growth Package appears after a hero is summoned
    • The Unique Hero Growth Package is available to purchase for 7 days from the time of initial display and will not be displayed to the store again after 7 days without purchase
  • Normal Package
    • 2700 Gem
    • 35 Summon Controller
  • Returning Package
    • The free subscription package will be deleted 28 days after the end of the sale even if you are subscribing.
    • Purchasable once per account.
    • If you don't buy it for 7 days after checking the package, you can't buy it again.
    • Sale Period: May 4 After Maintenance ~ July 1 07:59:59
  • Returning Guardian's Premium Package
    • Guardian Point Ticket (24 Hours) x10
    • Summon Controller x40
    • Awakening Dungeon Box x30
    • Hero Crystal x60
    • Gold x1200000
    • EXP x600000
  • Returning Guardian's Package (Free)
    • Condition: No login for 20 days
    • Subscription package (14 days)
    • Available period: May 4 After Maintenance ~ July 1 (Will appear 7 days after the first appearance)
    • Item list
      • Day 1: Summon Controller 10
      • Day 2: EXP 400000
      • Day 3: Gold 200000
      • Day 4: Awakening Dungeon Box 5
      • Day 5: Hero Crystal 10
      • Day 6: EXP 400000
      • Day 7: Gold 200000
      • Day 8: Awakening Dungeon Box 5
      • Day 9: Hero Crystal 10
      • Day 10: EXP 400000
      • Day 11: Gold 200000
      • Day 12: Awakening Dungeon Box 5
      • Day 13: Hero Crystal 10
      • Day 14: Summon Controller 10

4. Knowledge

  • New Collections
    • Youngest Combat Android
    • Enjoying Hobbies

5. Tower of Horizon

  • Light Tower of Horizon Season will progress for four weeks (10 new floors added)
    • Season Period: May 4 After Maintenance ~ June 1 Before Maintenance
    • Only Light element Hero can enter Light Tower of Horizon
    • 10 new floors are added in Light Tower of Horizon
  • Fire Tower of Horizon Season will progress for four weeks (Current)
    • Season Period: May 4 After Maintenance ~ June 1 Before Maintenance
    • Only Fire element Hero can enter Fire Tower of Horizon
    • Fire Tower of Horizon is carried out in 40 existing stages
    • The difficulty level of 10, 20, 24, 25, 30, 37, and 40 floors have been lowered

6. Master Arena

  • Master Arena
    • The Master Arena provides a battlefield for the players who finished an Arena season in Master Tier
    • The statistics modifications in Master Arena are the same as in the Arena
    • However, Guardian Level for all the players will be set to max level
  • Heroes to Ban
    • You can start the battle once you complete your selection of Heroes to ban
    • You cannot use the Heroes you and your opponent set to ban
  • Settings of Heroes to Battle
    • You cannot change your Heroes’ equipment and cards once the battle starts
    • Please prepare your Heroes before the battle starts
  • Selection of Heroes to Battle
    • Each matched player selects their Heroes for the battle
    • Three Heroes will be selected over three separate selections
    • When you finish a selection, your opponent's selection will be shown
    • After all three Heroes are selected and locked in by both players, you can change your Heroes' order for the battle
    • Your opponent cannot see the order of your heroes

7. Co-op

  • Co-op map has been changed
  • Improved to be able to use World/Guild/Waiting Chat in the waiting room

8. Guardian Base Camp

  • Guardian Base Camp unlock condition has been changed so that new Guardians can get the benefits faster
    • Before: After clearing Chapter 5
    • After: After clearing Chapter 2
  • The conditions for achieving the level of Guardian Base Camp will be partially changed because of the change in the unlock condition.
  • LV.26
    • As is: Nightmare World 3-6 stage clear
    • To be: World 3-6 stage clear
  • LV.51
    • As is: Own at least 3 Unique heroes
    • To be: Own at least 2 Unique heroes
  • LV.76
    • As is: Own at least 3 different Epic weapons
    • To be: Own at least 2 different Epic weapons
  • LV.101
    • As is: Own at least 6 Unique heroes
    • To be: Own at least 5 Unique heroes
  • LV.126
    • As is: Own at least 5 different Epic weapons
    • To be: Own at least 4 different Epic weapons
  • LV.151
    • As is: Own at least 9 Unique heroes and Limit Break number +1 Unique hero
    • To be: Own at least 8 Unique heroes and Limit Break number +1 Unique hero
  • Some Guardian Level special option has been changed
  • Awakening Stone Dungeon Sweep function
    • As is: Unlock at Lv.51
    • To be: Unlock at Lv.76
  • Evolution Dungeon Sweep function
    • As is: Unlock at Lv.76
    • To be: Unlock at Lv.51

9. Beginner Mission

  • The reward for the initial Beginner mission will be changed
    • Summon Controller is added
    • Guardian point ticket and stamina reward has been increased

10. Exploration Forge

  • World Exploration
    • New stage is added.
    • When entering the World Exploration Stage just before midnight, a warning message is added not to waste the operation plan.

11. World Difficulty Improvement

  • The difficulty of some stages has been decreased slightly.

12. [Season 20] Guild Raid: "Treasure Hunt"

  • Schedule: 2021-05-06 00:00:00 ~ 2021-05-19 23:59:59
  • Boss: Viper Clan Leader(Water), Fairy(Earth), Returned Desert Bull Worm(Dark), Invader Commander(Basic)

13. Item Bag

  • The number of equipment you can have in your bag increases by 300
  • Guardians who have already expanded their bags will also increase their bags by 300

14. Guardian Pass 2021 Season.4

  • Schedule: May 4 After Maintenance ~ May 31 23:59:59
  • Main reward: Exclusive Weapon: [Dragon Talon Clan Ranpang] Firm Determination

15. Stamina Maximum Possession Limit

  • Now you cannot own more than 3,000 stamina.
    • To receive stamina by mail: Receiveable only if the total stamina quantity does not exceed 3,000.
    • To receive a bundle of stamina by mail: Receiveable only if the total stamina quantity does not exceed 3,000.
    • Purchasing stamina at a store: Purchasable if the number of stamina or quantity must not exceed 3,000
    • Receive in-game (roadmap, stage clear): Can be received normally.
  • If you own more than 3,000 stamina, the difference will be deducted and sent via in-game mail for you to claim.

16. Bug revision and Function improvement

  • The issue where the equipment costume only appeared on one side when Mayreel equipped Solaris will be fixed
  • The issue where the Co-op access is restricted for 5 minutes after using Basic Attack will be fixed
  • The issue where the starting monster level being marked 1 insufficient for each difficulty level has been fixed
  • The issue where the Kama-ZONE special event is not being played properly will be corrected
  • The issue where the bottle cap reward pop-up is not being shown when selecting silver as a trophy on the boss battle stage in Kama-ZONE has been fixed
  • Registering the 'Ignore ranged immunity' and 'Ignore melee immunity' Benefit in Kama-ZONE, the issue where some attacks of that type do not ignore their immune status is corrected
  • The issue where the descriptive wording of the 'Window Breaker' artifact was not properly displayed in Kama-ZONE has been corrected
  • In Kama-ZONE, the description of the 'First Aid Kit' artifact and the 'Alarm Clock of Fury' artifact will be modified
  • Bag - Hero costume, Super costume improve
    • Hero costume, Super costume's normal animation will be shown
    • Some hero costume and super costume issues that did not appear normally are corrected
  • Guardian Base Camp Auto Form
    • The Guardian Base Camp adds the ability to automatically organize heroes with the highest Guardian Point production
  • Party setting improve
    • Adds the ability to filter and display the hero's attributes, classes, and ratings when partying
  • Hero maximum Level
    • Adds the ability to level a hero up to a maximum level at once
  • Guild Entrance
    • When you touch the guild button, a pop-up asking whether guild members are entering or not is displayed.
  • Guild chatting improve
    • Added the ability to hide guild evolution stone requests in guild chat
    • If there is a user who has been kicked from or has abandoned the guild, a system message will be added to notify the current status of guild member changes
  • Guild invitation improve
    • When you invite a guild, it is modified to search and invite users with hashtags
  • In the World Exploration menu, goods materials are improved to be shown in the order of clay, circuit board, and dye, just like in the Goods Workshop. Some texts have been modified
    • The incorrect Arena map change description is corrected
    • The item name of the wrong Flower Girl Bari evolution stone is corrected
    • Random evolution, random equipment will be renamed to Mystery evolution, Mystery equipment
    • The description of the equipment's ability to support the option will be modified