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Patch Notes - November 17 Update

1. New Hero and Equipment

  • New 3★ Hero: Future Princess
  • New Exclusive Equipment: [Future Princess] Liberator
  • New Exclusive Equipment: [Fei / Mei] Pride of Fighter
  • New Staff: Program Staff

2. New World: World 10

  • World 10 'Unrecorded World' added
    • 1 Main Stage available
    • Other stages will open on the 24th of November 2020

3. Events

New World Event

  • Main World addition celebration event: "Unrecorded World"
    • Event Period: November 17 (After Maintenance) ~ December 1 (Before Maintenance) (14 days)
    • Event missions and Accumulative Event Point Rewards will be added
    • Event Mission Details:
      • Event Rift Clear Count mission
      • Accumulative Stamina Mission
      • Daily Stamina Mission
    • You can redeem the event rewards for one week after the event's end time (until December 8).
    • Six Event Rift stages will be available
    • Bonus Point Heroes: <+50%> Future Princess, <+20%> Lapice, Sohee, Marianne, White Beast, Male Knight/Female Knight

Pickup Event

  • Event Period: November 17 (After Maintenance) ~ December 1 (Before Maintenance) (14 days)
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★  Future Princess
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★  Knight Lady Lapice
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Future Princess] Liberator
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Lapice] Innocent

4. Maximum Hero and Equipment Level Expanded

  • After finishing World 9: Rah Empire, your heroes' maximum level will be increased to level 69
    • Any heroes in your possession that are level 67 and above, will have their levels increased automatically after the update
  • The maximum level of equipment also extends to 69
    • Equipment in your possession level 67 and above, will be automatically leveled after the update.
  • If you had a limit-broken hero before clearing the Rah Empire, the level of the limit-broken hero may appear above the level limit, but it does not affect gameplay.
  • Increased hero EXP requirements to achieve maximum level by 500100 Exp Crystals
  • Increased equipment EXP requirements to achieve maximum level: 67300
  • The EXP requirement for limit breaking equipment remains the same

5. Tower of Horizon

  • New Content 'Tower of Horizon'
    • You need to clear 4 - 6 Stage before entering the Tower of Horizon
    • Only certain elements of Heroes can enter the Tower of Horizon
    • Like in the original Tower, only the initial entry requires Stamina and you can re-enter freely, without paying the Stamina cost again
    • The Tower of Horizon operates on a seasonal basis. After a season is over a different type of Tower of Horizon will open
    • If a previous Tower of Horizon reopens, you can continue from the last stage you completed
  • The first Season will feature the Light Tower of Horizon for 4 weeks
    • Season Period: November 17 (After Maintenance) ~ December 15 (Before Maintenance)  (28 days)
    • Only Light element of Heroes can enter the Light Tower of Horizon
  • Tower Levels
    • There are 40 levels in total
    • Elite stages appear on every 5th floor
    • Boss stages appear on every 10th floor
    • Auto Battle function is unavailable

6. Training Room

  • You can instantly boost your Hero's growth in the Training Room
  • Heroes trained in the Training Room can be used in every content
  • Choose your Hero to put in the Training Room and be the best in various contents
  • However, the growth is not permanent. Once you pull out the Hero from the training slot, the Hero will revert to its original state of growth
  • Training Room Slots
    • There are a maximum of 3 slots in the Training Room, but only the first slot will be opened, and the conditions for the second and third slot will be disclosed through further updates
    • Each slot unlocks based on your stage completion status, the number of Unique Heroes you have acquired, and your Unique Hero's growth progression
    • Heroes added in a Training Room slot will receive bonuses, but while your hero is in the Training Room, you cannot make any changes to your Hero. The following features will be unavailable|: Level Up, Evolution, Awakening, Limit Break, Awakening Reset, Hero Reset
    • Once you take a Hero out from the Training Room slot, the slot cannot be used again for 24 hours
    • However, you can use Gems to speed up the timer
  • Training Room Slot Effects
    • There are three slot effects: Max Evolution, Max Awakening, and Max Limit Break
    • Each effect will unlock based on stage completion, the number of Unique Heroes, and growth progression for each Unique Hero
    • Effects that have not been unlocked will use the original stat from the Hero in the slot
    • If Max Limit Break Effect has not been unlocked, then the Hero in the slot will reach the max level matching the Hero's current Limit Break status

7. Shop

  • Costumes
    • Royal Knight
    • Rose Knight
    • Pledge of Victory Future Princess
    • Hotspring Bathing Miya
    • Winter Sweetheart Miya
    • Kindergartener Nari
    • Wedding Dress Knight
    • Fastfood Shop Eva
    • Chinese Female Swordsman Mei
    • Chinese Female Warrior Mei
    • Godlike Fei
    • Wandering Chinese Swordsman
  • New Packages
    • Unique Hero Growth Package (Future Princess)
      • The Unique Hero Growth Package appears after a hero is summoned
      • The Unique Hero Growth Package is available to purchase for 7 days from the time of initial display and will not be displayed to the store again after 7 days without purchase

8. Knowledge

  • 4 New Collections
    • Our Future Will Be…
    • Camellia Bloomed on the Mountain Never Withers!
    • Townspeople
    • YOU are the Hero!

9. [Season 12] Guild Raid: "Arachne's Lair"

  • Schedule : November 19 ~ December 2 (Server time*)
    • The Furious Minotaur has a higher attack than the existing Minotaur.
  • Asia: November 19, 00:00 -  December 2, 23:59:59 UTC+8
  • North America: November 19, 00:00 - December 2, 23:59:59 PST
  • Europe: November 19, - December 2, 23:59:59 UTC
  • Latin America: November 19, 00:00 - December 2, 23:59:59 BRT
  • Oceania: November 19, 00:00 - December 2, 23:59:59 AEST

10. Guardian Pass

  • Guardian Pass 2020 Season 6
    • Season Period: November 17 (After Maintenance) ~ December 14 (23:59:59 (Server time*))
    • Main Reward: Exclusive Weapon [Swordsman Akayuki] Murasame

11. Mission

  • New Beginner Missions

    • World 10 Unrecorded World 1 stage clear Beginner Mission is added
    • Side story "Welcome to the Succubus Cafe" clear Beginner Mission is added

12. Experience given when Limit-Breaking Equipment

  • When attempting to limit break equipment, the experience of the equipment used as a material is given to the limit-broken equipment

    • The higher the level of equipment used as a material, the more experience you get
    • Limit Break Hammers will not give any experience

13. Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Item Collection

    • The UI is improved to make it easier to see which collections have not been acquired
    • Items that do not meet the level requirement will be displayed in red
    • You can check the achievement status of a collection by pressing the Acquire button
  • You can check the animation of the costumes before you purchase them at the Kamazon store
  • Evolution Stones Quantity Display
    • The UI is improved to show the number of remaining evolution stones
  • The missing Limit Break option for the Devil Claw item will be added
  • During Awakening dungeon, Auto Battle has been improved
    • Improved auto mod and Auto Battle in Awakening Dungeons.
  • After finishing Stage 3 in the underground cave event in the Dungeon Kingdom, the phenomenon of not being able to obtain Purple Coins when re-entering the stage will be corrected
    • This will partially correct the position of the Purple Coin
  • Fixed an issue with the requirements to access the Side Story "Welcome to the Succubus Cafe", the beginner mission order, and adjusted the monster level
    • World 7 Dungeon Kingdom needs to be cleared in order to enter the Side story "Welcome to the Succubus Cafe"
    • The Clear Beginner Mission of Welcome to the Succubus Cafe is modified to be located behind the World 7 Dungeon Kingdom Clear Beginner Mission
    • The monster level on the stage "Welcome to the Succubus Cafe" changed from level 57 to level 60
    • Emily's stage monster level changed from level 57 to level 60
    • Troll Girl's stage monster level changed from level 58 to level 61
    • Papermask's stage monster level changed from level 58 to level 61
    • Car...Carmen? 's stage monster level changed from level 59 to level 62
    • The level of difficulty of Car...Carmen stage decreased
  • The recommended element of some stages has been adjusted
    • The recommended element for World 10 'Unrecorded World' is set to be Light
    • Side Story "Welcome to the Succubus Cafe's" recommended element in the story stage is changed to Earth