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Patch Notes - October 6th Update

Build version 2.0.4

1. New Hero and Equipment

  • New 3★ Hero: Mecha Warrior Oghma.
  • New Exclusive Equipment: [Oghma] Eckesachs
  • New Exclusive Equipment: [Akayuki] Murasame
  • New One-Handed Sword: 3★ Booster Sword
  • New Shield: 3★ Wyvern Shield
  • Add Captain's Mirror Shield
    • You can buy Captain's Mirror Shield with Mirror Shards in the Mirror Shard store

2. New Nightmare Chapter

  • Nightmare world 6 Inn...? added

3. Mirror Rift Expansion

  • Mirror Rift expanded
    • Added 72, 74, and 76 level dungeons

4. Events

  • Pick Up Event
    • Event Time: October 6 (After Maintenance) ~ October 20 (14 days) (Server times available below)
    • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Mecha Warrior Oghma
    • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Grand Admiral Marina
    • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Oghma] Eckesachs
    • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Marina] Armada
  • Roadmap Event "Mecha Warrior Battle Base"
    • Event time: October 6 (Tuesday, After Maintenance) ~ October 20 (Tuesday, 04:59:59 UTC)  *Other server times available below
  •  Attendance Event
    • Event time: October 6 (Tuesday, After Maintenance) ~ October 20 (Tuesday, 04:59:59 UTC)  *Other server times available below
    • Main rewards: Awakening stone, Option Change stone, Gems
    • ※ If you log in during the event period, you can proceed with the event. Attendance rewards can be obtained for 20 days after the end of the event period
  • [Season 10] Guild Raid: "Off Limits"
    • Schedule: October 8 ~ October 21 (*Server times available below)
      • From season 10, the level of the Boss Monster rises up to Lv.80 as the round gets higher

5. Shop

  • Costumes
    • Triple Red Oghma
    • Archangel Bari
    • Cherryblossom Hunter Akayuki
    • Shaman Akayuki
    • Geomancy Mei
    • Empress Mei
    • Oriental Queen Aisha
    • Aojai Catherine
  • Special Costume Rotation to Celebrate Special Holiday
    • Dark Flame Dragon Vishuvac
    • Rockstar Idol Eva
    • NEET Aoba
    • Otaku Gremory
    • Magic Student Tinia
    • Genius Magician Dolf
    • Lady by the Sea Lapice
    • Summer Sea Lahn
    • Beach Lifeguard White Beast
    • Toy Block Bari
    • Racer Marianne
    • Toy-gun Hekate
    • Doll White Beast
    • Pilot Marina
      • When the Pilot Marina uses pooling, it is modified to throw fighter jets instead of anchors.
    • Futuristic Rider Eugene
    • Strange Doctor Lavi
  • New Package added
    • Unique Hero Growth Package (Mecha Warrior Oghma)
      • Unique Hero Growth Package will appear after you acquire the hero from a summon.
      • The Unique Hero Growth Package is available to purchase for 7 days from the time of initial display and will not be displayed to the store again after 7 days without purchase.

6. New Content: Kama-ZONE

  • Kama-ZONE is an ancient historical dungeon run as an amusement park by Kamazon, and the composition of the dungeon changes every time you challenge it.
  • When you clear the stage at Kama-ZONE, heroes don't recover their HP. Manage the health of the heroes and challenge with them as far as you can
  • Once you've tried as much as you want, you can end the challenge and start over again.
  • At the end of the challenge, special items 'artifact' acquired during the challenge or any 'silver coin' used only in Kama-ZONE will be gone.
  • However, the 'Bottle Cap' earned from exploring Kama-ZONE can be exchanged for various items at the store.
  • Kama-ZONE will be opened after World 9 is cleared.
  • Kama-ZONE uses Keycards instead of stamina to proceed with the challenge.

7. Knowledge

  • 3 new collections are added.
    • On Go Before the Danger Comes
    • Up for a Battle?
    • Masters of Pilotage

8. Attendance Check (Log-in) Change

  • The Dark Magic Ring and Blood Sword of Attendance Check are changed to Class 4 Random Equipment and Class 5 Random Equipment respectively
    • Attendance check will be changed after all existing attendance checks are completed
    • Users who do not have access to games for more than 30 days or new users will be required to check attendance

9. Mission

  • Beginner mission is added and improved
    • The World 6 Nightmare Beginner Missions were added.
    • Some compensation for the Beginner Mission in the early section will be improved.

10. Arena

  • New Arena map is added
  • AI opponent is added
    • New users entering the Arena for the first time will be matched with AI.
    • Under Platinum tier 3, it will be matched with an artificial intelligence opponent with a certain probability depending on the degree of consecutive losses.

11. Bug fixes and improvements

  • When using Bianca's General Attack, the target's x-coordinates or y-coordinates are corrected to prevent attacks from occurring near a completely identical line
  • Improved judgment in frame drop situations during normal attack use by Lupina and Bianca
  • If frames are dropped or low when using Marina's chain skill, the intermittent connection issue will be corrected
  • If frames are dropped or low during the use of the Desert Lane on the Sarnga, intermittently the problem of not applying all the abnormal readings will be corrected
  • Naval Bombardment of Armada which occasionally does not have an effect issue is fixed
  • After the Pass season ends, Pass rewards that you could have received but have not acquired manually will be provided via the mailbox
  • Correcting the incorrect basic shield for Aisha and Craig Summoning
    • Before modification, the basic shield item that was installed previously is not registered in knowledge so you cannot receive a knowledge bonus
  • During the train movement in Rah Empire, the issue that a message being shown during the light of mining is corrected
  • During a girl with a red headband substage, the inability to get a gold ring under certain situation is fixed
  • Side story - Once upon a time, the misrepresentation of the achievement rate was modified

12. Heavenhold Tower

  • Heavenhold Tower is expanded to 52 floors.

*Other servers ending times:

  • Pick Up Event, Roadmap Event, Attendance Event
    • 09/20 - 04:59:59 UTC
    • 09/19 - 21:59:59 PDT (NA)
    • 09/20 - 01:59:59 BRT (LA)
    • 09/20 15:59:59 AET (OC)
  • [Season 10] Guild Raid "Off Limits"
    • 09/21 - 15:59:59 UTC
    • 09/21 - 08:59:59 PDT (NA)
    • 09/21 - 12:59:59 BRT (LA)
    • 09/22 - 02:59:59 AET (OC)