News Post


Greetings Guardians!

We heard your feedback on our official Discord and social media! We are thrilled to announce that we will be receiving a highly anticipated update on Tuesday August 25!

Is there a unique Hero or exclusive weapon that you’ve been eyeing? With this event (starting August 26th), it’s time to try your luck as all players will receive a free 10x Summon for 5 consecutive days! This would mean you could summon for up to a total of 50 FREE summons! You will get to choose between "Pickup Hero Summon," "Summon Hero," "Pickup Equipment Summon," or "Equipment Summon."

Another highly requested suggestion was to implement a Guaranteed Summon system. Once per account, a guaranteed Unique Hero will summon within the first 30 summons. That’s not all! Once per account, a guaranteed Epic Exclusive Equipment will summon within the first 30 summons.

We have these changes and so much more coming with the update on August 25th! As always, the developers are looking for feedback on Guardian Tales. You can do so by submitting it in the #game-feedback channel on our official Discord. Head to this link to submit your ideas: Thank you to everyone for your feedback and reports thus far!

Stay tuned for this exciting update coming to you, on Tuesday August 25!

The Guardian Tales Team