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Greetings Guardians!

As we approach the new year, the Developers of Guardian Tales have created a first half year roadmap for 2022 to inform our Guardians. 

Note that these are development plans that run up to the first half of next year (up until May) and contents can be updated with a future announcement. 

Without further ado, let’s talk about what we have to share.

✶ Keep in mind that the following content are rough drafts; content names, details, and images can be changed in the actual update. Also, note the dates (months) mentioned are for the Korean server and global release dates may differ.

  • A function to change hero illustration and profile thumbnail (to the illustration styles available in other countries).

    • You will be able to set illustration changes individually for heroes with separate illustrations available.

    • You can find the 'illustration style change' button to switch illustrations under hero profile UI > Details.

    • Illustrations for heroes will be added consecutively.


  • A friendly match where players can battle each other at any time.

    • There will be a 'Friendly Match' button added to the Arena window.

    • Anyone will be able to create a friendly match and invitees can enter using a generated Code.

    • Rules in friendly matches follow that of regular Arena; a 3 v. 3 match. 


  • An arcade located inside the Guild lobby where mini games will be playable at any time.

    • Various mini games will be offered without a participation limit.

    • You and your guild members will be ranked based on your play record.

  • The mini games provided here will be based on mini games played in the Worlds, and new mini games will be added gradually.


  • World 14, "Demon Shire" will be added.

  • Demon's Shire was the capital of the demon world before the unification war; keep your ears open for the exciting stories of the demon world to unfold! 


  • New battle content where you venture out to defeat mysterious forces spread all over the Guardian Tales world.

    • Each force will have their own distinctive background story.

    • The first force that appears will be the "Chosen One" clan.


  • Expedition content is currently under development as manual PvE content.
    • Face off against powerful foes by utilizing a real time 'Party-switching' system.
    • You will have to face off against strong foes within a time limit as you explore dungeons and find hidden treasures.
    • Special events may occur depending on the players' actions.


  • An independent area offering various production activities.

    • Use Soul Points (SP) from Heavenhold and unique rewards obtained from Expedition content (mentioned above) to grow your farm. 

    • Treasures obtained from Expedition content will be used to create special materials via Heavenhold Farm.


Full details on the content above will be announced later as the update approaches.

Thank you for your strong support for the past year, and we hope to see you enjoy your wild adventures in the new year.