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Happy Thanksgiving! This is the time to show your appreciation for your loved ones. It's also the time of sharing home-cooked meals with family and friends.

We want to encourage our Guardians to share your local and favorite foods with us! Let's grow closer together.

Pass the plate! Share a photo of your favorite home-cooked meal and receive our gifts of appreciation. Head over to [Twitter] or [Facebook] and post your photo in the comments.

 Format: 123456789012, NA/EU/LA/OC

Event Schedule

Submission Period: November 25 ~ December 2

Winners Announcement: December 6


Take a real-life photo of your favorite meal. You must also show your User Number and Region on a piece of paper in the photo so we can tell you took the photo. 

Share the photo of your meal in the comments of our [Facebook page] or in the [Twitter post] comments.

Please include your User Number and Region in your comment. To find your User Number: (Options - top right gear icon > Account Settings > User Number). To find your Region: before you tap to start, look at the top right corner for server selection. What is listed is your region!

Answer Format: 123456789012, NA

Winners & Rewards

  • Twenty randomly selected participants will receive: 1,000 Gems

EU 75332297****
NA 57482791****
EU 49112794****
EU 92672293****
NA 13192292****
OC 62222291****
OC 48472293****
NA 23692293****
LA 47212293****
LA 89522299****
NA 83692799****
NA 12292298****
NA 12622294****
EU 87712797****
EU 26212299****
NA 77742299****
NA 11212299****
NA 58512297****
EU 63212291****
NA 64392294****
  • Everyone will receive

    • 500 Gems, 50 Stamina, and Lv. 70 Awakening Dungeon Box x5


Tiered Conditions

Everyone will receive:

If 500 Guardians submissions received

600 Gems, 100 Stamina, and Lv.70 Awakening Dungeon Box x6

If 300 Guardians submissions received

500 Gems, 50 Stamina, and Lv.70 Awakening Dungeon Box x5

If 100 Guardians submissions received

400 Gems, 40 Stamina, and Lv.70 Awakening Dungeon Box x4

Event Notice

  • One entry per person maximum is eligible 

  • You must show your User Number and Region on a piece of paper in the photo so we can tell you took this photo

  • Incomplete or input of wrong information will be subject to disqualification of the event

  • Inappropriate entries and comments will be disqualified from the event

  • This event is only open to players in the following regions: North America, Europe, Oceania, and Latin America. 

  • Rules and event specifications are subject to change

Little Princess is looking forward to taste your food!

The Guardian Tales Team