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Greetings Guardians,


We're excited to share our roadmap for the second half of 2024, detailing major development plans running up to December, 2024, in addition to the updates that are continuously in progress.

* Please note that the following content is a draft created to aid your understanding, and detailed contents, including the names of the content, and images are subject to change during the development process and actual updates.

* Please note that the schedules provided may change due to development timelines, issues, or other circumstances. The schedules mentioned are also based on Korea's update plan, and for global it will later.


Without further ado, let's dive into what we have planned for the upcoming months!




• Co-op Expedition

ㄴ Dark Immortals Part 1

• Lobby Additional Content - Production

• Arena/Death Match Friendly Match


• The Tale of the Tetis Hero Update

ㄴ Adela Kingdom Part 2

• World 15 Nightmare


• World 19 Achievements

• Lobby Additional Content - Dispatch


•  World 20

ㄴ Motori Mountain


•  Co-op Expedition

ㄴDark Immortals Part 2


• The Tale of the Tetis Hero Update

ㄴ Adela Kingdom Part 3



World 19 Content Cycle Update

[July]: Co-op Expedition, Dark Immortals Part 1

ㄴ Additional systems will be implemented to enhance matchmaking in Co-op Expedition, and a Mystic Resistance buff will be added that can lower the hurdle in challenge mode through farming.

[August]: Tale of the Tetis Hero, Adela Kingdom Part 2

ㄴ Overall game rules will be refined to ensure the content is engaging yet approachable, allowing for continuous challenges.

[September]: World 19 Challenge Achievements

ㄴ The World 19 content will feature new challenge achievements ranging from easy to difficult missions, providing a structured system for all Guardians to aim for.



Improvements and Enhancements for Season 3 Stability

ㄴ Newly-constructed UI and lobby will be continuously improved to make it more enjoyable and more convenient.

ㄴ We will support player to enjoy Arena and Death Match friendly content in a more diverse environment through a new UI.

ㄴ Additional new content will be added to the lobby in July and September (later dates for global), enhancing the overall fun experience.




World 20 Content Cycle Update

[October]: World 20: Motori Mountain

ㄴ In November, we aim to introduce the new Co-op Expedition, and in December, the new story of The Tale of the Tetis Hero. In January 2025, we plan to update the World 20 Challenge Achievements.

ㄴ We will do our best to ensure a stable 4-month content cycle for updates. 

ㄴ In addition to the planned content cycle, story content such as Nightmare and Short Stories will also be regularly updated.



Please note the announced dates above are based on Korea update times and for global the updates can be expected to arrive around 2 weeks later. The terminology used for the new content noted are placeholders and may change with the actual update.


Thank you!