News Post


 Greetings Guardians,

After compiling the reports from the community following the [Known Issue] notice, we were able to confirm the extent of the influence of the Little Princess's mysterious power in the game.

We express our gratitude for the proactive reporting from our Guardians, and as a token of appreciation, we are pleased to present a newly prepared costume as a special reward!

The April Fools' event will run until April 4 03:00 UTC (for global). During this period, you can enjoy the adorable illustrations of heroes drawn by the Little Princess.

Furthermore, you can purchase past April Fools' event costumes, including the Idol Marvin costume and the Sealed Plitvice costume from the previous years, along with the new weapon costume, from the in-game Shop.

We hope many Guardians will enjoy this event, and for more details, please refer to the information below.

April Fools' Reward and Event Guide

Event Period

April 1 (M) 03:00 UTC—April 4 (R) 03:00 UTC

Event Details

<Hero Combo Skills and Skill Cutscene Illustration Change>

  • During the event period, the combo skills and skill cutscene illustrations of each hero in battle will be changed to the drawings by the Little Princess.

<April Fools' Costume Shop Sale>

  • During the event period, you can purchase the following hero costumes from the in-game shop:
    • Giant Crayon Weapon Costume
    • Idol Marvin Hero Costume
    • Sealed Goddess Plitvice Hero Costume

<April Fools' Reward  Distribution>

  • Reward: Little Artist Future Princess Costume
  • Claim Period: 4/1 (M) 09:00 UTC—4/14 (Sun) 14:59 UTC



*Rewards will be given once per account via mailbox.

*If you do not see the gift in your mailbox, please refresh or reconnect to the game to check.

*Rewards in the mailbox will be deleted if not collected within the storage period and cannot be recovered.


Thank you.