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Patch Notes - August 24, 2021

1. New Hero and Equipment

  • New 3★ Hero: Legendary Hero Erina
  • New Exclusive Weapon: [Erina] Balmung
    • Throw a shield, Erina's general attack has higher provocation levels than other attacks.
    • Erina's special ability increases resistance to aliments by 5%.

2. New World 13 Stages

  • World 13 Lilith Tower's 2 main stages are added

3. Events

Pick Up Event

  • Event time: August 24 After Maintenance ~ September 7 Before Maintenance (14 days)
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Erina
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Scientist on the Beach Sohee
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Future Knight
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Idol Eva
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Erina] Balmung
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Beach Sohee] Nereid
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Future Knight] Cosmic Destroyer
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Idol Eva] Angel Voice

Roadmap Event “Legendary Hero”

  • Event time: August 24 After Maintenance ~ September 7 Before Maintenance (14 days)
  • Reward receivable time: September 14

4. Shop

Hero Costumes

  • Dragon Queen Lilith
  • Fierce Commander Erina
  • Space Owner Noxia
  • Future Knight Owner Little Princess
  • Dragon Handler Lupina
  • Spirit Owner Lahn
  • Winter Shaman Karina
  • Mad Nurse Gremory
  • High-Class Devil
  • Thousand Hand Aisha
  • Blue Knight (F)
  • Ghost Busters Sohee

Equipment Costumes

  • Stygian Crescent Blade
  • Stubby Snake Spear
  • Tuna Two-handed Sword
  • Puppy Bag Basket

New Super Costume

  • Old Hero Erina
    • This Super Costume also changes the character's voice.

New Packages

  • Fixed Package
    • Sale time: August 24 After Maintenance
      • Unique Hero Growth Package(Legendary Hero Erina)
        • ※ The Unique Hero Growth Package appears after a hero is summoned.
        • ※ The Unique Hero Growth Package is available to purchase for 7 days from the time of initial display and will not be displayed to the store again after 7 days without purchase
  • Normal Package
    • Sale time: August 21 ~ September 7 Before Maintenance (14 days)
      • Limited Time Gem Package
        • 8100 Paid gem
        • 800000 Gold
        • 1200000 EXP
      • Limited Time Summon Package
        • 1500 Paid gem
        • Summon Controller 15
      • All in One 7 days Package
        • Subscription Package
      • Immediately receive upon purchase
        • 1000 Paid gem
        • Legendary Awakening Stone 5
      • Receive daily (7 days in total)
        • Stamina 50
        • Summon Controller 10
        • Awakening Dungeon Box 3
      • Step up! Option Change Package
        • Option Change Stone 30
        • Option Lock Stone 50

5. Knowledge

  • A new collection is added.
    • Demon World’s Ultimate Power

6. Guardian Pass 2021 Season.9

  • Season time: August 24 After Maintenance ~September 20 23:59:59
  • Main reward: Swindler Magician Dolf's exclusive weapon "Helios" ★★★★

7. Guild Meteor Excavation

  • After Guild Raid "Night at the Museum" ends, the Guild Meteor Excavation Event will be ongoing for 1 week.
    • Season time:September 2 00:00:00 ~ September 8 23:59:59 

8. CO-OP

  • CO-OP map has changed.

9. Hero/Equipment Balance and bugs fixed

  • Exclusive equipment improvements
    • Armada's Naval Bombardment will be changed to avoid cancellation.
    • Sarnga's Desert Rain; Upon first hit, the damage and ailments increase. The total damage and ailments are the same.
  • Error revision
    • The issue where the damage of Lahn skill chain is shown below the actual damage is corrected.
      • This is an issue that has occurred since the launch of Lahn, and the actual damage does not change as the marked damage increases by 115%.

10. Tower of Horizon

  • Water Tower of Horizon Season will be ongoing for 4 weeks. (New 10 Floors)
    • Season time: August 24 After Maintenance ~ September 9 Before Maintenance (28 days)
    • Only WATER Heroes can enter the Water Tower.
    • There are new 10 stages added.
  • Dark Tower of Horizon Season will be ongoing for 4 weeks. (Current)
    • Season time: August 24 After Maintenance ~ September 9 Before Maintenance (28 days)
    • Only DARK Heroes can enter the Dark Tower.
    • Dark Tower of Horizon will be ongoing with 50 existing stages.

11. Text and Translation revision

  • Some text terms are unified
    • Status effect -> Ailments [enUS]

12. Bug revision and function improvement

  • When multiple Strengthening Hammers of the same level are claimable in the mailbox, the issue that the quantity of Strengthening Hammers was not normally displayed is corrected.
  • A pop-up will be shown when using a Hero Reset Stone.
  • Item collection Filter is added.
    • Filter for Equipment collection and Costume collection
  • Improvements are made to ensure Knowledge and Collection achievements when purchasing equipment and costumes from Shop.
  • Improve the probability of attack voice output of Scintilla's general attack.
  • The issue where Scintilla wearing Ifrit was dodging when she was a party member has been corrected.
  • Improve attack voice output when Lahn uses Thunder fist.
  • Modify to be able to buy stamina at Shop > Resource.
  • Fix issues where some benefit' effect statements were not normally displayed.
    • The total increase in Penance and Bad Habit will be corrected to display normally.
    • The effectiveness of the Electric Shock is corrected to display normally.
  • World 12 - 'Downtown Demon World': The issue where Lana's would stand still intermittently has been corrected.
  • World 13 - 'Main Lobby' - Resume Quest: The issue where the CCTV was being affected by the main quest has been corrected.
  • World 13 - 'Main Lobby' - Resume Quest: The issue where there was an abnormal production if detected by the CCTV has been corrected.
  • World 13 - 'Main Lobby' - Resume Quest: abnormal NPC motion in quest progression has been corrected.
  • World 13 - 'Main Lobby' - In some areas, the issue where the minimaps appear overlaid will be corrected.
  • World 13 - 'Main Lobby' - When re-entering after clearing, modified so that terrorists can be placed at the entrance.
  • World 13 - 'Main Lobby' when re-entering after clearing, lobby object batch will be changed a bit.
  • World 13 - while the terrorist has detected the user, the issue of incorrect BGM when entering the vent has been corrected.
  • World 13 - 'Office Floor 2' in police quest - The switch that closes the wall has been added with the option to choose to close it or not.
  • World 13 - 'Office Floor 2' in pickpocket quest - The abnormal movement of the camera in case of death is corrected.
  • World 13 - 'Office Floor 2' - Modified to prevent terrorist attacks from entering combat during a pickpocket event.
  • World 13 - 'Office Floor 2' - Fixed abnormal redundancy of Tesla coil electrical connection effects.
  • All eight meteorites from the guild meteorite excavation will be improved to be all unlocked.
  • The strength of the mixed-core meteorite, which provides EXP, gold, and Strengthening hammer as guild rewards, is adjusted from 30,000 to 10,000.
  • After all the meteorites have been excavated, the extra pickaxes are automatically converted to personal rewards and paid.
  • In Guild Meter Excavation, the meteorite's appearance is abnormally unchanged or the sound output issue is corrected.
  • Modify Kama-ZONE help description regarding the maximum value.
  • The Merch Forge's Blank Blueprint Exchange Guide, which was different from the system rules in the Traditional Chinese Language, has been corrected.