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Patch Notes - August 10, 2021

1. New Hero and Equipment

  • New 3★ Hero: Flame Harpy Scintilla
  • New Exclusive Weapon: [Scintilla] Ifrit

2. New World 

  • World 13. Lilith Tower is added.
    • 8/10: 3 Main stages
  • Other stages will be opened later.

3. Events

World Open Event: Lilith Tower

  • Event Time: August 10 ~ August 24
  • Reward Acquirable Period: ~ August 31
  • Daily Event Mission End Time: August 23 
  • Event Mission End Time: August 24
  • Bonus hero: <+50%> Flame Harpy Scintilla<+20%> Lucy, Plitvice, Akayuki, Loraine, Elvira, Male/Female Knight
  • 6 Event Rift Stages
  • Event Mission, Accumulative Point Reward Distribute
  • Event Mission Details
  • Event Rift Clear Count Mission
  • Accumulative Stamina Mission
  • Daily Stamina Mission

Pick up Event

  • Event Time: August 10 after MA ~ August 24 Before Maintenance
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Flame Harpy Scintilla
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Lucy
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Lynn
  • Hero Summon Pickup: 3★ Plitvice
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: Ifrit
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: Fantasia
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: Red Lotus
  • Equipment Summon Pickup: Prominence

4. Shop

Hero Costumes

  • Courier Mk.99
  • Detective Scintilla
  • Fiery Police Woman Vishuvac
  • Cool Headed Detective Lucy
  • Lynn MK-Agile
  • Plitvice MK-Athena
  • Beth MK-Satan
  • Oghma MK-White
  • Dark Flame Dragon Vishuvac
  • Rockstar Idol Eva
  • NEET Aoba
  • Otaku Gremory
  • Volleyball Player
  • Ice hockey Fan Catherine
  • Postman
  • Young Girgas

Equipment Costumes

  • Cardboard Assault Rifle
  • Leather Glove Knuckles
  • Mecha Fire Blade
  • Mecha Lightning Rapier
  • Police Club of Justice
  • Police Shield of Aegis
  • Classic Magnifying Glass
  • Beam Claw

New Packages

  • Fixed Package
    • Sale Period: August 10 after maintenance
      •  Unique Hero Growth Package (Flame Harpy Scintilla)
      • ※ The Unique Hero Growth Package appears after a hero is summoned.
      • ※ The Unique Hero Growth Package is available to purchase for 7 days from the time of initial display and will not be displayed to the store again after 7 days without purchase
  • Normal Package
    • Sale period: 2021-08-10 after maintenance ~ 2021-08-24 12:59:59
      • Limited Time Gem Package
        • 9000 Paid Gem
      • Limited Time Summon Package
        • 2700 Paid Gem
        • Summon controller 35
      • Limited Time Awakening Package
        • Legendary Awakening 20
        • High-grade Dream Stone 35
        • Mid-grade Dream Stone 60
        • Low-grade Dream Stone 110
        • High-grade Atk Stone 180
        • High-grade Def Stone180
        • High-grade HP Stone 180
        • Mid-grade Atk Stone 300
        • Mid-grade Def Stone 300
        • Mid-grade HP Stone 300
        • Low-grade Atk Stone 450
        • Low-grade Def Stone 450
        • Low-grade HP Stone 450
      • Limited Time Stamina Package
        • Stamina 500

5. [Season 25] Guild Raid “Night at the Gallery”

  • Event period: August 19 ~ September 1
  • Boss: Founder Elphaba (Darkness), Snowman General Gast (Light), Lava Slime King (Fire), Returned Desert Bull Worm (Earth)

6. Bug Revision and Function Improvement

  • Super Costume 'Hammock Napping Nari' that cannot be manufactured in Merch Forge is no longer visible on the Merch Forge screen
  • If Merch, which is Max Level but has not reached Max Grade, is selected as the upgrade target, the issue of the appearance of 'Remove All' raise Evolution Progress is resolved.
  • If you touch the "Start Adventure" button without both Operation Plan and Princess' Edict, the guideline pop-up will be shown instead of using Princess' Edict pop-up.
  • The UI is improved so that the awakening node acquisition pop-up UI displays more of the kinds of materials consumed.
    • Modified to align high-value stimulate at the top of the list.
  • In Awakening, the screen will be modified to zoom out when the (-) button is pressed.
  • World 1: In "Forest Entrance", if you are already equipped with a weapon stronger than the storm sword obtained from the box, the existing, stronger equipment will be re-equipped.
  • World 3: The difficulty of some of the battles in "Cursed Tower" has been downgraded.
  • Nightmare World 11: Under the certain situation, Heavenhold Top Floor, the push block passing through the wall issue is corrected.
  • Short story: 'The Travels of Ice Mountain' - the issue of falling to the cliff is corrected.
  • Quest: "Lost girl in deep forest...?" The incorrect quest NPC name is corrected.
  • Master Arena Beta: Fixed the intermittent issue of not being able to ban (pick) in the Master Arena Beta.
  • Some hero's recommendation equipment has been corrected to be recommended based on Heal.
  • Short story: 'The Travels of Ice Mountain', under certain situations, the issue of not being able to clear the stage is corrected.
    • On stage re-entry, a stage can be cleared through a flag.
  • Prologue production changes slightly to match nightmare 11 stories.
  • Story Replay - 'World 1' [In the Forest] - The issue that the tendency could be raised or lowered continuously is corrected.
    • Changes in tendency by replaying the story will not actually be applied.
  • World Exploration and Merch Forge, The issue of Operation Plan is not being charged when not entering both sides is fixed.

7. Knowledge

  • 2 New collections
    • To be hotter than yesterday!
    • Police Personnel

8. New Content - Guild Meteor Excavation

  • New Guild content 'Meteor Excavation' is added.
  • Meteor Excavation runs for 1 week of Guild Raid Off-Season.
  • Work with guild members, excavate meteor showers that have fallen around Guild Castle, and obtain rewards in the meteorite.
  • Metal Excavation starts after the [Season 24] Guild Raid "Battle Stadium" ends.

9. New Kama-ZONE Season

  • Season Time: August 10 ~September 7
  • The artifacts and special events of the existing Noir theme are reconstructed for the reorganized.
  • Kama-ZONE Artifact, Cursed, Special effect's description has changed.
    • The "[Party]" before the statement will be removed.
    • The type of effects from the additional stats acquired by the play progress are modified and additional Stats acquired so far will be displayed in the description.

10. CO-OP

  • CO-OP map has been changed.

11. Maximum Level increase


  • When World 12 is cleared, the hero's maximum level is expanded to 78.
    • From LV51, less experience is required when leveling up.
    • Heroes with levels 76 or higher will have an immediate LV or EXP gauge increase following the update.
  • ※ LV80 hero instantly increases to LV82 - 99%.
  • Equipment maximum LV will be expanded to 78.
    • From LV75, less experience is required when leveling up.
    • Equipment with levels 76 or higher will have an immediate LV or EXP gauge increase following the update.
  • ※ LV80 equipment instantly increases to LV82 - 99%.
  • ※ If you have a limit broken hero before you clear the Demon World,
  • The limit broken Hero level may appear to have exceeded the level limit, but there is no impact on gameplay.

12. Stamina Purchase Change

  • Stamina products that can be purchased using Gems will be modified so that they can be purchased when you press the upper stamp or UI.
    • Shops > Resource no longer sell Stamina products.

13. Hero/Equipment Balance and Bug fixed

  • Exclusive weapon improvement
    • Armada, modifications to Naval Bombardment attacks and movements immediately after startup.
  • Bug revision
    • Murasame, after cancellation during use of Akaoni, the issue of abnormal damage when re-used is corrected
  • Text and translation revision
    • Chinese text revision
    • Some text revision
      • Mecha Slash → Mega Slash
      • Mecha Dash → Mega Dash
      • Stage Recon will not use operation plans, but clear rewards will be obtained. → Stage Recon will not use operation plans. Clear rewards will not be obtained.

14. Beginner Missions

  • New beginner missions are added.
    • World 13. 'Lilith Tower' clear beginner mission is added.
  • ※ After the update, 3 main stages of beginner mission clear are added.
  • ※ In the second week of August, the main stage's Clear Beginner mission will be added.