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► Patch-notes - February 21st, 2023

1. Hero and Equipment

■ New Hero 

  • New hero 'White snow' will be added.
    •   Party effect: 5 star maximum awakening [Party] Melee Damage +50%
  • White snow's exclusive weapon 'Snow Maker' ★★★★★ has been added.

■ Add voice and improve voice

  • One hero's Japanese voice has been added.
    •   Rosetta

※ Only when setting the voice in Japanese.

2. Summon and Pick-up Event

  • Hero Pick-up Event
  •   Event time: February 21 ~ March 7 (14 days, UTC +8)
    •   Pick-up Hero 1: ★★★ White snow
    •   Pick-up Hero 2: ★★★ Lifeguard Yuze
    •   Pick-up Hero 3: ★★★ Demon Queen Lilith
    •   Pick-up Hero 4: ★★★ Sword of Werebeasts Rey
  • Equipment Pick-up Event
  •  Event time: February 21 ~ March 7 (14 days)
    •   Pick-up Equipment 1: ★★★★★ Snow Maker
    •   Pick-up Equipment 2: ★★★★★ Ocean Keeper
    •   Pick-up Equipment 3: ★★★★★ Queen's Grace
    •   Pick-up Equipment 4: ★★★★★ Heavenly Perfection

3. Bingo Event

  • Let's go, Bingo Machine
  • Event time: February 21 ~ March 7 (14 days, UTC+8)
    •    Reward Receivable Period: March 14 (UTC+8)
  • You can use Event Points to draw Bingo Balls
  • Event Points can be obtained through playing Story Stages, Tower, Rift, Awakening Dungeons, and Colosseum.
  • You can earn rewards on the board square that matches the number on the drawn Bingo Ball.
  • If there’s a completed line on the board, you can earn Line Rewards.
  • All numbers from Bingo Balls have an equal drawing probability, and an already drawn number will not appear again.
  • If Fixed Draw is used, you can draw a set number instead of a random one.
  • Fixed Draw consumes more Event Points than a normal draw.
  • If you obtain every reward on the board squares, you’ll move to the next Round
  • Once you move to the next round, you can’t return to the previous Round.
  • The final Round can be cleared repeatedly.
  • Round skip allows you to move on to the next round without opening all the slots.
  • You can't obtain rewards for this round if you skip it.
  • Event point details
    • 150 by clearing Main Stage for the first time.
    • 100 by clearing Substage for the first time.
    • 150 by clearing Side Story Stage for the first time.
    • 100 by clearing Side Story Challenge for the first time.
    • 150 by clearing Short Story Stage for the first time.
    • 100 by clearing Rift.
    • 100 by clearing Tower.
    • 100 by clearing Tower of Horizon.
    • 60 by playing in Colosseum
    • Maximum 180 by clearing Awakening Dungeon
    • 150 by clearing Expedition Stage
    • 150 by clearing Expedition Hidden Wonder
    • 150 by clearing Expedition Hidden Stage for the first time

4. Boost Event

  • In 'Boost Event', you can obtain 2 times the rewards during the event period in specific game modes.
    •   In this update, Boost Event will be applied to Awakening Dungeons.
    •   Event time: February 21 ~ March 7 (UTC+8)

5. Add gender, personality change function

■ Add gender change function

  • A function to change the gender of Knight and Fei/Mei is added through the [Character Settings] button.

■ Add personality change function

  • A function to change the personality of the knight is added through the [Character Settings] button.

6. CO-OP Mode

  • The CO-OP mode has been changed.

■ Add top tier of CO-OP mode

  • The highest difficulty "Champion" tier is added to Co-op (Defense).
  • Complete Challenger Tier challenge 8 times in order to enter the Champion Tier.
  • Champion tier cannot use Quick Matching and can only be accessed by entering a code or inviting a friend.
  • Champion tier has no rewards.

7. Guild Raid

  • [Season 49] Guild raid "Raiders from the Depths"
  •   Global schedule: February 23 ~ March 1
    •   Appearance boss: Invader Director (Dark), Returned Harvester (Basic), Lava Slime King (Fire), Empire knight (Earth)

8. Guild Meteor Excavation

  • Meteor Excavation
  • New season of Meteor Excavation has started.
  • Season time: March 2 ~ March 8

9. Kama-ZONE

  • Kama-ZONE new season
  • Season period: February 21 ~ March 21 (UTC+8)
    •   Artifacts and special events with a cooking theme have returned.

10. Farm

■ Farm Theme

  • The winter theme will be re-applied to the farm.
  •   Period: February 21 ~ March 7 (UTC+8)

11. Heavenhold Special Comic

  • Heavenhold Special Comic "A Little Festival Miracle" has been added.

12. Knowledge

  • A new collection of equipment will be added.
    •   Do you wanna build a snowman?

13. Shop - Costume

  • Hero costume
    •   Kindergartener White Snow
    •   Winter Outfit AA72
    •   Chocolate Romance Future Knight
    •   Chocolate Passion Idol Eva
    •   Chocolate Confession Future Princess
    •   Chocolate Cupid Gabriel
    •   Sweet Secret Veronica
    •   White Chocolate Eleanor 
    •   Choco Pudding Doll Plitvice
    •   Dark Chocolate Maid Beth
    •   Demon World Princess Lilith
    •   Prison Guard Yuze
    •   Mahjong Rey
    •   Ping-Pong Rey
    •   Crimson Lord Claude
    •   Ghostbuster Sohee
  • Equipment costume
    •   Winter Sniper Rifle
    •   Heart Candy Staff
    •   Chocolate Box Shield
    •   Sweet Club
    •   Lollipop Saw
    •   Candy Cane Claw
    •   Chocolate Blade
    •   Finger Gun Gloves

14. Shop - Package

1. Limited time package

  • Sale period : 2023-02-21 after MA ~ 2023-03-07 13:00:00 (UTC+8)

1) Limited Time Gem Package

  • 4 times per account
  • Paid Gem x8,100, Option Change Stone x5, Option Lock Stone x10

2) Limited Time Summon Package

  • 4 times per account
  • Paid Gem x2,700, Summon Controller x35 

3) Limited Time Stamina Package

  • 4 times per account
  • Stamina x1,000

4) Special Sale Package

  • 1 times per account
  • Option Change Stone x30, Option Lock Stone x50

5) Premium Summon Package

  • 1 times per account
  • Summon Controller x100, Epic Limit Breaking Hammer x1 
  • Receive Paid Gem every day for 10 days x1000 

2. Hero Growth Package 
1) Unique Hero Growth Package (White snow)

  • 2 times per account
  • Evolution Stone x400, Legendary Awakening Stone x20, Hero Crystal x100, Option Change Stone x10, Option Lock Stone x20 

15. Change Guardian Information UI

  • Change Guardian Information UI
  • You can check the profile card menu and profile management menu button in the Guardian Info UI.
    •   You can change main character, nickname, and character settings in the profile management menu.

16. Other error correction and improvement

  • Fixed existing bugs related to Expedition Boss Arachne. 
  • Changed some things related to the Expedition Boss Arachne.

[Dev's note]
Arachne was displaying issues in the following ways:

  • Displayed up to 3 debuffs due to egg destruction.
  • Applied a 10% defense reduction when 1 egg was destroyed.
  • Two or more eggs were destroyed at the same time when that was not intended.
  • Defenses decreased by 20% or more depending on debuff conditions when two eggs were destroyed at the same time.
  • Due to the above bug, up to 60% defense reduction was applied by destroying an egg.

The above figures were not intended, but as mentioned in the Q4 2022 Q&A, we decided that the strategy would be integrated and the visual display fixed.

In addition, it was decided to maintain the defense reduction value to prevent the problem of latecomers being excessively disadvantaged compared to the first comers.

As a result, the following fixes will be applied through this update:

  • Keeps the situation where 2 eggs can be destroyed simultaneously.
  • Mark as many debuff icons as the number of destroyed eggs (up to 4)
  • 15% defense reduction is applied when 1 egg is destroyed
  • Reduce 30% of defense if two eggs are destroyed at the same time regardless of debuff condition
  • Up to 60% defense reduction can be applied by destroying eggs

※ Strategy remains the same as before as maximum defense can be reduced by attacking two eggs at the same time.

  • Fixed the issue where the incorrect number of EXP was consumed when adding EXP at a specific level of the hero
  • [Before] 
    • Lv. 19: Exp 210
    • Lv. 20: Exp 200
    • Lv. 21: Exp 210
    • Lv. 29: Exp 410
    • Lv. 30: Exp 390
  • [After]
    • Lv. 19: Exp 200
    • Lv. 20: Exp 210
    • Lv. 21: Exp 220
    • Lv. 29: Exp 390
    • Lv. 30: Exp 410

※ As a fix for the notation error of the amount of EXP consumed each time the EXP button is pressed, the total amount of exp required to level up will not change. 

  • The party preset function is added to the Kama-ZONE Party Settings window.
  • Improvements will be made to achieve the mission of Season Achievement if the stage is cleared without consuming the operational plan through reconnaissance in World Exploration Content.
  • Fixed the issue where if the bag is full in Merch Forge, the exposed pop-up will correct the movement to the relic tab when moving.
  • Fixed an error where if you saved a preset in the Expedition party preset scene but did not save, the text is incorrectly expressed.
  • Fixed an error in the explanation of the special ability of Loraine in the English environment. 
    •   [Before] She can use AoE healing {0} more time(s) per stage.
    •   [After] She can use AoE healing {0} more time(s).
  • In World 4 Stage 5, fixed the issue where the bike effect does not match the bike visual during the boss battle.
  • In World 5 Stage 1, fixed the issue where the ability to skip quests at the end of the battle at the Battle Gate on the top of the first battle area is not working.
  • In World 12: fixed the issue where the top UI does not work after a certain point in time in House Full of Paper.
  • In World 15 Stage 1, fixed the issue where the silhouette ship is exposed before the clouds clear in the air raid mini-game.
  • Side Story: After World Inc. stage 1, fixed the issue where the speech bubble's positional was misaligned during the intro.
  • Side Story: After World Inc. stage 1, fixed the issue where the tour could end when entering a duck boat race with a gamepad.
  • Side Story: After World Inc. stage 2, fixed the issue where the box did not move while the NPCs were raising the box.
  • Side Story: After World Inc. stage 2, fixed the issue where the box was transported while the conveyor was not operating during the box movement event.
  • Fixed the issue where the Knight and Fei/Mei Hero Knowledge Bonus figures were incorrectly marked.

[Dev's note]
We have confirmed the error in which the current Knight and Fei/Mei hero knowledge bonus figures are less than the actual figures applied.

This is an error caused by the fact that gender-changeable heroes, such as knight and Fei/Mei, were being applied as one character for each gender 
and received a hero knowledge bonus figure equivalent to two if knowledge was achieved.

However, rather than lowering the bonus figure applied, it will be recognized as a unique characteristic of the two heroes and only the numerical notation will be revised.
The issue will be fixed through this update, and there is no change in the actual figures currently applied to the knight.

17. Heavenhold

  • The Christmas theme will be reapplied to Heavenhold.
    •   Period: February 21~ March 7 (UTC+8)