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Let's go under the sea in our new Guild Raid 'Submerged!'

During the event period, select which stage of monster to attack and inflict damage which will be gathered as a Total Damage for the Guild. Total Damage will determine a Guild's Raid Ranking during the season. 

Guild Ranking Rewards will be given according to each Guild's Ranking when the season ends. 


  • Event Time: July 8, 2021 ~ July 21, 2021

Raid Entry

  • Guild members each get 3 Daily Entries for the Guild Raid stages
  • You cannot enter the stage of an already defeated monster
  • If all monsters are defeated, the next round starts over with stronger boss monsters.
  • Each Hero can be included in the party once a day to participate in the raid

Guild Raid Rewards

  • You can get 3 kinds of rewards through Guild Raid: Play Reward, Defeat Reward, and Guild Ranking Reward.
  • Play Reward: Battle Medals for each battle
  • Defeat Reward: If a boss monster reaches 0HP, all Guild members receives the Defeat Reward
  • Guild Ranking Reward: After the season, Guild members who fought in Raid receives Guild Ranking Reward according to the Guild's Raid Ranking

Guild Raid Stage

  • A Raid battle stage lasts 60 seconds
  • If the time is up, or either the monster or the player is defeated, the battle stage ends and the damage is recorded
  • If another Guild member has already defeated the monster when your damage is about to be recorded (that is, when your battle stage ends), your entry is cancelled
  • If your entry is cancelled, the damage you inflicted on the monster will not be recorded and your Daily Entry will not be consumed
  • When your battle shuts down due to network failure, damage is not recorded, however, your Daily Entry will be consumed
  • If you deviate from the stage, your Daily Entry will not be consumed once per day.
  • When the battle stage ends after the season ends, the damage will not be recorded

Practice Mode

  • You can practice each raid battle in Practice Mode by selecting a boss monster of the current round
  • You can play Practice Mode with the selected boss in its current state of level and remaining HP
  • You can enter Practice Mode unlimitedly with Heroes already that already participated in raid battle
  • You cannot receive rewards from Practice Mode
  • Practice Mode is only available during raid seasons, and you cannot practice on already defeated monsters