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► Patch-notes Maintenance 6th of September, 2022

1. Hero and Equipment

■ Developer note regarding the 2nd Exclusive Equipment

In this update, we will present Lapice's second exclusive Equipment 'Radiant' to our Guardians.

We planned for Lapice to use exclusive equipment related to a parasol to keep her main concept, which is Knight Lady, and so that players can have more fun with it.

Lapice armed with this new equipment is expected to be used efficiently in Light-type melee Guild Raid.

You can check more details about Lapice improvement in 'Hero and Equipment Improvement'.

■ New Equipment

  • Hero Lapice's exclusive equipment 'Radiant ★★★★★' is added.
    •  Changed Party Effect: When 5 Stars Max Awakening, [Party] Melee Damage +50%

■ Voice Addition and Improvement

  • One hero's Japanese voice is added.
    •   Eleanor
    •   ※ It will reflect only when Japanese is selected for the voice settings.
  • Japanese voice is added to some dialogues in World 12's main stage and sub-stage.
    •   ※ It will reflect only when Japanese is selected for the voice settings.

■ Illustration Style  

  • A changeable hero illustration is added.
    •   Eleanor

2. Summon and Pick-up event

  • Hero Pick-up Event
    •  Event time: September 9 ~ September 20 (14 days, UTC+8)
    •   Pick-up Hero 1: ★★★ Lapice
    •   Pick-up Hero 2: ★★★ Lifeguard Yuze
    •   Pick-up Hero 3: ★★★ Carol
    •   Pick-up Hero 4: ★★★ Eugene
  • Equipment Pick-up Event
    •   Event time: September 9 ~ September 20 (14 days, UTC+8)
    •   Pick-up Equipment 1: ★★★★★ Radiant
    •   Pick-up Equipment 2: ★★★★★ Innocent
    •   Pick-up Equipment 3: ★★★★★ Ocean Keeper
    •   Pick-up Equipment 4: ★★★★★ Little Star
    •   Pick-up Equipment 5: ★★★★★ Brave Heart

3. Story Replay

  • Story Replay Function is added. 
    •   Story Replay of World 12 'Demon World' (Normal) will be opened.
    •   ※ Other world will be opened sequentially.
  • Story replay will be available for 100% clear story only.
  • Story replay will not consume stamina. 
  • All currency acquired from Story replay (Purple coin, Star piece, Gold, etc) Artifact, or items is not acquirable.
  • The current party will be selected to proceed with the Story replay.
  • Story replay is available through the button added to the right of the entry button in the Stage Entry UI.
    •   You can enter again by selecting the progress by quest in the UI below.

4. Bingo Event

  • Event 'Let's go, Bingo Machine'
    •    Event time: September 9 ~ September 20 (14 days, UTC+8)
    •    Reward Obtainable Period: September 27 (UTC+8)
  • You can use Event Points to draw Bingo Balls
  • Event Points can be obtained by playing Story Stages, Tower, Rift, Awakening Dungeons, and playing in Colosseum.
  • You can earn rewards on the board square that match the number on the drawn Bingo Ball.
  • If there’s a completed line on the board, you can earn Line Rewards.
  • All numbers from Bingo Balls have an equal drawing probability, and an already drawn number will not appear again.
  • If Fixed Draw is used, you can draw a set number instead of a random one.
  • Fixed Draw consumes more Event Points than a normal draw.
  • If you obtain every reward on the board squares, you’ll move to the next Round
  • Once you move to the next Round, you can’t return to the previous Round.
  • The final Round can be cleared repeatedly.
  • Round skip allows you to move on to the next round without opening all the slots.
  • You can't obtain the rewards of the round if you skip it.
  • Event Point details
    • 150 by clearing Main Stage for the first time.
    • 100 by clearing Substage for the first time.
    • 150 by clearing Side Story Stage for the first time.
    • 100 by clearing Side Story Challenge for the first time.
    • 150 by clearing Short Story Stage for the first time.
    • 100 by clearing Rift.
    • 100 by clearing Tower.
    • 100 by clearing Tower of Horizon.
    • 60 by playing in Colosseum
    • Awakening Dungeon clear - maximun at 180
    • 150 by clearing Expedition Stage
    • 150 by clearing Expedition Hidden Wonder
    • 150 by clearing Expedition Hidden Stage for the first time

5. CO-OP

  • The CO-OP mode has been changed.

6. Team Death Match Beta

■ Improvement

  • Correction system about Ailment is added.
    • In Team Death Match content, hero's Aliment Resistance is increased.
    • ※ The number Aliment Resistance increment can be adjusted in later update.

7. Guild Meteor Excavation

  • New season of Guild Meteor Excavation
  • Season time: September 15 ~ September 21 (UTC+8)

8. Kama-ZONE

  • Kama-ZONE new season
    •   Season Period: September 6 ~ October 4 (UTC+8)
    •   Artifacts and special events of 'Western Film' theme will be reinstated.

9. Knowledge

  • A new equipment collection is added.
    •  Everything is possible, even the impossible.

10. Shop - Costume

  • Hero Costume
    •   Royal Musketeer Captain Lapice
    •   Student Leader Valencia
    •   Lynn MK-Agile
    •   Plitvice MK-Athena
    •   Beth MK-Satan
    •   Oghma MK-White
    •   Mk.99-Strider
    •   Oghma Mk-Raiden
    •   Fiery Police Woman Vishuvac
    •   Cool Headed Detective Lucy
    •   Detective Scintilla
    •   Winter Sweetheart Miya
    •   Kindergartener Nari
    •   Wedding Dress
    •   Fastfood Shop Eva
    •   Cute Berserker Amy
  • Equipment Costume
    •   Bamboozling Bamboo
    •   Flame Mecha Rifle
    •   Ultra High-Temp Mecha Rifle
    •   Blue Umbrella
    •   Finger Gun Gloves
    •   Tuna Two-handed Sword
    •   Stubby Snake Spear
    •   Carrot Sword

11. Shop - Package


  1. 1. Limited Time Package 
  •  Sale period : September 6 ~ September 25 (UTC+8)

1.1) Limited Time Gem Package

  • 4 times per account
  •  Paid Gem x5,000

1.2) Limited Time Summon Package

  • 4 times per account
  •  Paid Gem x2,700 and Summon Controller x35

1.3) Limited Time Stamina Package

  • 4 times per account
  • Stamina x500

1.4) Special Discount Package

  • Once per account
  • Option Change Stone x30, Option Lock Stone x50

12. Hero and Equipment Improvement

■ Developer note regarding Hero Improvement

In this update, we reorganized the overall Light-type hero's balance.

- Lapice
In the early stage of planning, Lapice is a hero that was designed to play in Arena.
Even though it's hard to change attack direction, it can cause strong damage if you maintain it. This was the direction plan for Lapice.

However, in the current Arena environment, Lapice has low damage compared to the difficulty needed to maintain attack direction, so users can do nothing but endure that inconvenience.
And we've seen that Lapice was not used in Arena as intented, but in CO-OP Mode or Defense Mode instead.

Through this improvement, we made it easy to maintain the 3rd stage alongside Lapice's unique skill.

- Guild Raid Light Type Ranged Hero
In Guild Raid, Light-type Ranged party's damage input to boss was lacking compared to other elements.
Firstly, in order to increase each hero's damage, we adjusted basic stats.
Eleanor's Special Ability was also improved in order to increase Party Members' damages evenly.

- Eugene
In the case of Eugene, after adjusting Eugene's balance several times recently, we saw in the recent season where Melee hero were advantageous in Master Arena that Eugene's pick ban rate has approximately increased by 11%. 
Particularly for this hero, the number of utilization was greatly different depending on players' skill play. We'll keep observing this hero so Eugene will be excluded for the re-balancing this time.

■ Damage Reduction Awakening Node Change

  • Some heros' awakening node has been changed. (When all awakening node has been activated)
    •   Lapice - Damage reduction: 26 → Atk: 5%, Def: 3%, HP: 3%, Special Ability: Generate Shield as much as 3% of Damage taken.                
    •   Mk.99 - Damage reduction: 18 → Atk: 8%, Skill Damage : 6%
    •   Eleanor - Damage reduction: 20 → Atk: 6%, Def: 3%, HP: 3%
    •   Carol - Damage reduction: 14 → Atk : 10%                        

■ Hero and Equipment Improvement

  • Some heros' basic stats were slightly increased. (Based on Knowledge 5 stars level 1)
    •   Lapice - Basic Atk: 111 (+5)                
    •   Future Princess - Basic Atk: 116 (+2)
    •   Gabriel - Basic Atk: 117 (+3)
    •   Eleanor - Basic Atk: 121 (+3), Basic HP: 1027 (+31)


  • Thousand Needles (Normal Atk) is improved.
    •   Even if you stop an attack while it is in use, the level will be gradually lowered.
    •   Increasing damage level by level. (Level1 25%, Level2 around 22%, Level3 20%, Level3 Enhanced Stab 20%)
    •   Level3 Enhanced Stab will always be Crit Hit.
    •   ※ For level 3 enhanced stab, a range that occurs every 6 times during Level 3 continuation refers to a wide attack.


  • Harmonia (Special Ability) is improved.
    •   Before: If there are Light-type heroes in the party, damage taken is reduced by 30%. For one Light-type party member, increase Atk of all party members by 5% up to a maximum of 20%.
    •   After: If there are Light-type heroes in the party, damage taken is reduced by 30%. For one Light-type party member, increase Atk of all party members by 7.5% up to a maximum of 30%.


  • Stinger (equipment skill) is improved.
    •   The number of ailments is slightly increased.
    •   During use, it will not to be canceled by a weak monster's attack.
  • Exclusive Equipment option is improved.
    •   Before: Thousand Needles' attack range is increased. When you used the skill, Thousand Needles will be upgraded to Level 3 immediately and on skill hit, the Swiftness effect will be activated.
    •   After: Thousand Needles' attack range is increased by 25%.  When Thousand Needles is used, Lapice will firstly use Level 3 enhanced stab 3 times. On a skill hit, Swiftness effect will be activated.
    •   ※ In case an attack continues after using Level3 Enhanced Stab 3 times, it will continue as Level 3 Stab.
    •   ※ The number will not be overlapped even if you use the skill multiple times.

Omega Blaster       

  • Hyper Energy Cannon (equipment skill) damage is increased.
    •   After equipping Android Mk.99 270% → 280%

■ Error Revision and Change

  • The issue where the SD Character inside AA72 illustration background of Japan server version was missing is corrected.
  • In Test out, the issue were No.9 Miss Chrom's damage was not applied normally is corrected.
  • In Equipment equipping UI, when trying to equip other Equipment to No.9 Miss Chrom's sub-equipment, the issue where DPS number, and Stat change were shown abnormally is modified.
  • When No.9 Miss Chrom uses Hidden Fang (Normal Attack), the issue where the sub-weapon skill's charging UI was shown abnormally is modified.
  • In Arena, the issue where Arges's Crit Hit exclusive option was reset at the beginning of the next round is modified.

13. Other Error Corrections and Improvements

  • During World 3 Stage 4's Main Quest, the issue where the charging Shadow Monster's spine was exposed is modified.