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► Patch-notes Maintenance 31st of May 2022

1. New Hero and Equipment

  • New Hero "Sword of Werebeasts Rey" is added.
    • Sword of Werebeasts Rey's voice is added.
    • Party effect after 5 star Max Awakening: [Party] Crit Hit Chance +40%
  • Sword of Werebeasts Rey's Exclusive Weapon, "Heavenly Perfection" ★★★★★, is added.
  • White Beast's Exclusive Weapon, "Fenrir" ★★★★, is added.
  • The Unique One-Handed Sword, "Werebeast Wooden Sword" ★★★, is added.

■ New Legendary Accessories - Developer Note
Three new Legendary Accessories have been introduced with this update.

Dusk Ring
First, in the case of 'Dusk Ring', it's a Legendary Accessory with Defense Decrease Negation, the option of 'Earth Necklace' in battle.
However, as an accessory with Skill Damage, it has been introduced with differences from 'Earth Necklace' in regards to performance.

Melody Earring
Compared to accessories that can handle the Defense Decrease debuff, there are fewer accessories that can effectively cope with the Attack Decrease debuff.
To improve this, we have released 'Melody Earring' to allow players to be more strategic.

Sniper Goggles
Many players are currently using 'Sharp Shooter', one of the Unique accessories for PvE content.
However, as the maximum level of the PvE content has increased, we have released a new accessory - 'Sniper Goggles' - that complements the low toughness of the 'Sharp Shooter'.

  • Three new Legendary Accessories are added.
    • Dusk Ring
    • Melody Earring
    • Sniper Goggles
    • You can obtain these the same way you obtain existing Legendary Equipment, such as Summon Equipment, Mystery Evolution, and Resource Dungeon.

2. Summon and Pick-up event

  • Hero Pick-up Event
    • Event Time: May 31 ~ June 14
    • Pickup Hero 1: ★★★ Sword of Werebeasts Rey
    • Pickup Hero 2: ★★★ Scintilla
    • Pickup Hero 3: ★★★ Lynn
    • Pickup Hero 4: ★★★ Plitvice
  • Equipment Pick-up Event
    • Event Time: May 31 ~ June 14
    • Pickup Equipment 1: ★★★★★ Heavenly Perfection
    • Pickup Equipment 2: ★★★★★ Ifrit
    • Pickup Equipment 3: ★★★★★ Red Lotus
    • Pickup Equipment 4: ★★★★★ Prominence

3. Roadmap Event

  • New roadmap event, "Tooth and Fang", is added.
    • Event time: May 31 ~ June 14
    • Reward receivable period: June 21, 04:59:59* (UTC)

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-06-21 12:59:59 UTC+8
North America: 2022-06-20 20:59:59 PST
Europe: 2022-06-21 04:59:59 UTC
Latin America: 2022-06-21 01:59:59 BRT
Oceania: 2022-06-21 14:59:59 AET

4. CO-OP

  • The CO-OP mode has been changed.
  • Co-op (Defense) new season has started.
  • 26 previous Loots have been rollback.
  • 3 current Loots have been removed.
    • [Mid] Blue's Helmet
    • [High] Blue Helmet (Autographed)
    • [High] Magiton Booster

5. Friendly match

  • A function to change the equipment in the waiting room in Arena Friendly Match is added.

6. Guild Raid

  • [Season 36] Guild Raid "Oasis of Night"
    • New banner and BG image are added.
    • Event time: June 9 ~ June 22, 14:59:59* (UTC)
    • Boss list: Nine-tailed Fox Garam (Light), Lava Slime King (Fire), Viper Clan Leader (Dark), Altered Mad Panda MK-3 (Earth)

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-06-22 22:59:59 UTC+8
North America: 2022-06-22 06:59:59 PST
Europe: 2022-06-22 14:59:59 UTC
Latin America: 2022-06-22 11:59:59 BRT
Oceania: 2022-06-23 00:59:59 AET

7. Guild Meteor Excavation

  • New season of Guild Meteor Excavation starts.
  • Season time: June 2, 00:00:00 ~ June 8, 14:59:59* (UTC)

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-06-08 22:59:59 UTC+8
North America: 2022-06-08 06:59:59 PST
Europe: 2022-06-08 14:59:59 UTC
Latin America: 2022-06-08 11:59:59 BRT
Oceania: 2022-06-09 00:59:59 AET

8. Heavenhold Special Comic

  • Heavenhold Special Comic "A Harpy’s Training Technique" is added.

9. Knowledge

  • 3 new equipment collections are added.
    • No Country for Werebeasts
    • Friendship closer than brotherhood
    • Not a Legend but Legends

10. Shop - Costume

  • Hero Costume
    • Mahjong Rey
    • Ping-Pong Rey
    • Pink Raincoat Kanna
    • Doll Playtime Clara
    • Balloon Playtime Ara
    • Lynn MK-Agile
    • Plitvice MK-Athena
    • Beth MK-Satan
    • Oghma MK-White
    • Blue Wing Scintilla
    • Chinese Female Warrior Mei
    • Chinese Female Swordsman Mei
    • Godlike Fei
    • Wandering Chinese Swordsman
    • Genius Magician Dolf
    • Magic Student Tinia
  • Equipment Costume
    • Balloon Puppy
    • Toy Crossbow
    • Mecha Lightning Rapier
    • Mecha Fire Blade
    • Pumpkin Head Glove
    • Carrot Sword
    • Water Droplet Shield
    • Tempered Glass Shield

11. Shop - Package

1. Limited Time Package

Sale period: May 31 ~ June 14

1) Limited Time Gem Package

  • Purchasable 3 times per account
  • Paid Gem x9,000

2) Limited Time Summon Package

  • Purchasable 4 times per account
  • Paid Gem x2,700, Summon Controller x35

3) Limited Time Stamina Package

  • Purchasable 3 times per account
  • Stamina x1,000

4) Special Sale Package

  • Purchasable once per account
  • Option Change Stone x30, Option Lock Stone x50

5) Unique Hero Growth Package "Sword of Werebeasts Rey"

  • Purchasable once per account

12. Guardian Pass

  • 2022. Season.6 Guardian Pass
    • Season time: May 31 ~ June 27, 14:59:59* (UTC)
    • Main reward: White Beast's exclusive weapon "Fenrir" ★★★★

*Server time (24-hour format):
Asia: 2022-06-27 22:59:59 UTC+8
North America: 2022-06-27 06:59:59 PST
Europe: 2022-06-27 14:59:59 UTC
Latin America: 2022-06-27 11:59:59 BRT
Oceania: 2022-06-28 00:59:59 AET

13. Merch Balance Improvement

■ Developer Note
From the result of the survey on the amount of Merch, the three least preferred Merch are 'Ice Witch T-shirt', 'Oghma Plastic Model', and 'Mouse Nari Cushion'. We have improved some of their characteristics as described below:

Since the Special Option of non-mainstream Merch is not much lower than that of other Merch, to improve this, we have raised the basic options so they can be more useful in general.
In the case of 'Ice Witch T-shirt', we have alleviated the problem affecting the activation of its special option as Melee Heroes are unable to attack all the time.

With this improvement, we hope that a wider variety of Merch will be used for each of the in-game content

In the future, we will keep tracking the data related to the Merches and improve it if deemed necessary.

■ Merch improvement (Based on Grade 5, Lv.30)

Ice Witch T-shirt:

  • Attack increases from 9% -> 12%.
  • Defence increases from 6% -> 9%.
  • Special Option has been changed.
    • Before: On hit, inflicts additional melee damage of 25% of DPS once every 2 seconds.
    • After: On hit, inflicts additional melee damage of 50% of DPS once every 4 seconds.

Mouse Nari Cushion:

  • Attack increases from 9% -> 12%.
  • Defence increases from 6% -> 9%.

Oghma Plastic Model:

  • Attack increases from 9% -> 15%.
  • HP increases from 6% -> 15%.

14. Hero/Equipment Balance Improvement

■ Developer note
In this update, we improved the balance for some fire-type Heroes.

We have noticed a problem in which a party is less stable due to the absence of fire-type melee heroes with recovery capability.
To improve this, we have tweaked some Exclusive Weapon options to make it restore the allies HP.
Additionally, we have increased the Attack and the duration of Power Liberation (Chain Skill) to make Plitvice more useful in Guild Raid.

We have made some improvements to make Scintilla more active in Arena and Guild Raid.
We have not only boosted Scintilla's stability in Arena by increasing the duration of her Defense buff, but also improved the range of Fire Blitz (Normal Attack) to upgrade her usability.
Additionally, we have raised the damage of Screw Punch (Weapon Skill) and Blaze Kick (Chain Skill) to make Scintilla more useful in general.

We have made some improvements by raising the damage of Drunken Swordsmanship Frenzy (Weapon Skill) so that she can be more useful in Arena.

We will check the use of heroes periodically by analyzing the users' data, to bring the improvements continuously.

■ Hero & Equipment Improvement

  • Some Heroes' Basic Stats have increased slightly. (Based on Knowledge 5 stars, Lv. 1)
    • Plitvice - Basic Atk: 106 (+7)


  • The range of Undying Flame (Normal Attack) cutting and back cutting has increased by 8%.
  • Power Liberation (Chain Skill) has been improved.
    • Before: Release temporarily sealed forces to inflict 200% of DPS to enemies and increase the damage by 50% & defense by 50% of Undying Flame for 10 seconds.
    • After: Release temporarily sealed forces to inflict 200% of DPS to enemies and increase the damage by 50% & defense by 50% of Undying Flame for 15 seconds.


  • The range of Fire Blitz (Normal Attack)'s second attack has increased by 36%.
  • The damage of Blaze Kick (Chain Skill) has increased from 270% -> 290%.
  • Flame Guard (Special Ability) has been improved.
    • Before: On Fire Blitz’s hit, increase Def by 25% for 5 seconds. Using Ignition Assault raises Def by 25% for 1 second.
    • After: On Fire Blitz’s hit, increase Def by 25% for 5 seconds. Using Ignition Assault raises Def by 25% for 2 seconds.


  • The option of Exclusive Weapon has been improved.
    • Before: For each enemy hit, inflicts 30% of DPS extra damage and restores HP by 2%, by 60% probability. Activates once every 1 second.
    • After: For each enemy hit, inflicts 30% of DPS extra damage and restores allies’ HP by 2%, by 60% probability. Activates once every 1 second.

Red Lotus

  • When Drunken Swordsmanship Frenzy (Weapon Skill) is used by Lynn, the damage increases from 235% -> 255%.


  • When Screw Punch (Weapon Skill) is used by Scintilla, the damage increases from 200% -> 230%.

15. Bug Revision and Function Improvement

  • Fixed an error where the current defense preset was not properly displayed in the Colosseum ranking.
  • An issue where the age of the Gremory Hero Profile was written incorrectly will be fixed.
    • The current age of 24 will be changed to 244.
  • The issue where the error "A problem has occurred while processing data" would be displayed for users facing players who have not renewed the Colosseum Defense Deck for a certain period of time, has been fixed.