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Greetings Guardians!

Thank you for voting for your favorite costumes. It is finally time to announce the order of the winners! A reminder that the voting order does not affect which costume will be made. It only affects which winner receives which reward.

There will be a total of 6 costumes created and are expected to be available in the Kamazon Shop with June 15th update.


Event Rewards - Everyone

  • We received well over 2,000 votes and as a thank you, we will be sending 100 Stamina to everyone's in-game mailbox. 
  • These rewards will be sent out on May 27.

Winning Outfits Which Will Be Found In-Game

We originally were planning to create 4 costumes, but thanks to the amazing turnout, we decided to create 6 costumes in-game.

As announced previously, the costumes to be created in-game were not decided in the order of top votes, but from decision of the development team.

Please Note: The name for "The Second Dark Mage" will be changed to "Dark Mage Future Princess" as per naming standards for costumes. 

Name & Region Outfit Name Winning Entry
32982298**** [NA] Celestial Queen Bianca
34472298**** [EU] The Second Dark Mage
76422299**** [EU] Sakura Nari
92912296**** [AS] Evening Emperor Garam
organicpa************** [KR] Toy Block Alpaca
yellow************** [KR] Magical Strawberry Gabriel

Event Rewards (Total 10) - North America & Oceania

  • These rewards will be sent out on May 27.
North America and Oceania Regions
Ranking & Rewards Winner & Region Costume Name Winning Entry
Grand Prize (1 Guardian)
20,000 Gems + 1,000 Stamina
53872298**** [NA]

Moon Bunny Pajama Future Princess

Future Princess is normally stoic. I love her hanbok costume because she smiles! This pajama costume is inspired by the famous Sharky Marina. It portrays a 'good ending' happy future princess by transforming the Christmas bunny ears into a full pajama. Hopefully you can feel her happiness when looking at her smile. As a bonus I add the a rice cake pounder as a one handed sword and a rice cake bucket as the shield to keep the moon bunny theme.
Grand Prize (1 Guardian)
15,000 Gems + 750 Stamina
32982298**** [NA] Celestial Queen Bianca

Costume: Bianca is wearing a form fitting white and cyan dress, adorned with 4-pointed star designs. The costume includes these stars in parts like the double heel of her boots, cutouts in the dress and gloves, her crown, earring, and her belt. Additionally, her hair is more wild and flowing mimicking the shapes of an aurora, as well as to add to the mood. Back/Floating Decorations: An aurora is floating behind her and two stars float above her head to preserve the spirit of her original silhouette (horns and wings from the original design). Face: Her face is relatively unchanged, her blue eyes are now scarlet to contrast the cool tones of the rest of the costume and her skin is made paler to fit the general white aesthetic. I also gave her a smirk to further the mood of the skin. Mood: This skin is meant to give off a ‘mad queen’ sort of vibe. Confidence, beauty, and power are meant to emanate from this costume. (I made a weapon costume, named Orion, to accompany this costume, but I realized this contest is for weapons OR character, not both at the same time).

Silver Prize (3 Guardians)
10,000 Gems  + 500 Stamina

44492299**** [NA] Scarlet Slayer

Either Normal or super is okay, and the vibe that I want to give off is like the cool and cold look with the dark armor and crimson flames that would have a menacing feeling when wearing this costume
41812299**** [NA] Lightning Bug Lynn

Lynn is seen wearing a cute lightning bug getup. As summer is nearing, she wants to wear something that emits the same charming glow as her smile. With lights plastered all over her clothing, she won't go unnoticed anytime soon. Shen City could always use some extra lights! Outfit description: Lynn is wearing a bright red-orange dress with a bow and some yellow spots. There is a light placed in the middle of the bow around her waist. There are lightning bug wings coming out from the start of the top. She also has wings on her back and tied into her hair. She has light-up antennae and lights strung onto the back of her head, in-between the wings on her back, and on a necklace. She has flow-y orange ribbons tied into her hair as well. She wears simple black shoes similar to Mary Janes.
52692299**** [OC] Monster Collector Alef

The costume design was conceived from when Alef’s journey continues to the new season and have a whole new costume, as the environment changed, he also tried to use new materials to creates his golems , and from it he realized new and unique aesthetic standards of beauty and replace the old one, he have a high interest in creatures with distorted appearances, and try to collect and transform them. This costume design greatly reduces the original atmosphere of cuteness and closeness to women, and becomes mysterious and dangerous, but these changes do not affect him still as a gentleman. The objects carried by the Golem are no longer the long wood used as material, but the monster specimens he collected from all over the new world..

Bronze Prize (5 Guardians)
5,000 Gems  + 250 Stamina

97372292**** [NA] Crocus Dancer Tinia

1. Costume - Tinia is wearing a blue light dress, with one thin glossy belt and the wide fabric purple belt on the waist. On the head, Tinia's wearing a transparent silk head veil that can cover all her body, tied up to the tiara. Her hair is tied up around the neck. On the foot, she's wearing a long sandal with a string that looks similar to what gladiators wore. 2. Vibe - In one word, it would be "Mystic beauty" which mainly comes from the purple silk veil. 3. Background - Dance stage inside the gorgeous Arabian style building.
67492291**** [NA] Dimension Veteran Catherine

I made this costume because I felt that Catherine's weapon was way to cool and needed a costume that matched in color. Though Catherine already looks really cool normally so I'm not very sure if I did it justice. I did try my best though! The vibe I was going for is a Catherine that has now lived quite a few years in Canterbury and is quite used to the world she's more experienced and epic :D
86572298**** [NA] Android Mk-99 Police of Heavenhold

1. MK-99 wears a dark blue Heavenhold security uniform, a light blue tie.
2. The look of Mk-99 is the same as always but now wearing futuristic cyan glasses.
3. Behind him are two security surveillance drones with blue and red sirens.
54812297**** [NA] Popcorn

Concept: A bow that looks like the musical instrument Harp. Wearable Equipment: Bow - design shows a golden coloured small harp with many strings. Handle: The thinner, wooden part of the instrument will be the handle that the hero will hold.
11692297**** [NA] Power Knight Armor

With this costume I aimed to bring Future Knight into a future where the technologies that created Oghma and MK-99 thrived. Designed and manufactured by Kamazon this armor enhances the Knights speed and power making it ideal for the battlefield, while making wielding her new Gatling gun a breeze. The colors are based on the Knights original steel armor and iconic red and gold shield with the cross of said shield lit up on her back. The wings that emit from her back spring forth while sprinting and resemble Future Princesses' Liberator scythe blade.

Event Rewards (Total 10) - Europe & Latin America

  • These rewards will be sent out on May 27.
Europe and Latin America Regions
Ranking & Rewards Winner & Region Costume Name Image
Grand Prize (1 Guardian)
20,000 Gems + 1,000 Stamina
34472298**** [EU] The Second Dark Mage

1. Costume: The princess is wearing an old charred cloak, and pieces of armor, blackened by ash and falling apart, as well as the spikes of the invaders are visible all over her body. 2. Head: On the head of the princess, you can see a twisted hoop, which now looks more like small horns. Her hair had grown noticeably longer and had a lilac hue at the ends of her curls. 3: Decoration on the back: Blue butterflies constantly fly around the princess, and she herself does not know why they follow her... or maybe she just doesn't remember.
Grand Prize (1 Guardian)
15,000 Gems + 750 Stamina
76422299**** [EU] Sakura Nari

- Nari uses this outfit to celebrate the entrance of spring. - The vibe that I want Nari to wear with this outfit is a vibe similar to Hatsume Miku sakura's one, it is a spring outfit, inspired by sakura flowers, adorable, perfect for Nari! - Description of the costume: Nari's tails are a pink firer like her special ability, she only has 5 tails in the costume, referring to the 5 petals of the sakura flower (as if it were a pink fire sakura flower). Her hair is white, with some pink highlights in front of her and she has a sakura flower as a brooch in one of the strands, her braid is tied with a cherry-shaped scrunchie. Her clothing it's similar to a kimono but she wears a skirt, the sleeves of her shirt have a sakura print at the end.

Silver Prize (3 Guardians)
10,000 Gems  + 500 Stamina

63872291**** [LA] Valkyrie Lapice

My idea was to bring delicacy and feminine strength with the idea of ​​transforming Lapice into a valkyrie. As she is a character of the Light I believe that the aspect of angelic warrior fits very well for her! Not to mention that it would be beautiful to make a whole team of light characters with costumes with angel wings :D Note: Currently I work as a concept artist, it is a big dream of mine to work with Guardian Tales producing costume ideas ❤
91512298**** [EU] Neon Demon

Keeping Marinas iconic eyepatch and jacket, but changing up the style for a more Cyperpunk look. With her neon look and colorful blade, she is ready to protect herself and her neighborhood.
96492295**** [EU] Spirit Queen Miya

I drew Miya as a spirit queen. She was an exorcist but after many years she started to feel the fear that those spirits feel. She started to protect them, soon she was known as spirit savior or some spirits called her queen. Now she wears a bit more darker clothes as she usually did, and she changed her staff from golden one to jade, and spirits travel with her coz they feel safe near her. I wanted to give her more darker vibe. She isnt that happy anymore. She wants to protect as many spirits as she can, thats her burden, she choosed it.

Bronze Prize (5 Guardians)
5,000 Gems  + 250 Stamina

23272295**** [LA] Underground Lapice

In one of Lapice's travels to discover new forms of combat and look for a way to hide them with high-clases items, she arrived in the Demon City and upon meeting some Underground Demons, she heard that they were going to fight. Lapice became interested and saw that they were fighting but with rhymes. Lapice asks to a Demon of the place: What is the name of that? -Lyric Battle, the Demon answers. Lapice was excited to know it, and she participate and win all Lyric Battle with everysingle Underground Demon. All Demons respect her and give her items to show that she's the Champion, such as: Magic Spray Paint, a Magical Microphone and an appropriate attire for the Lyric Battle Champion.
79282294**** [LA] Lunar Miracle Tinia

Lunar Miracle Tinia is a hero that always appear when the people wish for help to the moon.
The Lunar Miracle Tinia have a skirt with many layers that comes to blue for purple with a blue top with gold tie strap and have big blue sleeves gloves made of tule, she use a headband jewelry made of gold with a blue gem in the middle and she also have 4 acessories floating on her head, the spotlight is the hair scarf that looks like universe with some sparkle and stars, my idea was to make the scarf floating moving slowly and also to make the star moving, and I add the moon for showing she was sent by the moon for help other people. Her hair is longer and more curled with the same hair color, she keeps her expression serious with the same eyes color too.
51372294**** [LA] Eternal Plitvice

Ascension form of the divine powers of Plitvice. White clothes, gold armor, floating wings and cyan and magenta flaming hair. Coupled with a fortified version of Promeninence
91312291**** [EU] Military Trainer Rue

Rue is wearing a military themed training outfit. She is attending a fast paced training session, so she can protect Santa even more efficiently. After the first lesson, it seems she knows more than most of the candidates. Soon she becomes the drill sergant's left hand and commands everyone around her. Everyone is afraid of her a bit, because of her cold and strict demeanor.
73222298**** [EU] Archangel of Gems

Gabry one day discovered the gems and fell in love with them...
so beautiful and rare! She decided to literally cover himself with this rare mineral... and never regretted it!


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