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Naughty or Nice Event Answer

The results are in! Princess has a lot of love for Lorraine as she left a gift for her! She is definitely on Santa’s Nice List! Thank you all for participating in our Facebreak event!


  • Everyone in Global Region: Star Piece x 5 and Lv. 70 Awakening Dungeon Box x1

  • Bonus for Facebook Commenters: Stamina x 40

Rewards are distributed to your in game mailbox! Expiry date is: January 1, 20201.

Happy Holidays!

The Guardian Tales Team


Naughty or Nice Event

The holidays are near! Princess is home alone while Lorraine is out. Is she Naughty or Nice? 
The community’s choice will determine which rewards will be distributed. Choose wisely!

Event Dates

Event Duration: Dec 10 - Dec 20 (10 days)
Answer Announcement and Rewards Distribution: Dec 24


  • Head to our Facebook post:
  • React “Like” to the Facebook post if she would accidentally break a window while Lorraine isn’t around
  • React “Love” to the Facebook post if she would leave a present for Lorraine as Secret Santa
  • React “Haha” to the Facebook post if she would play in the snow

Bonus: Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal

Want to be on Santa’s list? Make sure to comment your User Number and Region (NA/EU/OC/LA) to get a 40 Stamina present from him!
You can find the User Number by tapping Options (gear icon at top right corner) > Account Settings. 
Answer Format: 1234567890 NA


  • Only players in the North America, Europe, Oceania and Latin America regions are eligible for rewards. For players in the Asia region, please head to this Facebook post: This is not a collaborative event between Global and Asia regions. Players will be able to determine the rewards for their respective regions.

  • Only one entry per account will be eligible. Multiple entries will not be counted in the event.

  • Incomplete or incorrect player information will not be counted in the event participation

  • Entries posted after Dec 20 will not be eligible for rewards

  • Event details are subject to change

Stay away from aftershave! Happy Holidays!
The Guardian Tales Team