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► Patch-notes Maintenance 19th of April 2022

1. New Hero and Equipment

  • New Hero "Count of Demonshire Claude" is added.
    • Count of Demonshire Claude's voice is added.
    • 5 stars maximum awakening party effect: [Party] Range Damage +50%
  • Count of Demonshire Claude's Exclusive Weapon 'Twilight ★★★★★' is added.
  • Unique Gauntlet, Noble’s Gauntlet ★★★ is added.

2. New World

  • Part 2 of the new World 14 'Demonshire' is added.
    • With this update, 9 stages of 2 main stage groups will open.

3. Summon and Pick-up event

  • Hero Pick-Up Event
    • Event time: April 19 ~ May 3 
  • Pick-Up Hero 1: ★★★ Claude
  • Pick-Up Hero 2: ★★★ Arabelle
  • Pick-Up Hero 3: ★★★ Tinia
  • Pick-Up Hero 4: ★★★ Bianca
  • Equipment Pick-Up Event
    • Event time: April 19 ~ May 3 
    • Pick-Up Equipment 1: ★★★★★ Twilight
    • Pick-Up Equipment 2: ★★★★★ Genocide
    • Pick-Up Equipment 3: ★★★★★ Sarnga
    • Pick-Up Equipment 4: ★★★★★ Astarte

4. Bingo Event

  • "Let's go, Bingo Machine" Event
  • Event time: April 19 ~ May 3 
    • Reward obtainable period: April 10
  • You can use Event Points to draw Bingo Balls
  • Event Points can be obtained through clearing Story Stages, Tower, Rift, Awakening Dungeons, and playing in Colosseum.
  • You can earn rewards on the board square that matches the number on the drawn Bingo Ball.
  • If there’s a completed line on the board, you can earn Line Rewards.
  • All numbers from Bingo Balls have an equal drawing probability, and an already drawn number will not appear again.
  • If Fixed Draw is used, you can draw a set number instead of a random one.
  • Fixed Draw consumes more Event Points than a normal draw.
  • If you obtain every reward on the board squares, you’ll move to the next Round
  • Once you move to the next round, you can’t return to the previous Round.
  • The final Round can be cleared repeatedly.
  • Round skip allows you to move on to the next round without opening all the slots.
  • Event point details
    • 150 by clearing Main Stage for the first time.
    • 150 by clearing Short Story Stage for the first time.
    • 100 by clearing Substage for the first time.
    • 150 by clearing Side Story Stage for the first time.
    • 100 by clearing Side Story Challenge for the first time.
    • 100 by clearing Rift.
    • 100 by clearing Tower.
    • 60 by playing in Colosseum
    • Awakening Dungeon clear - at max. 180

*Server time (24-hour format):

  • Asia: 2022-05-10 12:59:59 UTC+8
  • North America: 2022-05-09 20:59:59 PST
  • Europe: 2022-05-10 04:59:59 UTC
  • Latin America: 2022-05-10 01:59:59 BRT
  • Oceania: 2022-05-10 14:59:59 AET

5. Guild Meteor Excavation

  • Guild Meteor Excavation
    • New season of Guild Meteor Excavation starts.
    • Season time: April 21 ~ April 27

*Server time (24-hour format):

  • Asia: 2022-04-27 22:59:59 UTC+8
  • North America: 2022-04-27 06:59:59 PST
  • Europe: 2022-04-27 14:59:59 UTC
  • Latin America: 2022-04-27 11:59:59 BRT
  • Oceania: 2022-04-28 00:59:59 AET

6. Guild Raid

  • [Season 35] Guild Raid "5th Avenue Chaple"
    • New Banner and BG are added.
    • Event time: 2022-04-28 00:00:00 ~ 2022-05-11 14:59:59* (UTC)
    • Boss list: Minister Duncan (Basic), Returned Harvester (Light), Furious Minotaur (Fire), Sandmonster (Earth)

*Server time (24-hour format):

  • Asia: 2022-05-11 22:59:59 UTC+8
  • North America: 2022-05-11 06:59:59 PST
  • Europe: 2022-05-11 14:59:59 UTC
  • Latin America: 2022-05-11 11:59:59 BRT
  • Oceania: 2022-05-12 00:59:59 AET

7. Kama-ZONE

  • Kama-ZONE new season
    • Season time: 2022-04-19 after maintenance ~ 2022-05-17 before maintenance
    • Artifacts and special events from the Western theme are reapplied.

8. CO-OP

  • CO-OP mode has been changed.

9. Heavenhold Tower

  • 57th floor of Heavenhold Tower's difficulty is reduced.
    • The monster's target range is slightly increased.
    • The monster's movement speed is reduced.
    • The number of monsters in some sections is reduced.

10. Knowledge

  • A new equipment collection is added.
    • If we could meet again just once.

11. Beginner Mission

  • New beginner mission is added.
    • World 14 'Demonshire' Clear Beginner mission is added.

12. Super Costume

  • Lilith's Super Costume is added in Merch Forge.

13. Shop - Mileage

  • The sale of Legendary Weapons at the mileage shop will cease.
    • After the update on May 3rd, 2022, you will be able to buy Legendary Weapons again for 100 Mileage Tickets.
    • ※ The mileage used to purchase existing Legendary weapons is not retroactive.

14. Shop - Costume

  • Hero Costume
    • Dark Flame Dragon Vishuvac
    • Rockstar Idol Eva
    • NEET Aoba
    • Otaku Gremory
    • Cruel Maid Amy
    • Dark Berserker Amy
    • Knight of Death
    • Mad Knight
  • Equipment Costume
    • Stygian Crescent Blade
    • Stubby Snake Spear
    • Twin Scythe Staff
    • Abyss Blackhole
    • Tempered Glass Shield
    • Classic Magnifying Glass
    • Drill Claw
    • Plasma Globe

15. Shop - Package

1. Limited Time Package

Sale period: April 19 ~ May 3 

1) Limited Time Gem Package

  • Purchasable 3 times per account
  • 9,000 Paid Gems

2) Limited Time Summon Package

  • Purchasable 4 times per account
  • 2,700 Paid Gems and x35 Summon Controller

3) Special Sale Package

  • Once per account
  • x30 Summon Controller and x300 Stamina

4) World 14 Awakening Package

  • Purchasable 3 times per account
  • x50 Awakening Dungeon Box (Lv.70) and x1 Legendary Limit Breaking Hammer

5) World 14 Stamina Package

  • Purchasable 4 times per account
  • x500 Stamina

6) Demonshire Gem Attendance

  • Purchasable once per account
    • Day 1: x10 Option Change Stone
    • Day 2: x10 Awakening Dungeon Box
    • Day 3: x1,000,000 Gold
    • Day 4: x10 Legendary awakening stone
    • Day 5: x1,200,000 EXP
    • Day 6: x10 Summon Controller
    • Day 7: x10 Option Lock Stone

7) Unique Hero Growth Package 'Count of Demonshire Claude'

  • Purchasable once per account
  • x400 Claude Evolution Stone, x20 Legendary Awakening Stone

16. Hero/Equipment balance and bug revision

■ Developer's note
In this update, we have made a balance patch that improves the usability of some equipment, including the uplift of heroes with skill damage due to party effects.

Skill Damage
The skill damage party effect is not as efficient as other party effects, but some heroes have already had small improvements made to their stats because the use of these effects is highly practical in relation to that specific heroes' fighting style.
Additional improvements will be made individually to make up for other underutilized skill damage heroes.

With the release of new heroes, Bari is currently in a difficult position to focus on.
Bari's balance improvements are reviewed carefully as her attack is already strong enough.
We have slightly improved Bari's attack performance when using her exclusive skill to increase utilization in Guild Raid and other PVE content.

Eugene has found herself in a disappointing situation where she cannot finish her opponents in Arena.
Furthermore, it looks like she frequently dies before being able to use her chain skill.
To compensate for this, her exclusive skill has been improved regarding both attack and strength.

Through user data analysis, we will periodically check the utilization of heroes and continue to improve them.

■ Skill damage party effect improvement

  • Bari skill damage 80% -> 90%
  • Miya skill damage 80% -> 90%
  • Veronica skill damage 80% -> 90%
  • Eleanor skill damage 40% -> 45%
  • Gremory skill damage 72% -> 80%
  • Girgas skill damage 74% -> 82%
  • Coco skill damage 72% -> 80%

■ Exclusive Equipment improvement

  • Mayreel (Bari's Exclusive Equipment) - Exclusive option improves.
    • As if: 50% Fires a swift spell bullet by 50% chance. Swift spell bullet shoots at 40% higher speed, and it recharges in 40% shorter time than normal spell bullets.
    • To be: On hit, increase Atk by 1% for 60 seconds every 1 second. Fires a swift spell bullet by 50% chance. Swift spell bullet shoots at 40% higher speed, and it recharges in 40% shorter time than normal spell bullets.
  • Brave Heart - Exclusive option improves.
    • As if: Shoots bullets to enemies far away.
    • To be: Shoots bullets to enemies far away. On hit, lower enemies’ Atk by 10% for 3 seconds, and increase Damage dealt to enemies with lowered Atk by 10%.

■ Error correction and changes

  • Improves visibility of Priscilla's Unleashed UI for the game controller environment.
  • When Priscilla uses 'Unleashed', the issue that remains effective even if the UI is disabled is corrected
  • When using Ragna Blade, issues that the effect do not appear intermittently will be corrected.
  • The abnormal exposure of the right-hand side UI when installing the Atomic Destroyer to Future Knight in the party setting menu is corrected.
  • The issue of intermittent transformation motion is corrected when Kanna is not in a transformation state during Arena and CO-OP.
  • When Veronica is organized as a party member and attacks Guild Scarecrow, the issue of AI does not work or the game ends intermittently is corrected.
  • In some UIs, the equipping motion of certain exclusive weapons that are different from the in-game version is corrected.

17. Bug revision and function improvement

  • The Skill Damage tab is added to the Card Alignment Filter.
  • Unacquired collaboration characters, weapons, and costumes will no longer appear in hero and item knowledge.
  • In the in-game environment, the problem of Dusk Queen Plitvice Super Costume's eyes looking awkard is corrected.
  • The issue where the right side of the screen becomes difficult to see at a specific resolution, on the 57th floor of the Heavenhold Tower, is fixed.
  • World 10-5: When entering, the problem where the Boss would appear at the start is corrected.
  • World 11-1: The issue where Sohee would appear incorrectly at the beginning has been corrected.
  • World 14-1: The issue where Wyvern would go to Odile's office even when not saved has been corrected.
  • World 14-2: The issue where the back door of the restaurant was not working will be corrected after "Anyone Can Cook" is completed.
  • World 14-4: The NPC's disappearance after the end of the cacti pickle's missing quest will be corrected.
  • World 14-4: The UI issue during "Tree Trail", when attempting to move to a rock or wall that cannot be moved in Activity 2, has been corrected.
  • World 14-6: The UI issue when entering the house of the elder through the hole has been corrected.
  • World 11-2 Nightmare: The issue with the aiming button when setting left hand mode has been corrected.

18. Illustration style

  • A changeable illustration style will be added.
    • Beth

19. Voice addition and improvement

  • Half Vampire Priscilla's English voice is added.
  • Hero JP voice is added. ※It is reflected only when Japanese is selected for the audio setting.
    • Beth
  • World 11: Some main stage JP voice will be played. ※It is reflected only when Japanese is selected for the audio setting.
  • World 11 - Heavenhold 4th Floor: Some of Loraine's voices that are overlapped with laugh effect sound is corrected.
  • World 11 - Heavenhold 4th Floor: The issue where Lana's speech was not shown is corrected.